DAY 16 - 8:37am

Day 16 in the Big Brother house. Last night Sean was the first housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house. As the rest of the housemates sleep Max and Liz write the shopping list.

Liz looks at the chalkboard she holds. Max sits beside her and looks at the shopping list that's written on the board.

"Can you think of anything else?" Liz asks as she lightly taps the chalk against the board.

Max shakes his head as looks on sleepily. "No."

"Okay," Liz nods. "That's it then."

Max nods, and Liz smiles as she looks at him.

"Do you want to go to bed?"

Max looks at her with raised eyebrows and Liz blushes.

"I mean..." she smiles shyly. "You can go back to bed if you want to."

Max gives her an impish smile. "It's okay. I'm not used to sleeping in this late anyway."

Liz's eyes widen. "Max, it's only 8:30. On the weekend that's not late. In fact it's basically normal."

Max looks down with a sheepish smile. "Well," he looks at her. "Not everything has to be normal."

She smiles back at him. "Yeah."

Liz clears her throat as she looks away. "Do you feel like you're losing all track of time in here?"

"Yeah," Max nods. "It's weird 'cause you feel a little off balance."

Liz nods. Max looks at her as she seems lost in thought.

"What are you thinking?"

"Just in a way that was a good thing," she looks at him. "You know not having to worry about things and not having to follow the same routine in your life outside."

"It's still a routine in here," Max says as he sctraches at his shoulder. "Only it's different."

"Yeah, but it is different that's what makes it appealing."

Max looks at her intently. "But?"

Liz looks at him then sighs. "But, last night after Sean left I realised that no matter how much we think we're cut off from the outside world, the people out there are in control of what we do and say. It's like their controlling our lives by telling us how long we can stay in here."

"Sometimes it's refreshing to not be in control," Max says as he thinks. "We still have to be careful but..." he shakes his head then smiles a little. "It took me a long time to admit to this, but..." he looks at her. "Sometimes it's good not having responsibility. To just be like everyone else. To be normal."

Liz smiles at him. "Not everything has to be normal."

Max returns her smile. "I know. But sometimes it's nice."

Liz holds his gaze then turns away. "Yeah, but even in here it's not really normal. It's even more than a gameshow. It's about who's popular and who isn't. Some people who watch this will love some of us and hate others."

"Liz," Max says softly as she turns to him. "We can't think of it like that. We're doing something that not many people our age get to do. At any age gets to do. It's an experience we'll never forget. You should enjoy your time in here, because like you said we don't know how long it will last. But for us it will last longer than everyone watching cause we're in here living it."

Liz nods as she considers this.


All the housemates are now awake. Alex and Isabel sunbathe outside in the garden, while Max and Michael play cards in the kitchen. The other housemates are in the lounge area discussing Sean.

"I wish I had spent more time with him earlier," Laurie says regretfully. "I didn't really get to know him until this week."

Kyle slouches on the chair. "He was an easy-going kinda guy. He was easy to talk to about things."

Liz nods. "Sean was great to talk too. That's what I appreciated most...his honesty. He told it how he saw things."

"He gave me some really good advice in here," Tess says sitting beside Laurie on the couch. "He made me think about a lot of things and how I felt about them."

Kyle looks at Tess who is exchanging a look with Liz. Tess then meets Kyle gaze before smiling slowing and turning away.

"I cannot believe how much I miss Sean," Maria moans. "I treated him really really badly."

Liz puts her arm around Maria. "It's okay."

"No, Liz, it's not okay. I was like this total cow to him!" She then sighs. "There's a lot that I did I wish now that I could take back."

"Well, he knows this, Maria," Liz reassures her. "He'll probably be watching us."

Maria nods with a sigh.

"Hey," Kyle grins. "What do you think Sean's doing right now?"

"Sleeping," Tess smiles.

Maria nods. "You know he's probably in one of those big hotels."

Liz turns to her. "Yeah. They did tell us before we came in here that we'd probably have to spend the night in a hotel when we get out."

"Plus the other commitments they have us do," Laurie adds.

"Like what?" Kyle frowns.

"Well," Laurie begins. "We have a press conference that night." She then thinks for a moment. "A..."

"Internet chat," Tess finishes for her.

Laurie nods. "Yeah, an internet chat too."

"Why would people want to come to an internet chat?" Kyle asks the girls. "For all they know they could be talking to anybody who says they're such and such. You know like a stalker or some loser."

"Kyle, that kind of thing would be controlled," Liz tells him. "You have official websites for controlled chats with a celebrity."

Kyle sits forward. "Yeah, but that's my point. Why us? Why would anyone in their right state of mind want to come to an internet chat just to talk to us?"

"Just like why anyone would want to watch us on television," Laurie smiles at him.


"Kyle, that's the whole point of Big Brother," Maria explains. "It's for people who want to see 10 people locked in a house together. If they like the show then they'll want to know more about us after it finishes."

Kyle nods as he sits back. "It still sounds weird to me though."

Tess stands and walks over to him and playfully ruffles his hair. "Aw, you'll get it someday."

Kyle grins as he pulls her down onto his lap. Both laugh oblivious to the reactions of Maria, Liz, and Laurie who exchange amused glances.


Last week Laurie nominated both Sean and Kyle for eviction. She comes to the Diary Room to talk about Sean.

Laurie sits on the chair with her legs pulled up to her chest. "I just wanted to talk about Sean as I've been feeling very..." she trails off and looks away for a second, before looking back into the camera. "guilty about his eviction last night."

Why do you feel guilty?

"Um, because I never got to know him better than I should have. I just wish that I could have gotten to know him more in the first week, as I really liked what I saw and I think that he could have turned out to be a really good friend."

Do you have any regrets over last week's nominations?

Laurie nods slowly. "Yes. I regret both my nominations last week, as this week I really was beginning to get along with them both."

Which other housemates do you feel you have bonded with?

Laurie smiles as she considers the question. "Tess. This past week I've been spending a lot of time with her and I feel that we have become friends. I already knew Michael who is like a brother to me, and Maria."

