The camera zooms down and we see Wayne Kason standing outside the Big Brother House. As the camera gets down to his eye level he looks in it as he begins to walk forward.

"This is Wayne Kason and in just over 2 hours the first housemate will be walking down this run-way as they will be the first evictee from the Big Brother house."

He stops at the gate as we hear crowd noise come from the other side and the camera spins to show the crowd before it turns back to Wayne. "This crowd is here to welcome the first housemate to face eviction and you can find out who it is here, on KROZ radio and Channel 11 live! This is..."

He turns to the crowd and shouts loudly which makes them cheer loudly! "Eviction Friday!"

Big Brother Titles

The camera cuts to Wayne in the house and he begins to speak. "Can you believe that crowd? Wow...Okay, in here we have Sean and Michael's friends and family. But, before I say anything more I think it's best to remind everyone that you can still make the difference to how the vote turns out."

He walks towards the screen and looks at the camera. "So lets have a look at who's up and why they think they should stay in the house."

The image on the screen hovers and we see Sean sitting on the seat in front of the camera looking confidant.

"Why did I want to be in the Big Brother house? Well...I guess, and this is going to sound pretty corny but I think it's a way to let people know what I'm really like. That I am not a bad guy. Not that I want their approval but... The money would also be good." He laughs gently as he continues.

"Why should people keep me in the house? Well..." He looks at the camera with a smirk. "I'm going in there and I'm being myself...if you like that then do the right thing and please vote to keep me in!"

Sean's image fades and we see Michael looking directly at the camera.

"Why did I want in the house? I'm really only going in it for the money. Is it a good reason? Maybe not but at least it's an honest one unlike some of the other crap some people have probably been spouting."

His expression doesn't change as he leans a little closer to the camera. "What do I want to say to the public? If you don't like me don't vote to keep me in, but if you want to see someone who is honest and completely themselves then I'm your guy so vote to keep me in!"

Michael's image fades and we see the housemates all sitting together in the lounge as Wayne stands in front of the audience. He ushers to the screen. "They look nervous don't they? Okay, Michael or Sean...who do you want to get out of the house? You still have time to make your vote count!"

He walks to the audience and sits. "But maybe you haven't had enough time to make your mind up yet...maybe you need to see a little bit more of them. Let's have a look at what happened in the house yesterday and earlier today to see if that will help you make your minds up."

He indicates to the screen we see the events of the house with Wayne narrating.


All the housemates are in bed apart from Laurie and Tess who are sitting out in the lounge area together talking. Last night the boys played a prank on the girls that involved stealing Tess and Laurie's cuddly toys and now the girls are planning their revenge.

Laurie and Tess whisper quietly as the hug their toys that they brought out of the girls room with them. They huddle under the cover they are sharing and Tess takes a drink from her coffee cup and then begins to talk.

"They have to pay for it, especially Kyle! He got me J.C and then he ties him up and tries to catapult eggs at his little head!" As she talks she cuddles the bear tighter.

Laurie looks at her sympathetically. "What I don't understand is how they stole them. Saying that though...there was a few times when a couple of them went missing....they were planning it all day!"

Tess nods her head. "And when Isabel asked Max what he was doing? That was him making the weapon! They have to pay..."

Laurie puts a determined look on her face and lets Tess continue. "It has to be something elaborate since they were"

Laurie looks down at her toy dog and then to Tess. "You call that creative? I call that cruel and they should be made to pay-back!"

Tess smiles as she looks at Laurie. "Well, I think the only thing that would affect them would be humiliation...and I have the best idea for that..."

Laurie grins as she huddles closer to Tess to hear the plan. "How about a little bit of tree decorating?"

Laurie looks at her puzzled and Tess laughs as she whispers the details into Laurie's ear quietly.

As Laurie hears the plan she edges back a little to look at Tess square in the face. "We couldn't do that...could we?"

Tess looks at her mischieviously and grabs Loco and J.C. and holds them up in front of Laurie. "Remember last night? Do you really think they deserve anything else?"

Laurie smirks and begins to laugh. "When you put it like that...they deserve so much worse!"

The two girls continue to laugh gently as they discuss the details.


Sean, Alex and Michael are all still in bed asleep. Max and Kyle are exercising in silence outside as the girls all talk in the lounge.

Liz, Isabel and Maria all listen carefully as Laurie and Tess fill in the details of their plan so far. As they finish talking they wait on the others reaction.

