Wayne stands in front of the massive crowd outside the bridge that separates the house from the outside world. Behind him a huge screen is erected and the housemates can be seen.

He holds the microphone up and is smiling as the crowd cheer behind him. "Earlier tonight 87% of you voted Sean as the first housemate to leave the Big Brother house. In just under 10 minutes I will be bringing the man himself into the studio where we will find out what he really thinks of his fellow housemates. This is Big Brother on Eviction Friday!"

The group whoop and cheer as the main titles begin.

Wayne now stands in the studio. "The crowd outside are going crazy to see Sean, and here is how he took the news of his eviction and what has happened the past 90 minutes.


Sean packs his belongings in the boys bedroom. He looks up at Kyle who watches him.

"How're you feeling?" Kyle asks.

Sean shrugs. "Disappointed. But I knew it was me who was leaving. I just had a feeling you know?"

Kyle nods.

Sean looks at some of his things. "You know I'm gonna be out in the world again while you guys are stuck in here. I won't need all this stuff with me. So you can pick what you want?"


Sean nods with a smile. "Hey I can buy some of these things out there. You guys are more limited then I am."

Kyle smiles as he looks through the things. "Thanks, man."

"No problem."

Both look up as the girls enter the room. Maria walks up to Sean and hugs him tightly.

"I'm going to miss you," she says.

Sean smiles. "Thanks."

She pulls back. "I mean it. I'm so totally sorry for everything that I've put you through."

"It's okay. I know I can be a pain in the ass sometimes."

Maria hugs him again, as the rest of the boys enter the room.

"Can you tell my mom how much I miss her," Maria says quietly.

Sean nods. "Definitely."

As Maria moves to the side Liz hugs Sean.

"Good luck, Sean."

Sean closes his eyes as he hugs her tightly. "Don't let anyone get you down, Parker."

Liz smiles against his shoulder. "I won't."

They come out of the embrace and smile at each other. Michael holds out his hand which Sean shakes.

"Good luck," Michael says sincerely.

"You too," Sean replies just as sincere. "Look after my cousin and treat her right."

Michael nods. The others soon say their own goodbyes and Sean hugs the girls while shakes the boys hands.


Sean stands in front of the mirror in the boys bedroom. He looks at himself in the mirror as he stands dressed smartly.

"Are you nervous?"

Sean turns to see Liz stand at the door. "A bit."

Liz nods as she walks to him and stands at his side.

"It's a bit frightening going out there knowing the world has been watching you on television."

"Yeah, I've been thinking about that," Liz says as she leans her head against his shoulder.

Sean looks down at her as she looks at him in the mirror.

"You look really smart," she smiles.

Sean smiles. "Something you're not used to saying about me, huh?"

Liz giggles as she looks up at him. "Enjoy yourself out there, Sean. It's your night."

Sean sighs as he looks back into the mirror. "Yeah, they probably hate me though."

"Because you're voted out doesn't mean they hate you."

"No, it just means they like Michael better, huh?" Sean smirks down at her.

Liz looks away shyly then looks back at him. "Just don't worry about it."

Sean nods then looks at them both in the mirror.


The group sit in the lounge. Sean stands in front of them and raises his glass of juice.

"I just want to say that it's been a pleasure, and maybe a little crazy sharing a house with you," Sean smirks.

The others smile and nod, while Michael pulls Maria closer to him.

Sean clears his throat. "Also, I was a bit worried when I first saw everyone that I was sharing this house with, but all in all it wasn't something that I really had to worry about. Even though I probably did rub some of you up the wrong way..."

Max lowers his eyes as the other continue to look at Sean.

"I do think that there wasn't really that much bad feeling between me and any of you. I got to meet some people who I really liked..."

Laurie, Tess, and Kyle all smile at him.

"And I got to know others better," he looks at Alex, Liz, and Maria.

Sean raises his glass. "I just want to wish you all luck in here, and whoever wins will be a deserving winner."

The group raises their glasses and then cheer and applaud, as Sean takes a drink of his juice.


Wayne is in the studio standing in front of a screen which shows the housemates gathered in the lounge.

"Well, that's what happened, and now I'm going to speak to the house."

He turns to the screen and his voice booms through the house.

"Hello, Big Brother house, this is Wayne."

The housemates cheer and stand.

"Sean, you are the first housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house..."

"Yeah, baby!" Sean laughs as he waves to the various cameras around the room.

"In several moments the countdown will be activated and I will be waiting to meet you at the bridge. Can I please remind the rest of the housemates that you are not allowed to step out of the house as you can be caught into the automatic door. This warning is for your own safety."