How do you feel towards the other housemates?

Laurie pulls her legs closer to her. "Well, I had met Max and Isabel on the outside. And, now that I've got to know him better I think Kyle is a funny but protective guy. He stands up for what he believes in and I like that about him. He's really good for Tess. Liz is nice too, but I've still to really connect with both her and Max."

What about the others?

"Um," Laurie lowers her gaze. "I enjoy Alex's company. I think he could be a really good friend. I would hate to lose contact with him once we leave here. And Isabel..." she clears her throat. "Isabel I owe a lot too. There's some things that have happened on the outside that I don't really want to go into, but I do owe Isabel a lot. This past week my friendship with Isabel has been strained but I'm hoping that it can be repaired."

Laurie looks back into the camera.


Today a new housemate will join the group. On Day 1 the housemates were given a life-sized dummy with the instructions that an 11th housemate would be joining them the day after the first eviction. It seems, however, that the other housemates have forgotten about the new arrival.

This is Big Brother. Will someone please bring the 11th housemate to the Diary Room.

Maria covers her mouth with her hand. "Oh, my, God, I totally forgot about that."

Max carries the dummy to the Diary Room. He looks above the door to check if the light is green. Seeing that it is he walks in and sits the dummy on the chair.

"There you go, Big Brother."

Thank you, Max.

He leaves and sees the others are waiting for him outside of the door.

"What did they say?" Maria asks him.

Max shakes his head. "Nothing."

The other disperse leaving Maria, Tess, and Alex.

"I wonder who the 11th housemate is?" Maria ponders.

"I still say it's a dog," Alex states as he walks away.

Maria looks at him. "Why would they give us a dog? We have no way of dealing with it in here."

Alex shrugs. "They gave us chickens."

"And they gave us a coop to keep them in. I do not see a kennel around here unless I missed it."

"I think we're getting a human," Tess says looking at Maria. "Not an animal 'cause that wouldn't make much sense."

Maria nods in agreement. "See, Alex, a human being would make more sense than a dog!"

Alex makes a face as Maria giggles.

"I wonder who it is?" Tess asks excitedly.

As Maria and Tess debate over this Isabel looks at Alex as he sits down beside her.

"Who do you think it is?"

"Rover," Alex replies. "A canine that will prove me right, and Maria wrong."

Isabel smiles as she shakes her head.


Last week Brody was voted in by the viewers as the 11th housemate. Today he will spend his first day in the house. For the past 2 weeks he has been hidden in a secret location so that he will not know who has already entered the Big Brother house. He is blindfolded and led through a secret entrance that leads to the Diary Room.

2 men sit Brody down in the Diary Room chair. They leave through the hidden door leaving Brody alone in the small room.

Brody, you can now remove your blindfold.

Brody removes his blindfold and allows his eyes adjust to the light. He then looks around the small room then smiles into the camera.

Hello, Brody.

"Hello, Big Brother," Brody grins.

How do you feel?

"Pretty strange to be honest," Brody smiles. "I never expected the cloak and dagger entrance, but now that I'm here I just can't wait to meet the others."

The housemates know of your arrivial and are waiting for you inside the house.

Brody nods. "Okay." He then points behind him to the door. "Shall I go in just now then?"

Yes, Brody, you may leave the Diary Room.

Brody nods with a grin. "Thanks, Big Brother."

He picks up his suitcase and opens the door. The other housemates are in the lounge area and the garden. Tess and Kyle are in the kitchen with their backs to him.

Brody closes the door behind him and grins as he walks towards Kyle and Tess who seem to be oblivious to his presence.

"Hello," he smiles.

Tess screams while Kyle jumps as he turns around with a yelp of his own. Brody looks bewildered and soon the others rush towards the kitchen.

"Man, you scared the crap out of me!" Kyle says holding his chest.

Tess frowns. "Brody?"

Brody smiles at her then looks as the others are soon in the kitchen.

"Brody?" Max says curiously.

Maria gasps then shrieks with delight. "Brody!"

She soon rushes forward and hugs him. Michael stands with his hands in his pockets with an unimpressed expression.

"Good, Brody's here," he mutters. "Where's Rath when you need him."

Isabel hits him on the arm. "Be nice, Michael."

He looks at her. "Trust me, I am being nice."

"So you must be the 11th housemate!" Maria says as she releases Brody from the embrace.

"Yeah," Brody nods. "I got voted in last week."

Maria's eyes widen. "You got voted in? Now that's impressive!"

"Yeah, an already multi-millionaire entering a house to earn more money," Michael mutters. "That's impressive."

Isabel rolls her eyes, as Laurie who stands at the other side of him gives him a hurt look.

Max walks towards him and extends his hand. "Welcome to our humble home."

"Hey, Max," Brody grins as he shakes his hand. "You're in here too."

Max nods, as Brody looks behind him and sees the others.

"Wow, a lot of you got in here, didn't you?" Brody asks. "I'm not sure I know you though," he says looking at Laurie.

"Hi," Laurie smiles as she steps forward. "I'm Laurie."

"Hi," Brody smiles. "I'm Brody."

Laurie nods as she steps back beside Michael and Brody looks at Kyle.

"I've seen you around but I don't think we've actually met."

"Yeah," Kyle agrees. "I'm Kyle."

Brody shakes his hand and looks to the others. "Hi, guys."

The others say their hellos while Michael forces a smile that fades quickly as soon as Brody looks away from him. Max sees this and gives him a warning look.

"C'mon, Brody, I have to show you around the house," Maria grins taking his arm. "It's amazing!"

"Eh, okay," Brody smiles as he allows Maria to lead him to the lounge area.

As they walk past Alex, Maria grins to him.

"See, Alex, a real life person."

Alex makes a face which causes Maria to giggle.

Michael glares at them as they walk past him. He then looks to see Kyle watching him as he watches them. Kyle walks up to him and slaps him on the back.

"This is going to be really interesting," he smirks.

Michael glares at him as he walks past him. He takes another look into the lounge where the others are now sitting while Maria shows Brody their surroundings.