Maria is the first to talk. "I am impressed. I never though you had it in you Laurie. But I think other than that there should be personal touches as well."

Isabel looks at them. "I took me ages to wash that stupid mud out of my hair with cold water! They need to pay and that sounds as good as any."

The group turn to look at Liz who nods her head forcefully. "Yeah, let's see if they can take it as good as they dish it out! We need to make them...suffer."

Maria claps her hands loudly. "Way to go Lizzie! I guess all you have to do is douse you in a bucket of cold water and it gets you're bitchy side out!"

Alex stumbles out the boys room. "Who's bitchy side out?"

He stops and looks and is glared at by the 5 girls. He holds his hands up. "Whoa!...down girls...I can see I better just keep walking..." And continues towards the kitchen.

As he walks Isabel's gaze softens and she watches him with a mixture of sadness and aprehension. Laurie notices this and sighs loudly as Tess watches her before loudly clearing her throat.

"So..that's that then. We'll talk about it more later ok?"

All the girls turn to face her and nod their heads before dispersing. Tess grabs a hold of Laurie's hand.

"You ok?"

Laurie smiles at her reassuringly. "Of course, I'm just looking forward to later."

Tess looks at her for a second and then giggles. "Me too...revenge is sweet!"


All the housemates are now out of bed. Outside in the garden, the girls are sunbathing while the boys sit inside. Michael and Alex are reading comic books in the lounge and Kyle and Sean play cards. Max is reading on a bean bag.

Alex finishes the comic he's reading and turns to Sean. "Sean, I know technically I gave it to you for a birthday present but can I get the Wolverine comic back off you? My brain is getting wasted with this..." He holds up the comic book. "Crap."

Michael looks up at him. "Batman is the greatest superhero ever. How can you call him crap? You call Batman crap when you want to read about a guy that prances around in yellow lycra?"

Alex smiles sarcastically. "'s so much better to prance around in black rubber isn't it? Beside's Wolverine is by far superior to Batman in the greatest ever superhero argument."

Michael puts his comic book down and sits and looks at Alex. "Batman's costume is an asset. He needs it to be dark and sleek...Wolverine looks like a...a clown. I mean who in their right mind would be afraid of someone who is about 3'7" and prances around smoking cheap cigars and with hair that requires 3 cans of hair spray?"

Sean put's his cards down and nudges Kyle and nods towards Alex and Michael.

Alex is laughing forcefully as he sits forward more. "You should talk about hairstyles. So...what does Batman have to offer a comic book reader apart from a fetish for black rubber and the occasional death of his side kick? I mean...they must be on Robin number 22 by now surely?" He smiles at Michael confidantly.

Michael glares at Alex and talks through clenched teeth. "Wolverine feels the need to pair up with teenagers doesn't he? Maybe he is the poster boy for the mid-life crisis?"

Alex rolls his eyes. "Wolverine trains his proteges to be honed fighting least everyone he's took under his wing is still alive and figting. Let's go through Batman's casulties shall we? I mean, seriously Michael...what does Batman really have to offer."

Michael looks directly at Alex. "He is dark, serious, rich, smart, had the best car in the world and always gets the girl. Maybe that's why you don't feel any affinity for him? Because you will grow up to be the polar opposite?"

As Alex forces a laugh out he sits right on the edge of his seat and stares at Michael. Max looks at the pair of them and puts his book down.

"You know, when you put it like that you might be right. I mean, that is a pretty impressive car and he is very successful with the ladies...but nothing seems to last. Do you think..."

He edges closer to Michael. "Do you think that maybe he was over compensating? You know...surely one of those relationships had to work? But maybe the ladies were fooled by the car and all that machinary and the fact that he flashes his cash at every available opportunity. Maybe he was a bit...lacking, if you know what I mean? Maybe that's why he appeals to some people...and just not to others?"

Sean and Kyle burst out laughing as Michael's expression turns to one of anger. "What are you trying to say Whitman?"

Alex smiles innocently. "Nothing, just maybe he sometimes left the party before the girl got there. Unless...unless the reason his only long term relationship is with Albert is because...maybe he is a bit ."

"A bit... what?"

"Maybe he's a little bit gay?" Alex smiles sweetly as Michael's eye's widen in anger as Alex continues.

"I mean, Wolverine's relationships were all lasting."

" irresistable to the ladies because he's mysterious. He doesn't have to call them or be in a long lasting relationship...he's Batman and Wolverine wouldn't stand a chance against him."