The housemates nod then the girls are around Sean giving him last minute hugs.

"Start the countdown."

40 seconds... *click to hear countdown music*

"Let's go get him," Wayne says into the camera as he begins to jog out of the studio and past the crowd.

Kyle shakes his hand and gives him a manly hug. Alex then shakes his hand.

30 seconds...

Liz hugs him once more. Sean tightens his embrace and both share a smile as they pull back.

20 seconds...

Maria engulfs him in a hug which he returns.

"Tell mom I love her," Maria cries.

"I will."

10 seconds...

The housemates stand at the threshold in 2 rows and join their hands above their heads. Sean stands at the bottom holding his bag ready to walk underneath the hands and out of the door.

Sean, you have been evicted. Will you please leave the Big Brother house.

Sean walks underneath the arch of his housemates, as they call to him their support.

*click to hear Sean's eviction song*

As he leaves the house he sees a security guard. He looks back into the house as the others cheer to him as the door slides closed. He walks down the gang-plank as the music booms at him. He grins as he hears it.

Inside the house Maria and Liz hug tightly. Alex put his arms around them both.

Wayne stands at the gate with Amy and Kim. "C'mon, Sean, run," he calls out.

As Sean walks past the first gate he looks to the security men. "Can I leave my bag here?"

At their nod he leaves his bag and runs towards the second gate where Wayne is waiting. As he sees his mother he runs towards her and lifts her up and swings her around, embracing her tightly.

Amy wipes away her tears as she watches them. Sean says something inaudiable to Kim, but the mic is able to pick up Kim saying "I love you."

Wayne motions for them to separate and talks to Sean. "Sean, how does it feel seeing your mom?"

"Incredible," Sean says choked with emotion.

"Kim, do you have anything you want to say to Sean?"

Kim nods as she looks at her son. "I want to tell you how proud I am of you, and the people love you. We all love you."

Sean hugs her again as he buries his face into her shoulder. Wayne smiles as he looks at them. He then reluctantly pulls on Sean's arm.

"Sean, you will be able to get a better reunion in a little while, but for the moment I'm going to take you out to the press and crowd who are waiting out there to see you."

Sean looks visably shaken as he nods. He looks back at his mother and aunt as he is led towards 2 giant gates. As they slowly open cameras flash at him. Sean looks dazed as he walks out to the press and waves at them. From both sides people call his name and Sean looks on in amazement.

Wayne takes his arm and leads him past the press towards the crowd that has gathered outside.

"Everybody, the man of the hour," Wayne begins loudly. "Sean!" he bellows the name.

The crowd give a huge cheer as Sean stands before them. He raises his arms and waves at the crowd grinning. He turns to the other side of the crowd and waves to them.

Wayne takes his arm and leads him into the studio. Sean sees his friends waiting for them and runs to them. His friends lift him up and embrace him.

Wayne laughs into the camera. "In a few minutes we'll be asking Sean what his thoughts were on his party, his real feelings for Liz, and what he really thought of Max. All this when we come back."

Commerical Break

Wayne sits in the studio in front of the big screen. 2 smaller monitors sit beside him and the chair across from him.

"Welcome back. We have Sean!" Wayne gestures in front of him.

The audience cheer as the camera swings across to Sean who sits in the leather chair opposite Wayne. He gives a small wave as he looks at his friends and family who fill half of the studio audience.

"How does it feel to be out of the house?" Wayne asks.

"It's weird," Sean nods. "You're locked up in there with no way knowing how you're preceived by the outside world."

Wayne nods. "Can you believe how huge this is."

Sean laughs lightly. "I had no idea how huge this was."

"So you didn't expect the crowd then?"

"No, that..." Sean smiles shyly. "Scared me a little."

Wayne smiles. "Now Sean a lot of things have happened in the 2 weeks that you've been in there."

Sean nods. "Uh-huh."

"Why do you think that you were nominated for eviction?"

Sean moves in his chair then shrugs. "I don't know. Everyone had their reasons for doing things in that house, and when it comes to it you have to nominate someone, and I guess I was that someone."

Wayne nods. "Well, let's take a look at who nominated you and why."

The screen changes and the nominations from the previous week's come up on screen.

Alex sits in the Diary Room. "Uh, my second nomination," he glances up at the wall to his side before looking into the camera. "is going to be Sean. We've been talking more than we usually do this week, but Sean is just basically the person that I get on with the least in the house."

Sean nods as he watches the screen. Soon the image cuts to Laurie.

"My first nomination is Sean. Um," Laurie pauses as she looks away from the camera. "Out of everyone Sean is the person I've spent the least amount of time with, so I haven't been able to get to know him that well."