Brody has been in the Big Brother house for over an hour. Michael sits in the garden talking to Max, Isabel, and Tess.

"I'm telling you having him in here could spell trouble for us all," Michael states firmly.

"Michael, stop being so paranoid," Isabel tells him.

Michael looks at her. "I'm just telling it how it is."

Isabel looks back at him. "And, you really expect us to believe this has nothing to do with Maria?"

Tess and Max exchange anxious looks as Michael glares at Isabel.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"C'mon, Michael, I saw how you reacted when you seen Brody. Your problem isn't whether or not Brody says something he shouldn't have. Your problem is how Brody reacts to Maria."

Michael continues to glare at her before shaking his head. "You don't know what you're talking about."

Isabel holds his glare. "Don't I?"

"Let's just calm down," Max interrupts.

"I don't need to calm down, Maxwell," Michael fumes. "Isabel is the one who's becoming too blind to see the problem that's right in front of her."

Isabel glares at Michael and Max sees this.

"Michael, you both need to calm down," Max says firmly. He then looks at Tess and Isabel before looking at Michael. "I do think that we need to be careful, but I also agree with Isabel."

Michael's glare then turns to Max.

"I think your judgement is clouded because of Maria."

Before Michael can reply Tess nods in agreement. "Me too."

Michael looks at her, and she shys away from his glare then shrugs.

"I like Brody. I don't think we'll have to worry about anything while we're in here."

Michael stands. "I guess I'm the only one who sees it."

The others watch him as he walks towards the house. They exchange looks then sigh as they look away.


Brody is in the boys bedroom with Alex and Kyle. He finishes unpacking as Kyle plays with a soccer ball that Brody has brought in with him.

Kyle kicks the ball around the room and shoots towards Alex who just manages to catch it with his foot before passing it back.

"Man, I don't get how you Brits can say that this is more exciting than football," Kyle smirks.

"That's because it is the real game of football," Brody replies. "Not some nancy game where you have to wear padding just to run about holding a ball."

Kyle looks at him. "Hey, you just try running without any protection with guys trying to pound you to get the ball."

"I do," Brody looks at him with a smirk. "It's called rugby."

Alex laughs as Kyle stands watching them.

"Good one," Alex grins.

"Okay, I'll give you that," Kyle admits. "But football is a harder sport than rugby. Guys get put out all of the time."

Brody walks over to him and holds out his arm. "See this?"

Kyle looks at his arm then at Brody.

"I broke this when I was 7 while playing rugby. And this," he lifts his leg a little. "I broke when I was 11 after a friend of mine went in for a tackle from behind and took the feet from under me while playing football."

Kyle smirks. "You mean soccer."

Brody laughs. "No, football. I'll give you a game later on if you like. We could do a 5-a-side game."

"Okay," Kyle nods then smiles. "But if the game is so rough then why would you want the girls to play?"

Brody grins. "We'll be gentle."

Kyle laughs as he kicks the ball once again to Alex as Brody goes back to his unpacking.


While the housemates are in the lounge area, Michael makes hot chocolate in the kitchen.

Michael looks over at the group as he waits on the pot of milk boiling. Maria is laughing with Brody as the others look on. Once the milk is boiled he busies himself with pouring the hot milk into the cups.

"Hey, spaceboy."

Michael glances at Maria as she stands in front of him at the counter. "Hey."

Maria pauses for a moment. "What'cha doing?"

"What's it look like?"

Maria looks at him curiously. "Okay, what's up?"

Michael looks at her then at Brody who is now talking to Max. He then looks away. "Nothing."

"Well, obviously something has gotten you all moody?"

Michael picks up his cup. "Maria, just leave it."

Maria looks at him bewildered as he walks out towards the patio. Laurie walks over to her.

"What's wrong with Michael?"

"Beat's me," Maria sighs as she watches him leave.

Laurie looks at her and touches her arm. "I'll just..." she looks to the door.

Maria nods as Laurie walks out to the patio. Michael looks up as he sees Laurie who sits across from him at the table.

"Hi, Michael."

"Hey," he mumbles as he looks back down at his book.

Laurie watches him for a moment. "What's going on, Michael?"


"Well, why did you blow off Maria?"

Michael gives her a stern look. "Keep out of it, Laurie."

"Is it Brody?"

"I'm not having this conversation," Michael says firmly as he keeps his eyes on the book.

Laurie shrugs. "Well, you're gonna have to have this conversation with someone and since technically I'm your sister in a weird sort of way, I'm not going to let you wallow in self-pity."

Michael puts his book down and looks at her. "I do not wallow in self-pity."

"Well, then what are you doing?"

"I just don't like the guy," Michael says as he reads his book again. "End of story."

Laurie holds his gaze. "Is it because he has money?"


"Are you sure?"

Michael sighs as he closes his book. "What is this, Laurie?"

"What?" Laurie asks him.

"This isn't just about whether or not I'm jealous of Brody, which I'm not by the way."

Laurie lowers her gaze as Michael now studies her.

"What's this really about, Laurie?"

Laurie looks at him. "I heard you when Brody first came in here."

"So?" Michael shrugs.

"So, I heard what you really thought of someone who has money coming onto a gameshow."

Michael pauses for a moment. "That wasn't about you."

"No, but it's still the same."

"No, it isn't."

"Yes, it is," Laurie presses. "Maybe it's wrong for someone like me or Brody to come onto a show like this, but..." she sighs and looks away for a moment. "I know that I've probably taken someone else's chance to come in here and win. Someone who needs the prize money. I do think about that."

Michael watches her as she continues.

"I only signed up because it was an experience that I needed to try. This is an amazing thing to be a part of. I don't think you should hold a grudge against Brody because he wants to share in that experience."

Michael lowers his eyes as he considers what she has said.

Laurie looks at him. "Unless the reason you don't like him really is because of Maria?"

Michael looks at her. "I said I don't want to talk about it."

"Okay," Laurie nods. "But you will need to talk about it sometime."

MIchael looks back down at his book as Laurie stands and walks back towards the house. He sees her glance back at him before entering the house.