Alex glares at him. "Wolverine would slice Batman to pieces if they ever came head to head, and you know it!"

Michael stands up and Alex joins him. Kyle, Sean and Max watch the argument.

"You so sure that your small fry little middle aged, hairy, cigar smoking chubby little jerk could take Batman?"

Alex steps forward. "I'm sure that Wolverine could take your rubber wearing, over compensating, tv cowboy, closet case anyday."

Michael steps closer and both of them look eye to eye.

Sean looks at Kyle and then to Max who are both watching. He call's to the pair of them. "C'mon guys, calm it down a little. It's only a comic book...besides everyone knows that the greatest superhero ever is Daredevil."

Both Alex and Michael turn to look at him. "Daredevil?" Alex shakes his head in disgust and Michael looks at Sean.

"You know it's when you say stuff like that that backs up everyone's attitude that you're a loser. Daredevil is a poor man's Batman."

Alex sits back down and chirps in. "That tell's you how little he has going for him..."

Max roll's his eyes and smiles before reading his book again as Alex, Sean and Michael all continue the discussion.


All the housemates are outside apart from Laurie and Maria who are making dinner for the housemates. Maria has been trying to pair Laurie and Alex up for the past few days.

Maria peels the potatoes as Laurie chops vegetables beside her.

Maria smiles at her as she begins to talk. "So ehat are you thinking about the rest of the housemates as you've been getting to know them a little more?"

Laurie smiles as she chops. "Tess is great. I think I could really like her."

Maria makes a face and adds. "Hmm, well, you'll be one of the only ones that do..."

Laurie looks at her shocked for a moment before she adds. "I don't know what people problems are with her...none of you seemed to care about her on Sunday. I think that's a shame. You guy's don't know what it's like to feel alone like that.."

Maria looks at her. "Tess has caused a lot of problems for Max and Liz..."

Laurie turns to her. "Maybe they've caused a lot of problems for her as well. I don't care, I still like her."

Maria shrugs her shoulders and smiles at Laurie. "That's up to you."

They stand in silence for a minute before Maria begins to talk again. "So...Alex? What do you think of him now." She grins as she turns to Laurie. "Maybe the possibility of a little romance there?"

Laurie sighs and looks at her. "Maria, will you please stop this? Will you stop trying to pair me and Alex up? I like him as a friend and that's all. That's all!"

Maria looks at her suspiciously. "Where has this come from? On Sunday..."

Laurie cuts her off and turns to face her fully. "Will you please let it drop and back off? If you don't you will ruin things for me and Alex. Please, just leave it alone. He's a friend and I don't want anything other than that from him."

Maria looks at her and sighs as she turns the gas on underneath the pot. "Sure...if you're sure that's what you want."

Laurie nods her head as Maria walks away. "It is, thank you."

As Maria leaves the kitchen Lauries expression changes to one of sadness and she sighs loudly as she finishes chopping. "It is..."


All the housemates are indoors apart from Isabel who is outside on the decking. Alex is clearing the dishes away as the other housemates play monopoly.

Sean looks at the others. "This is it...last night with 10 in the house. I take heart in the fact that I might be home in just over 24 hours."

Tess and Liz smile at him reassuringly as Michael rolls the dice. "It might not even be you DeLuca. Maybe I will finally get some peace and quiet after tomorrow."

Maria shakes her head and looks at them. "Can we please stop talking about this? It's very depressing for me...I don't want to think about one of you going out there."

Sean smiles at her genuinely and she meets his gaze and they share a smile.

Isabel is pacing up and down on the decking and Alex is noticing as she puts her hand at her mouth. He walks from the kitchen and outside.

"What's up? Isabel Evans biting her nails? It can't be good...are you alright?"

She turns to see him and see's him leaning against the doorway. "Alex! I didn't see you there. I'm...I'm ok, I just...I just..."

She turns away from him and walks a few steps and takes a deep breath before turning.

"I need to talk to you, alone." She looks at him desperately and adds. "Please."

He walks towards her and looks at her. "Sure, we'll go to the den. Is everything ok?"

She smiles and nods her head as he takes her arm and guides her to the den. As they get inside she walks over to the back of the den and stands.

He looks at her worriedly. "Do you want me to get you anything?"