Sean again nods as he watches the screen.

Max looks into the camera. "My second nomination is Sean. I just don't get along with Sean."

Sean remains expressionless as he looks at the screen.

Michael slouches on the chair. "Sean. We just don't get along."

Sean smirks as he watches the screen. Soon the screen resolves back to the live feed from the house.

"Now, seeing your reactions there I want to ask you what you think of the 4 housemates that nominated you."

"Okay," Sean nods.


Sean thinks for a moment. "He's a good guy. I gave him a bit of a hard time outside the house but we seemed to get along better in there."


Sean smiles. "She's a good girl. Like she said though we never really got to spend that much time together in the first week, but in the second we hung out more together."


Sean thinks for several moments. "Max is someone I'm not sure I'd get along with at all to be honest. I don't want to say too much but Max is just someone that I have a hard time getting to know."


"He's honest. I'll give that to him. I just hope he treats Maria right. Sometimes he's got that jackass thing going, and I just don't want Maria to be hurt by him."

Wayne nods. "As we can see Maria is already missing you in the house."

Sean looks to the screen where he sees Maria and Michael hug.

"You two didn't seem that close when you went into the house. What changed?"

"We were never that close to begin with, but we were each other's family in that house," Sean says.

Wayne nods. "You seemed to be hurt by how she reacted to the nominations?"

"Yeah, I was," Sean nods. "It did hurt me that she was upset about Michael being up for evicition but not really caring about me. It's just that in that house you need to cling onto something from the outside world, and for me the main thing was family. I think eventually Maria realised that as well, and we had a talk about it and cleared the air."

Wayne smiles as he looks at him. "Now Big Brother threw you a birthday party on Sunday night."

Sean smiles nervously. "Yeah. The night everything blew up."

"Yes," Wayne grins. "Now what were your thoughts on what happened?"

Sean sighs. "I think that whatever was building up on the outside world finally exploded in the house. I could not believe how badly Tess can't hold her liquor. She seemed to have only took one mouthful and that was enough to send her over the edge. But I think the things that she said she must have been thinking about for a while now, and it's a shame that it all came out like it did."

"What about Liz?" Wayne asks. "She seemed to be on the receiving end of Tess' hostility. How do you think it effected her?"

"Liz was upset by it. I think she wanted to take the higher road though and not be the source of the tension within the house. I'm not sure what went on between her and Tess outside of the house, but they were trying in there, which you have to. You can't spend your whole time in a house like that and not try and get on."

"Do you think you tried to get along with Max?"

Sean nods. "Yeah, I tried. I don't think I succeeded though. Like I said Max isn't really someone I could probably get along with. We did have our moments though when he set up that plan for the girls..."

"The girls managed to extract their revenge though," Wayne grins.

Sean laughs. "Yeah. I personally think that both plans were ingenius. I was pretty impressed by that."

"Now Sean one more thing about Liz. We've talked about the party and how she interacts with others, but we also noticed that you seem to have feelings for Liz..."

Sean blushes as he fidgets in his chair.

"What is happening there?"

"There's nothing really happening." Sean then smiles shyly. "I do like Liz but I know that she probably still has a thing for Max, so I'm just willing to accept her friendship which is fine by me."

Wayne nods. "Now you've spoken about your situation with your family. How did it feel to see your mom waiting for you?"

Sean grins as he looks at his mother who sits in the audience beside Amy. "That was amazing. Words could not describe the feeling that I got."

Wayne smiles. "Now a couple of things before we run out of time. Who do you want to win and who do you think will win?"

Sean smiles as he answers. "I personally want Maria or Liz to win because I think they deserve to."

"Who do you think will win?"


The audience cheer as Wayne holds out his hand. "Could luck to you. Everybody, Sean."

The audience cheer as Wayne stands. Sean goes towards his family in the audience. Wayne jogs out to the crowd who cheer loudly.

He walks over to the barrier and talks to fans. "Who do you want to win?"

"Maria!" the girls calls out. The girls behind her chant "Maria."

He then moves onto another fan further down. "What about you? Who do you want to win?"

"Alex 'cause he's soooo sweet!"

Wayne laughs as he crosses towards the other side. "Look at these banners here. One says "Michael - The Chicken Man." Another says "We love you Kyle", and there's one over there that says "Max you dancing god!" he points the microphone to one fan.

"Who's gonna win?"

"Michael!" the girl screams into the microphone.

Wayne laughs as he turns to the camera. "Well, the crowd here have their favourites and you out there have yours. Who will win Roswell's Big Brother no one knows! Keep tuning in to find out!"