The group have decided to play soccer in the garden. They have split off into teams. Brody's team consists of Maria, Kyle, Tess and Alex as goalkeeper. While Michael's team is Liz, Isabel, Laurie with Max in goals. So far Brody's team is winning 1-0.

Kyle manages to runs past Liz as he passes the ball to Brody who fires it towards the makeshift goal. Max falls to his left and catches the ball.

"Almost got you there, Max," Brody grins.

Max smiles as he passes the ball to Laurie who kicks it to Michael. As Michael zooms past Tess, then Maria, Kyle and Brody chase after him. Alex gulps as Michael fires the ball past him and scores.

His team cheer as Alex sighs.

"Sorry, guys."

"It's okay, Alex," Brody reasures him.

They take the ball from behind the makeshift goal and Brody kicks it to Kyle who runs past Liz quickly before firing a hard shot straight at Max's head. Max gets his hands up and catches the ball before it hits him and smiles forcefully at Kyle.

"That one get away from you, Kyle? You're suppossed to get it past me."

Kyle runs back towards his own goal and call's towards him. "Just trying to keep you awake, Evans..."

Max throws the ball at Liz's feet who looks at him gratefully before she is dis-possessed by Brody, which causes Michael to glare at her and yell.

"Stop staring at each other and concentrate on the game!"

Brody passes the ball to Maria who runs towards Max's goal and closes her eyes as she shoots the ball passed Max. As she hears her team-mates cheer she opens her eyes and jumps up and down.

She runs to Brody and hugs him forcefully. "I scored! I can't believe I scored!"

Michael looks at the two of them as they hug before walking over and picking the ball up. He glares at Max and Liz who are both looking at him guiltily. Liz tries to speak but Michael ignores her as he call's to Brody.

"Hey! I thought you wanted to play or are you too busy "celebrating" with Maria?"

Maria rolls her eyes as she walks away and Brody and Michael look at each other before Michael kicks the ball to Laurie. Laurie concentrates as she runs only to have Tess take the ball of her.

"Sorry, Laurie..."

Laurie runs towards her in an attempt to retrieve the ball but Tess passes the ball to Brody who immediately starts to head towards Max's goal. Michael watches him and runs towards him and slides in for a hard challenge from the side, which knocks Brody off his feet and causes his teammates to call to Michael.

"Michael! What did you do that for?" Maria asks accusingly as she walks over to Brody.

Michael looks at her. "What? He said it's a man's game...I didn't go in that hard."

"What are you saying that he is faking it?" Maria has her hands on her hips as Brody stands to his feet.

"I'm okay, guys...but you..." He grins at Michael. "You have just cost your team a penalty."

Isabel walks over to Michael and shakes her head. "Nice one, Michael, thanks a lot."

He looks at Brody. "How do you work out that was a penalty?"

Brody looks at him and speaks slowly. "Well, you fouled me, you denied me a goal scoring opportunity. You owe me a penalty kick. Just be grateful that we don't send you off."

Michael glares at him. "Fine, take your stupid penalty kick. Maxwell will save it, right, Max?"

Max looks at Michael and then to the others in the team and shrugs his shoulders.

"Right, Max?" Michael asks again more insistantly.

Max looks at the others before answering hesitantly. "Sure, Michael..."

Brody smiles before he turns to the rest of his team. "So, who wants to take it?"

Brody looks at the others as Maria speaks. "Well, you won it so you should take it..."

Michael glares at her before walking over to Max and talking quietly. "You better save this, Max!"

Max looks at him. "No pressure then huh?"

Brody sits the ball down and takes a few steps back and grins at Max. "You ready for this, Max?"

Max smiles back as he crouches down and prepares to save the ball. "Bring it on, Brody..."

Brody smiles as he runs towards the ball as he kicks it straight past Max's outstretched arm.

Michael looks at Max and shakes his head. "You couldn't have reached a little futher?"

Max stands up and looks at him. "You didn't want him to score, Michael? Then don't give him a damn penalty!"

Michael opens his mouth to reply but is cut off by the sound of Maria cheering at Brody. He turns to look at them both.

"Brody! You won the game for us! We beat them!" Maria screams happily as she hugs her teammates.

Brody smiles before walking away from them and heading towards the other team. He shakes Max's hand and smiles.

"Good game, Max."

"Thanks, Brody. Well done."

Brody smiles as he walks over to Michael. He sticks his hand out and offers it to Michael.

"Good game, Michael, maybe we can play again sometime?"

Michael looks at his hand and reluctantly shakes it. "Yeah, whatever..." As he walks in the house he is followed by the others in the team.


Most of the group are relaxing in the lounge area. Michael is in the boys bedroom while Alex and Laurie are outside on the patio having a guitar lesson.

"Now, just hold that chord and play," Alex instructs her as Laurie sits at the table facing outwards.

"Like this?" Laurie asks.

Alex nods and she strums the chord. She smiles up at him at the sound.

"That's it," Alex smiles encouragingly. "You've got it."

Laurie grins and plays the chord again.

"You wanna try another one?"

Laurie nods and Alex crouches down beside her placing her fingers on the correct strings. Laurie looks at him for a moment then looks down at the chords as he glances at her.

"Now this one is called a Bb major."

Laurie watches as he finishes with her hand.

"Now try that."

She strums again.

"You hear that," Alex grins. "That's you've now learned how to play all the major scales."

Laurie smiles at him and then looks back down at the bass.

"Now try playing F and Bb major."

She plays the chords and then winces as she hits a wrong note. "That didn't sound right."

"It's okay," Alex reasures her. "You just have to get used to playing them both one after the other."

He stands and sits beside her at the table. "All you have to do is..." he covers her hand that's on the chords with his own.

"Relax your hand a little."

Laurie looks a little uncomfortable as she looks down at his hand on hers.

"You're too tense," Alex says as he looks at the strings.

He leans closer to her to get a better look at how their fingers are not seeing Laurie glance at him.

"See," Alex smiles as he looks at her. "Now you can slide your hand better to get to the next note."