She shakes her head and sighs. "No, I just...I just need you to listen to me please. I have to tell you something...and I don't expect you to say anything back, I mean I'd like you to...but I don't expect it. I would..." She walks towards him. "I would really appreciate it if you wouldn't say anything until I'd finished. Please."

He nods his head and looks at her concerned. "You can tell me anything Isabel..."

She smiles as she sits down and he joins her. "Ok. Okay, this is...this is really hard. It''s recently, well not just recently but...what it is..."

He turns to her and takes her hands in his. "You can talk to me. Just say what you think."

She smiles down as she looks at their hands entwined and then looks back at him tenderly. "I love you Alex...I don't think I stopped loving you."

He looks at her shocked as she continues. "And I know I blew often. But...but, I know I don't deserve another chance and I know that you've moved on...and I know that you probably don't want anything to do with me after the way I treated you...but...but I had to...I had to let you know. I had to...I had to, I had to be...honest with you. For once."

As she finishes she rubs her eyes as tears fall silently. Alex looks at her and wipes away a tear before he bites his lip and stands up. He takes a deep breath as he begins to talk. "Wow...I don't know what to say."

She looks at him sadly and speaks gently. "I don't expect anything..."

He looks at her and kneels down beside her. "I know you don't Isabel. You have no idea how much I dreamed that you would have loved me the way I had loved you when we were dating. I never thought it would happen, I never thought you'd want to be with someone like me. Ever." He lifts her chin as she looks at the floor and looks at her in the eyes tenderly.

"I will always care about you Isabel, but, if after we came out of here and you're feelings changed again...I'd be right back were I was last year. I don't want to be hurt again..."

She smiles sadly as another tear falls. "And I'd just hurt you again?"

He shakes his head as he sits down and grabs her hand. "No. What I mean is that we have to be careful...I don't want you hurt. I care too much for that. We rushed into things last time and it hurt so much after..."

"After I screwed it up?"

He smiles at her. "You could put it like that...but what I mean is, I won't risk losing you again because the timing is wrong, or situations are mis-leading, or geoligists show up."

He laughs as he speaks and she laughs involuntarilly. "I'm never going to live that one down am I?"

He shakes his head as he continues. "We have been through too much in the past for me to lose you. But I don't know what I can commit to just now, I know what I'd like to be able to say to you but I think we should take things slow and see where that gets us for the time being. Anything else...anything else that happens then...we'll be ready for."

He kisses her tenderly on the forehead and embraces her in a long hug. She closes her eyes and sighs.

"Is that ok with you Isabel?"

She murmers into his shoulder before raising her head. "Yes, just promise me that we'll still be friends and that you won't feel akward with me."

He edges back a little. "Isabel, I always will be your friend. I have it on a psychic's good authority that we're destined to always be friends."

Isabel looks at him with an eyebrow raised. "You went to see a psychic?"

He sits back down and grins at her. "Uh-huh, Maria dragged me and Liz last year."

She nods her head as she begins to laugh and he takes her hand. "Thank you for telling me Isabel."

She smiles shyly as she looks at him. "I wish I had done it a long time ago..."


All the boys are in bed but the girls are up and have went into the boys bedroom quietly.

Each of the girls have walked in the darkness towards one of the boys beds and are under their beds and looking through the drawer underneath with the boys clothes in it. They are all quiet and after a while they file out the room one by one. Maria stops above Michael's bed and takes his picture of the wall and then leave the room to where the other girls are all waiting in the kitchen.

As she meets up they all laugh quietly. "Oh My God I thought that they had caught me there!"

Tess smiles at Laurie. "C'mon, lets get these up before they wake up...paybacks a bitch."

They all walk out towards the tree in the garden. Isabel looks up. "So should we just throw them up or should we climb?"

Tess looks up. "It's not that high, we should climb and make sure it looks nice."

The others all nod in agreement and Tess and Maria volunteer to climb as the other pass the items upwards.

As they finishe the girls take a step back to admire their handiwork.

"It looks good if I do say so myself. We did good. They deserve it." Liz says as Maria walks towards the chicken coop.

"Maria? What are you doing?" Laurie asks as they walk towards the house.

"Tess put it right, paybacks a bitch. And Michael Guerin needs to realise that if he upsets his girlfriend it's not just payback that's the bitch."

She sticks the Metalica picture on the far wall at the bottom of the chicken coop before walking in the house.


The boys have only just woke up after spending the night playing monopoly. The girls are all out in the garden waiting on the boys to come out.