Laurie nods meeting his gaze and then looks away quickly. She inches away from him.

"Thanks, Alex."

Alex frowns as gives him the guitar.

"I appreciate all you've taught me."

"Okay," Alex nods. "I can teach you more if you want?"

Laurie stands. "I'd like that some time. I can't tonight."

Alex nods again looking bewildered. "Sure, okay."

"Hey, what're you doing?"

Alex turns and looks up as he sees Michael standing behind him.

"Nothing!" Laurie says quickly. "Alex was just teaching me how to play the bass."

Michael and Alex frown at Laurie's nervousness.

"I'm just gonna go in," Laurie says as she walks past them and into the house.

Michael looks down at Alex suspiciously. "What did you do?"

"Nothing!" Alex says defensively.

Michael continues to look at him then after a moment turns and walks away. Alex sighs and shakes his head as he begins to play his bass.

"This is just getting weird," he mumbles.


Most of the housemates are in bed apart from Kyle and Tess.

Tess walks quietly into the bathroom as not to awaken the other girls who are asleep. Kyle sees her as he walks past the kitchen and smirks as she enters the bathroom unaware of his presence.

Kyle creeps along the wall until he is standing beside the bathroom door. After minute he hears the flush of water and the sink tap run. He gets himself ready as the door opens. Tess walks out still unaware that he is there and Kyle touches her side.


Tess gives a little scream as she jumps. She looks at him and hits him on the arm repeatedly as he laughs.

"Kyle, that's not funny!"

"It is from where I'm standing," Kyle laughs which causes Tess to hit him more.

As she stops Kyle rubs his arm with a smile. "Wow, for someone so tiny you sure pack a mean punch."

Tess laughs as she looks at him. "Well, next time you'll know better than to scare me."

"Nope," Kyle grins. "I'll just know to use padding." He then looks at what she's wearing. "Is that my shirt?"

"No, it's my shirt," she grins back at him.

"Uh-huh," Kyle smiles at her. "Goodnight, Tess."

"Goodnight, Kyle," Tess says softly.

As she walks back to the bedroom she looks at him over her shoulder and both smile at each other. Once she is out of view Kyle grins before he enters the bathroom.

DAY 17 - 8:42am

Day 17 in the Big Brother house. Today the group will receive their weekly task a day late as Brody yesterday entered the house. Kyle and Max are the first to discover the props for the task which are setup in the garden.

Kyle and Max walk out onto the patio and frown as they see the obstacle course that is setup in the garden.

"I guess this is the next task," Kyle says as he walks towards the monkey bars.

Max nods as he walks towards the beam. Kyle grabs hold of the monkey bars and pulls himself along. Max walks across the beam and then jumps off at the end. He grins as he steps back up and walks faster across the beam again.

"Woohoo!" Kyle calls out as he completes the bars and now swings across them.


All the housemates are now awake. Brody has been in the house almost 24 hours. Big Brother calls him to the Diary Room.

Brody picks up a sheet of paper from the chair and sits down.

Hello, Brody.

"Hello, Big Brother," Brody smiles.

How do you feel you have settled into the house?

"Um, it's been okay," Brody nods. "There's been a few problems with Michael, who seems to generally detess the fact that I'm actually in here. But all in all it's been fine."

Why do you think Michael has problems with you being in the house?

"Um," Brody thinks for several moments. "I'd like to say that I had no idea but he's made it blatantly obvious that he's jealous of my friendship with Maria. I can't do anything to really change how he feels because I enjoy Maria's friendship and I don't have any intentions of giving it up," he finishes looking into the camera.

What was your reaction to seeing Maria and the other housemates?

Brody smiles. "I was very surprised at that. Not as half as surprised though as they were to see me. I think I scared Kyle and Tess half to death! But really," he taps his finger against the armrest. "I was surprised to see so many people that I already knew."

He smiles shyly. "Maria is a wonderful girl, and we have a growing friendship outside of here. I can't say enough good things about her to be honest."

Brody grins at the camera then clears his throat. "Max is a good bloke. He works for me so now I know why he needed the time off. I've known Isabel, Tess, and Liz for a little while now and I think they're good people. I admit I didn't really know Kyle or Alex that much, as I didn't really have that much contact with them. In here I think they're okay and I'm still getting to know them. Same goes for Laurie. I just met her yesterday but I still haven't had that much time to get to know her."

Brody, the sheet that you hold is instructions to this week's task. Big Brother would appreciate it if you could read these instructions to the rest of the housemates.

"Okay," Brody smiles.

Thank you, Brody.

"Sure, no problem," Brody smiles as he stands.

As he leaves the Dairy Room he calls out to the others who are out in the patio.

"I've got the instructions to this week's task," he says walking towards them.

The others follow him out into the garden as he stands at the obstacle course.

"Big Brother has given you a task to test the housemates skill of agility, strength, and teamwork," Brody read aloud. "This week's task requires the housemates to work as a team as each housemate completes the obstacle course and hands a baton to the next team member. For every mistake the housemates have to redo that stage obstacle and a 30 second pelanty will be added to your final time. The housemates must complete the course within 7 minutes."

Maria and Liz look at each other with raised eyebrows.

"The housemates must bet a percentage of their shopping budget with 10% being the lowest and 90% being the highest."

"I think we can do it," Michael says as he looks at them. "I say we bet 40%."

"I don't know," Kyle says as he folds his arms. "I know that we can all do it," he says gesturing to the boys. "But..."

"Don't even finish that sentence, Kyle," Maria warns him.

"What?" Kyle asks innocently. "I'm just saying that the girls might have a problem."

Alex winces as he sees the glares that a few of the girls are giving Kyle.

Max clears his throat. "I think Kyle is right."

"Max!" Isabel glares at him.

Max looks at her. "What I mean is with the monkey bars it's going to be harder for the girls to pull themselves along than it is for us."

"That's true," Maria agrees.

Michael sighs as he looks at the course. "I still say we can do it if we practice. We'll have 7 minutes to do it in which gives us plenty of time for any pelanties the girls clock up."

"Hey, what's makes you think that it will be just the girls who'll mess up?" Maria asks him.

Michael shrugs. "Whatever. It still gives us time to get it done." He then looks at them.

Brody nods. "Michael's right. We could get it done if we try hard enough."

"Okay," Maria says. "I agree to 40%."

Michael looks at her then shakes his head.

"What about everyone else?" Liz asks.

As the give their approval Brody smiles.

"Okay then I'll tell them 40% it is."

Maria smiles at him as he walks away, but her smile fades when she sees Michael looking at her. He shakes his head once more and walks towards the house as she sadly watches him leave.


Today the housemates will receive another surprise in the form of a gift from Big Brother.

This is Big Brother, could someone please come to the Diary Room.

Isabel sighs as she puts down her book. "I'll go."

The other girls nod as Isabel walks out of the lounge area. As she enters the Diary Room she sits down on the chair.

"Hi, Big Brother."

Hello, Isabel.

Isabel looks into the camera waiting for them to speak.

Big Brother would like to announce that underneath the rockery is a luxury item for the housemates to use for their pleasure at any time.

Isabel raises her eyebrows and nods. "Thank you, Big Brother."

As she rushes out of the Diary Room the girls look at her curiously.

"What is it?" Tess asks.

"We're getting a gift," she says as she rushes out into the garden.

The girls exchange looks then rush after her. Isabel is soon at the rockery which she begins to remove. The other girls help her as the boys look at them.

"What are you doing?" Kyle asks as he stands at the beam.

"We're getting a gift," Tess calls back.

Kyle and Alex rush over to the girls as they help them uncover the gift.

"Oh, my, God!" Maria gasps as Kyle takes the cover off. "It's a hot tub!"

Max, Michael, and Brody join them as the girls beam with delight. Maria soon rushes back into the house and presses the button to the Diary Room. She waits for the light to turn green and enters and sits down.

"Hello, Big Brother," Maria smiles into the camera.

Hello, Maria.

She joins her hands together. "I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the hot tub! We all really really appreciate it. So, thanks!"


The housemates have been in the hot tub for over half an hour. Kyle has suggested that they play a guessing game where one of the housemates have to close their eyes and dip their heads underwater while another kisses them.

"Okay, Brody," Maria smiles. "You're up first."

Brody grins then leans back dipping his head just under the water. Tess leans down and kisses him. As she moves back to her space next to Kyle and Laurie, Brody comes back up.

"Okay, Brody," Alex grins. "Who did it?"

Brody wipes the water from his face as he looks at the girls. "Um, I think it was..." he spots Tess grinning as she tries to hide her grin. "Tess."

The others laugh as Michael steps into the hot tub.

"How did you know?" Tess asks amazed.

"The grin gave it away," Brody smiles.

Tess covers her mouth as she giggles with Laurie.

"Okay, Liz, you're next," Maria grins.

Liz smiles shyly as she moves to the middle of the tub. She looks at Max who smiles at her before she dips her head back into the water. Isabel nudges Michael and he moves quickly to kiss Liz. Max watches them clearly uneasy with the situation while Maria gasps.

Isabel laughs with the others as Michael rises and quickly retakes his place. Liz comes out of the water tocuhing her lips with her fingers.

"Okay, who do you think that was?" Isabel grins.

Liz looks at Max and sees his unease, she then looks at Maria who still has her hands over her mouth with her eyes wide. She then glances at Isabel who grins while Michael smirks.

"Oh, God," Liz sighs. "Michael?"

Isabel nods and Kyle claps. Maria glares at him then looks at Max.

"C'mon, Max, you're next," Maria orders pointing to the middle of the tub.

Max looks at Liz with a shy smile and moves to the middle of the tub. As he ducks under the water Maria glares at Michael before she quickly leans in and kisses Max.

"Woohoo," Kyle grins only to receive a glare from both Michael and Liz.

As Maria rises again she wipes the water from her face and quickly steps back to her position. Max shakes his head as he gets up.

"Okay, who do you think that was, Max?" Kyle grins.

Max gulps as he sees the looks that both Michael and Liz are giving him. "Um...Laurie?"

The others laugh as Maria gasps.

"How could you not tell that was me?" she says to him.

"Um," Max clears his throat. "Sorry."

Maria looks away in disgust as Kyle laughs.

"All right, Alex, front and centre."

Alex moves to the centre. "Remember don't even think about it, Kyle." He then dips his head under the water.

Isabel smiles as she slips over to him and gently kisses him. Laurie looks away as the kiss lasts longer than expected. Michael watches her curiously.

Kyle smiles as he calls out. "You are gonna let him breath aren't you?"

Isabel finishes the kiss and rises from the water. She glares at Kyle who grins back as she retakes her position next to Michael. Alex comes out of the water and licks his lips.

"Who was it, Alex?" Liz asks.

Alex smiles at Isabel. "Isabel, definitely."

Isabel smiles back and Alex moves back to his place next to Brody and Max.

"Okay, Tess, it's your turn," Maria says.

Tess clears her throat as she goes to the centre and dips her head backwards. Kyle smiles as he moves towards her and places a tender kiss on her lips. The others exchange looks as Kyle puts his hands on either side of her face, holding her gently.

Maria sighs wistfully as does the other girls. Michael rolls his eyes, while Max watches them curiously and Alex and Brody grin. Kyle breaks the kiss and looks at Tess for a moment before rejoining Laurie who grins at him.

Tess comes out of the water and brushes her lips with her fingertips. She sighs contentedly.

Maria clears her throat. "Who do you think that was, Tess?"

Tess looks directly at Kyle who smiles slowly.

"Kyle," she says softly.

The girls look at Kyle who is still looking at Tess. Maria exchanges a look with Liz before looking back at the duo.


The group are still in the hot tub. They have now moved onto a new game of chinese whispers.

All the housemates manage to squeeze into the tub and Brody begins the game. He whispers into Isabel's ear who in turn whispers into Alex. He nods and turns to Laurie who then does the same with Kyle. Kyle grins as he whispers into Tess' ear, who giggles. She whispers to Maria who grins as she passes it onto Michael. He smirks as he whispers to Liz, who blushes as she looks at Max.