In the boys room Sean is looking through his drawer of clothes as is Max and Kyle. Alex is sitting on his bed and Michael is awake in his bed.

"What's up guys? What have you lost?" Alex asks as Max, Sean and Kyle empty their drawers on the floor.

"Check you're drawer Alex, all my boxer shorts are gone." Kyle answers panicky.

Alex immediately looks through his drawer and see's the same. " Where'd they go?"

Max and Sean look at him. "They've took them!" Sean says as Michael looks in his own drawer. "Mine too." He looks around and stands up as he looks at the wall. "And they've took my Metallica picture!"

The five of them walk out the room and see the girls outside. As they walk out one by one they each see their boxers and y-fronts decorating the tree. As they walk forward Maria call's to them. "Good morning."

She is met by 4 glares and a smirk by Sean who is clearly impressed by the girls decorating skills.

"Hey Kyle! I still aprove of those Calvin Kleins, not so sure about the Y-fronts though...."

Kyle turns to Tess who is smirking at him..."J.C say's hi by the way."

"Max, you really need to be a little more adventurous in the underwear departmen." Maria call's from the garden as Max turns and looks horrified as she continues. "I mean...grey?"

Alex begins to laugh until Liz calls over. "I wouldn't even start Alex. We all see your Cartman boxers hanging there!"

Kyle, Max and Alex look at each other in horror as Sean observes and Michael walks toward's Maria.

"Where is it?" He asks seriously.

She looks at him innocently. "Where's what sweetie?"

He glares at her. "You know what. Where's my Metallica picture?"

Maria pouts. "Michael! I don't know where your stupid Metallica picture is...maybe it's up the tree."

Michael looks at her. "Me and you both know that you stole it and it's not up the where is it?"

Maria looks at the rest of the girls. "You see what I have to put up with?"

They all laugh loudly as Michael looks more intently at her. "Where is it?"

As he looks at her he hears someone make chicken noises behind Maria. As he hears them he looks at Maria.

"You put it in with the chickens!" He says accusingly.

She looks at him shocked. "Would I do that to you? When I know that you hate the chickens?"

He nods his head. "Yes. Yes you would." As he walks away swearing as he grabs the brush for cleaning out the chickens and tries to push them out the way before grabbing the picture. As he grabs it he walks out the coop looking at it.

"They pecked it!! Thank you Maria." He walks in the house muttering as she smiles at the other girls.

"You're welcome Spaceboy!"


The boys have retrieved their underwear from the tree. Kyle, Laurie and Tess are talking in the lounge and Max is talking with Michael in the garden while Maria and Liz are sunbathing. Alex and Isabel are talking at the garden table quietly for the first time after their discussion last night.

Alex and Isabel are talking quietly.

"You ok Isabel?" He asks her.

She smiles as she answers. "You know I feel better today than I have in days. I know that nothing really has changed between us...but I just feel like..."

"a big weight has been lifted? Like the air has suddenly been cleared?" He smiles at her as she smiles back.

"Exactly. It's like..." She goes to continue but is cut off by Sean who has just walked outside. He smiles at both of them before walking over to the garden and sitting down beside Maria.

"Maria? Can I talk to you for a minute?"

Maria roll's over and looks at him. "Sean! I'm trying to sunbathe here..."

He smiles at her. " I know but it's important."

She sighs and stands up and follows him to the kitchen. "What's up?"

He sighs as he looks at her. "I think it's a fair bet that I'm going out tonight and I just wanted to say to you, while we had a minutes peace and quiet, that I hope you win. People are going to love you out there and even though you can be tactless when it regards me, I love you. And if Guerin stays in he better treat you good because as soon as he gets out I will pound him."

Maria looks at him with tears in her eyes. "Sean." She runs and puts her arms around him. "Sean, this week is so hard...I don't want either of you to go... but thank you. I love you too...c'mere."

The two embrace for a second before Sean pulls away. "Ok, enough of the soppy stuff Maria, we are on national tv and I have a reputation to preserve."

She looks at him and smiles as he walks away towards the boys room. As she's left alone she bites her lip and looks after him. As she takes a deep breath she walks outside. "It's okay Maria...only 7 weeks left..."


In little under 6 hours the first housemate will be evicted from the house after facing the public vote and Sean is in the Diary Room talking about what he expects to happen tonight.

Sean's in the Diary Room sitting on the chair and looking in the camera.

Hello Sean

"Hello Big Brother."