"What?" Max asks curiously.

Liz looks over at Kyle. "You changed it! Kyle, I know it!"

Kyle looks at her innocently as Tess laughs.

"C'mon, Liz, pass it on," Kyle smirks.

Liz shakes her head as Max looks at Kyle suspiciously.

"You've got to pass it on," Michael adds. "That's the rule of the game."

Liz leans up against Max and whispers into his ear. As he listens Max begins to blush furiously as the others laugh. Some harder than others.

"Well, Evans, what did she say?" Kyle grins.

Max clears his throat and smiles. "That Kyle has gotten a rise out of being in the tub."

The others laugh as Kyle blushes. Tess covers her mouth as she looks at Kyle. He looks back at her.

"No, I havent!" Kyle almost calls out. "I enjoy being in here but not that much!"

The others continue to laugh as Michael looks at Max.

"Nice turnaround there, Maxwell."

Max nods with a grin as he then smiles at Liz. He leans closer and whispers something into her ear which she grins at then laughs.


The housemates have now found a new game in the hot tub. A housemate has to turn their backs to the others and guess which member of the group has licked their back.

Laurie leans her elbows against the rim of the hot tub. Her back is to the others and she waits nervously as it is now her turn in the game.

"Okay, Laurie," Maria giggles. "You've got to guess who's tongue it is."

Laurie nods. "Okay."

Maria gestures to Alex as Isabel's smile disappears. She watches as Alex moves behind Laurie then begins to lick up her spine. Laurie shivers as she gasps. Maria grins as Alex doesn't stop as he skips over her bikini strap and only stops when he reaches her shoulders.

Michael, Max, and Liz look at Isabel who has now looked away. Michael glares at Alex as he moves back towards Maria.

"Who do you think that was," Maria beams as she looks at Alex who is smiling shyly as he watches Laurie turn around.

Laurie looks around the hot tub and sees Alex blushing but then notices Isabel's look.

"I'm...not sure."

"Guess then!" Maria prompts.

Laurie glances at Alex then looks at Kyle. "Kyle."

Kyle shakes his head as Tess looks between Laurie and Alex.

"Wrong," Maria sighs. "Will the real curlprit please stand up"

Alex stands sheepishly and Laurie smiles at him then lets it fade as she glances at Isabel who is looking at Alex then at her. Tess sees this and clears her throat.

"Liz," Tess says looking at her. "Do you want to go next?"

Liz Watches Isabel and then nods to Tess. "Yeah."

As she turns around Max glares at Michael who smirks. Max then soon moves towards Liz and slowly begins to move his tongue up her spine. Liz closes her eyes and bites her lip as she shivers. Max gently holds her hips and when he finishes he pauses before moving back to the other side of the hot tub.

Maria raises her eyebrows as she exchanges a look with Alex. Kyle looks anxiously and she smiles at him.

"Well, Lizzie? Who was it?" Maria asks.

Liz smiles shyly as she turns around and looks directly at Max who smiles sheepishly.


Michael rolls his eyes. "Like she was never going to get that one."

Maria slaps his arm then grins at Liz. "Yep."

Max and Liz exchange looks as Maria looks at Isabel.

"C'mon, Isabel, you've still to have a go."

Isabel nods and turns around. Maria nudges Kyle who shakes his head. Tess looks between them and nods as Kyle looks at her. Seeing her nod he moves behind Isabel and licks the middle of her back. He quickly moves back to Tess.

"Who was it, Isabel?"

Isabel turns around and looks at her male housemates. "Brody."

"Are you sure?" Maria grins.

Isabel nods. "Definitely, Brody." She then looks at Kyle who is avoiding her gaze. "Oh, my, God, Kyle!"

Tess looks at Kyle who seems embarrassed. She gently squeezes his hand which is just barely visable under the water. He looks down at her as both share a smile.

"Max, come on it's your turn now," Maria says to him.

Max clears his throat as he turns around. Kyle gestures to Laurie and she looks at Liz. As Liz nods Laurie quickly licks Max's back. Alex laughs as she blushes as she retakes her position.

"Who was it, girlfriend?"

Max clears his throat once more as he turns around. As he studies the girls he sees Liz smiling as Laurie blushes beside her.

"Laurie," Max grins.

The others laugh at this as Laurie smiles shyly.

Isabel looks at Maria. "Okay, Maria you're the only one who hasn't had a turn. Turn around."

Maria shrugs and turns around. Isabel nudges Brody who looks at her. She nudges him again and he licks Maria's spine. Michael glares at them then looks at Isabel, who looks at him guiltily. As Brody finishes he quickly moves beside Isabel.

"Right, Maria," Kyle smiles. "Who was it?"

Maria turns around and sees Brody smiling. "Brody?"

He nods and Maria laughs, but then looks at Michael who gets out of the hot tub. Maria sighs sadly as Isabel quickly follows him into the house.

"Michael..." Isabel begins as she walks into the house.

"Thanks a lot, Isabel," Michael says over his shoulder as he continues to walk towards the boys bedroom.

"Michael, I didn't mean to..."

Michael looks at her. "Yes you did."

He storms into the bedroom as Isabel looks away sadly.

"Dammit," she curses as she walks back towards the conservatory.

Maria steps back as Isabel walks past her at the conservatory doors. She then calls out as she looks around the house.

"Michael?" She walks to the boys bedroom and knocks on the door. "Michael, are you in there?"

When she receives no answer she opens the door. Michael is buttoning up his jeans as he looks at her.

"Do you mind?" he says sternly.

"Yes, I do mind," Maria retorts as she walks over to Alex's bed and sits down.

Michael watches her as she begins to speak.

"You've been blowing me off all weekend, Michael, and I want to know why?"

He looks at her before putting on a t-shirt.

"And, I'm not leaving here until you tell me."

Michael walks towards her as she remains sitting. She looks up at him.

"Maria, you've told me countless times that I don't act like a boyfriend should," he says as he looks down at her. He then crouches so he is at eye-level. "Now, I'm going to."

He leans closer and kisses her passionately. She soon puts her arms around his neck as he caresses hers. When they finish she looks at him with dazed eyes.

"Just remember that I am your boyfriend."

With this he stands as Maria frowns at him as he continues to get dressed.


The housemates have just finished eating dinner. Brody sits outside as Max and Liz wash the dishes while the others relax in the lounge.

Max looks at Liz as she washes up. She catches him looking at her and smiles at him through the mirror. Max returns her smile as he dries a plate.

Michael watches as Alex talks to Kyle, Maria. Isabel looks at Alex then at Laurie who is trying to avoid her gaze as she talks with Tess. Alex stands and walks into the boys bedroom. Michael watches as both Isabel and Laurie watch him leave.

Alex takes a magazine from his nightstand and looks up as Michael enters the bedroom.


"Hey," Michael nods.

Alex looks at him as he walks over to him. "Is there something wrong, Michael?"

Michael sits on the bed next to him. "You know Isabel and Laurie are like sisters to me."

Alex looks at him curiously as he continues.

"And I wouldn't want to see them get hurt."

"Who's going to hurt them?" Alex frowns.

"You are if you don't watch what you're doing."

Alex looks at him with raised eyebrows. "Excuse me?"

Michael looks at him sternly. "You've got both of them playing off each other and that's not right."

Alex shakes his head. "Firstly I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. And secondly, I don't enjoy you trying to intimidate me. I'm not the same guy who used to be scared of you, Michael. A lot changed this year."

"You're right, a lot has changed. Maybe you should take a look around you."

Alex looks at him bewildered. He watches Michael stand and walk towards the door. He then stops and looks at him.

"I won't let you hurt them, Alex."

Alex looks confused as Michael leaves the bedroom.


As some of the housemates play monopoly at the dining area, Brody and Maria are making themselves something to drink. The pair are laughing together and Michael is observing them from his seat at the conservatory.

Brody smiles as Maria jokes and playfully touches his arm. Michael glares at Brody as he touches Maria's hand with his own as she walks away from the kitchen and into the girls bedroom with her cup. Michael rises from his chair and walks over towards the kitchen. As he arrives there Brody notices him.

"Hey Michael, what's up? If you want something to drink the kettle is ready." Brody ushers towards the kettle as he speaks.

Michael looks at him and begins to speak forcefully. "Actually, I'd like to talk to you alone for a minute if that's ok? Good," He walks out the kitchen and turns to Brody. "We can talk outside."

Brody looks at him suspiciously before walking cautiously past Michael and into the garden. As he stops at the table he turns and looks at Michael.

"Well, we're outside. What do you want?"

Michael walks over to him and stands close. "I don't like the way you are behaving with Maria, she's my girlfriend and I don't appreciate that you try and put the moves on her all day."

Brody looks at him dis-believingly and then laughs slightly as he turns to Michael. "You are kidding aren't you? You are joking when you say that? Because that is hilarious..."

Michael glares at Brody as he replies. "What's the joke? That you think you have a chance with Maria?"

Brody's face grows deadly serious. "I enjoy Maria's friendship the same way that she enjoys mine, and I am not about to allow a jealous boyfriend try and dictate to me. I mean, why would you feel the need to feel threatened by me if your such a great boyfriend?"

Brody looks at him straight in the eyes. "I will not avoid Maria because you don't like it, so get over it. Okay? Now I'm going inside so try posturing to someone doesn't work with me."

Brody walks past Michael as Michael grabs his arm. "Just stay away from Maria."

Brody smiles at him. "It will take a bigger man than you to make me Michael." As he pulls his arm away and walks into the house leaving Michael alone.

As Michael is left alone he swears loudly and kicks the seat in anger. "Nice move Big Brother, thanks for putting him in here. I really appreciate that."


Tess and Laurie are out in the den talking about their relationships with some of the other housemates. Michael has went to bed and Alex is trying to teach Isabel how to play poker in the lounge. The rest of the housemates are getting ready for bed.

In the den Laurie and Tess are sitting huddled up under one of the covers. Tess listens intently as Laurie talks.

"It's just ever since Isabel basically warned me off at Sean's party I've felt kinda bad about spending time with Alex...and then when I heard her crying that night about how she felt about him. I had never seen her so upset and I felt so bad, because I know that in a weird way I am a little responsible..."

Laurie looks at Tess as she continues quietly. "And despite the fact that I know she still loves him and I want to take a step's hard for me to stop how I'm feeling about Alex."

Tess looks at her. "You definately have feelings for him?"

Laurie nods her head sadly. "I don't know what I should do with it Tess...I don't want to get in Isabel's way but...but it's hard. But I'd feel so bad...she was heart-broken and I might not know Isabel that well....but she doesn't seem like the kind of girl who would cry for nothing."

Tess nods sadly. "You have to think about you here Laurie, that's what's important. Let Isabel deal with herself, if she does still love him then it's up to her to let him know and then the ball's out your court. But you have to make sure you don't get hurt."

Laurie nods and sighs. "What about you? How's the whole Max situation?"

Tess smiles slightly as she talks. "You have no idea how much I regret what happened at the party but in a way maybe it was for the best. My feelings for Max were..." she pauses as she thinks, "muddled I guess you could say. I always thought that me and him would end up together..."

Laurie looks at her. "And now?"

Tess smiles at Laurie. " I want to follow my own feelings and take another path, one where my judgement about Max isn't clouded over with some misconception that me and him are meant to be together. I want to follow my own feelings..."

She sighs loudly as she continues. "It's's just those feelings are becoming really confusing. Me and Kyle have gotton so much closer since we got in here,"

She looks at her hands and her voice grows wistful as Laurie looks at her with a slight smile. "It's just weird how much more I have seen of differently I have felt about him recently..."

Laurie puts a hand on her shoulder and Tess looks at her and laughs gently. "Why can't we have straight forward love lifes?"

Laurie laughs as she lies back. "Well Tess, to be honest, that would make really un-intresting tv..."