What would you like to talk about?

"Umm, I guess I just want to talk about tonight. I guess I'm a little...nervous."

What are you nervous about?

He looks at the camera and smiles shyly. "I would love to think that I had a chance of staying in tonight...but I know I won't. What I'm nervous about...what I want...I would love to think that my mom would be there tonight...but I know she won't be, I just want to say to her. I love you Mom. And I understand why you aren't going to be there...but I really hope you get to see this." Sean bows his head and rubs his eyes as Big Brother speaks again.

Is there anything else you want to talk about Sean?

Sean looks up and smiles sadly. "No...that's it. That's all I wanted to say. Thanks Big Brother."

Big Brother is always here if you need to talk Sean.

Sean sighs as he stands up. "I know...thanks Big Brother."


The camera fades to show the housemates still sitting in the lounge area. Maria is sitting between Sean and Michael holding their hands.

The camera turns to show Wayne who is sitting in the audience. "What a couple of days! Well, the voting has now closed and the results are being counted. But before we announce who the first evictee is.." the camera pans out to show Sean and Michael's friends and family. "Let's see what the family and friends think of what been going on. First, let's talk to perhaps the most important guest here tonight..." He ushers to a woman sitting beside him. "Kim DeLuca...Sean's mom."

He turns to her and smiles as he talks. "Kim, we've heard a lot about you recently...and there is no doubt that Sean is missing you, but what do you think of your son in the Big Brother house?"

Kim smiles warmly and has tears in her eyes as she talks. "I proud of him. He has been so good in there...he has been friendly, funny and entertaining. I am just so proud of him..."

Wayne smiles and puts the mic to Amy DeLuca. "This is Amy, Sean's aunt and Maria's mom, we saw you last week and you said it would be hard for Maria with both Sean and Michael up for eviction. How do you think she's handled it?"

Amy nods her head as she listens. "I think Maria was in shock...but, I think she should have been more tactful with Sean's feelings...I think she handled that badly. But I'm glad they both talked there and made it up."

Wayne ushers to the screen. "Well, it looks like they are getting on a lot better now."

He turns around and introduces an old man. "Here we Hal Carver, a friend of Michael. Hal, have you been watching Michael in the Big Brother House?"

Hal nods his head as he answers. "Yeah, I haven't missed an episode and I have to say that he's been playing it straight down the line. Wasn't too impressed with the no pictures of his girlfriend thing but...the boys not perfect."

"Who is?" Wayne smiles as he stands up and walks towards the screen. He picks up the remote and talks into the camera.

"This is it, just now I will announce the results of the voting to the house."

He turns to the screen and begins to talk.

"Big Brother House, this is Wayne. You are live on television and radio so please do not swear."

The housemates look at each other nervously and last minute "good lucks" are said.

"The nation has been voting for the past week and the voting has now closed. The results have been counted and verified by an independant ajudicator. The first person to be evicted from the Big Brother House is..."

During the pause Michael closes his eyes and leans his head back as Sean smiles knowingly to the group. Maria clutches Sean's and Michaels hand's tightly.


As the name is said Sean looks at the housemates and smiles knowingly as Michael takes a deep breath before standing up and shaking his hand tightly.

"Congratulations." Sean says as he is enveloped in hugs by the girls. He shakes the rest of the boys hands as Maria stays seated sadly. She has tears in her eyes and she stands up and hugs Sean tightly before Wayne begins to speak again.

"Sean, you have an hour and a half to get ready. Pack your belongings and say your goodbyes. I'll see you in 90 minutes, I'm now closing the mic."

As he walks away from the screen he sighs as he sits down. He looks at Kim and Amy. "He knew didn't he? He seemed to expect it."

Kim cries quietly and is comforted by Amy. Amy answers Waynes question. "He's a smart boy and I think he could just tell."

Wayne turns to Hal. "Well, Michael stays you think he will be nominated next week?"

Hal smiles. "I don't think there's much doubt that he will be nominated again."

Wayne stands up and ushers to the percentages that appear on the screen. "As you can see, it wasn't really that close. Michael had 547 votes which was equal to just 13% and Sean had 3581 votes which equalled 87%. All in all 4128 people voted."

The camera looks down as Wayne begins to speak. "Tonight Sean was evicted from the house. Check back here on Channel 11 and KROZ radio in 90 minutes to see what he has to say about life inside the Big Brother House on Eviction Friday!!!"