Day 13 - 9.17am

Day 13 in the Big Brother House. All of the housemates are now out of bed and Max and Alex are making breakfast. Liz and Michael are getting some last minute practice in the dance task before they have to perform later in the day. All the housemates were paired up by Big Brother and they each had to learn a style of Ballroom Dancing. If they fail they will lose 10% of their weekly shopping budget for next week.

Michael and Liz practice the tango in the garden as Tess and Laurie watch them from the outside table. As they finish Liz looks at Michael.

"I don't think we made any real noticable mistakes there did we?"

He rolls his eyes. "Apart from me nearly breaking your ankle by standing on your foot? Again? Let's face it...we're not going to pass this..."

Liz looks at him encouragingly. "No, it wasn't that bad. C'mon, let's try it again and I'm sure we can do it."

Michael shakes his head. "I don't think so, I'm going for a shower."

Liz sighs as Michael walks towards the conservatory doors. She walks towards Laurie and Tess.

"Is Michael okay?" Laurie asks with concern.

"Yeah," Liz replies as she sits down beside. "He's just having a few problems with the task."

Laurie nods. Liz glances at Tess who is deliberately avoiding eye contact. Laurie looks at Tess who sits beside her, then back at Liz who has now turned away.

"So, Liz, I think Michael just needs more confidence with the task," Laurie says.

"Yeah, I think so," Liz agrees.

Laurie agains looks between Tess and Liz, and as Liz is about to stand Tess speaks.


Liz looks at her curiously.

Tess still doesn't look at her and begins to let her fingers circle the top of her cup.

"I just...wanted to say..." she looks at Liz. "I'm sorry...for the other night."

Liz continues to hold her gaze.

"I shouldn't have said the things that I did, and it was unfair of me to place any of the blame on you." Tess glances away for a second before looking back at her. "I'm sorry."

Laurie looks at them both then is about to stand. "I should go and give you two some privacy."

Tess looks at her with pleading eyes.

"No, Laurie," Liz says. "It's okay." She then turns to Tess. "Tess..."

Tess turns to Liz and sits nervously.

"I accept your apology."

Tess lets out a deep breath and is visably relieved.

"And, I have my own apology to make," Liz begins.

"No," Tess interrupts. "You don't have to..."

Liz nods. "I do. I should have been more aware of your feelings for Max..."

"Liz," Tess begins. "I wasn't with Max. You were."

Liz lowers her gaze.

"Believe me you have nothing to feel sorry for. I know that now."

Liz looks back up at her, and both girls exchange an understanding look.


Last week the girls pulled a prank on the boys, throwing buckets of water over them as they sunbathed and turning the hose on them. The boys are in the garden discussing a plot of their own.

Max squirts the tomato sauce onto the plate which has details of his plan.

"If we could get someone to keep the girls out of their bedroom, they would only need to give us a long enough time to fix the bucket above the bedroom door, and pull the slates from underneath two of the beds."

Michael turns to him. "What about the other beds?"

"Only 2 beds need to have the slates removed." Max then grins to himself. "We will be put mud in the pillow of the third bed."

"That would come through and they'd see it," Kyle questions.

Max shakes his head. "Not if we put something in between the mud and the front of the pillow and make sure that there isn't any weight on it."

"That way when whoever lies down their weight will make it soak through the pillow onto them," Alex grins. "I like it, Max."

"You've put a lot of thought into this, haven't you, Max?" Sean asks with a smirk.

Max nods with a smile. "Yes, yes I have."

"What about the other one?" Michael asks. "The bucket and beds only takes care of 4 of the girls?"

Max squirts more of his plan onto the plate. "We can't guarntee that all the girls would be caught out by the beds that is why we will remove two prized possessions from the room."

Alex snaps his fingers. "Laurie and Tess' cuddly toys?"

Max nods to him with a smirk. "We will hold them hostage and tie them here..." he squirts on another part of the plater. "Where we can threaten to fire eggs and mud at them."

"I am truly impressed with this, Evans," Sean says.

"Yeah, good going, Max," Michael adds.

"What's going on?" Isabel asks.

Max and Michael quickly smudge the plan on the plate by wiping bread over it.

"Nothing," Alex quickly answers.

Max looks up at her with his mouth filled with bread.

Isabel looks suspiciously at them all, as the boys try to remain calm.

"What are you up to?"

Michael stands. "Isabel, you're too paranoid."

He walks into the house and soon the other boys follow him. As Max stands he swallows and clears his throat. Giving her an innocent smile he walks into the house, leaving Isabel to look at him suspiciously.


In just under an hour the housemates will have to perform the Ballroom Dancing task. Big Brother has provided them with outfits for them to wear. The boys aren't happy. Each of them have taken turns coming into the Diary Room to ask Big Brother if they would reconsider the attire. Now it is Alex's turn.

"Hello, Big Brother," Alex says as he sits on the chair.

Hello, Alex.

"I was wondering if it would be in anyway possible to finding other outfits to wear for the task?"

Big Brother has provided the appropiate attire.

"Is there anyway that perhaps you can change your mind?"

Big Brother feels that the outfits provided will be appropiate for the task.

Alex sighs. "No offence but the guys aren't happy about this because basically we think we're gonna look like dorks in these outfits."

Big Brother had provided the appropiate clothing.

Alex nods with disappointment. "All right then it was worth a try."

He gets up and leaves. As he leaves the Diary Room the other boys are waiting.

"What did they tell you?" Kyle asks.

"They said that they have provided the appropiate outfits."

"It wouldn't be that if they had to wear them," Sean gripes.

The others nod in agreement.


The housemates have to perform the Ballroom Dancing task. All the housemates were paired up by Big Brother and each couple had to learn 5 dances. The group have gambled 10% of their shopping budget. Isabel and Sean are the first up to dance.

Standing on the decking Isabel and Sean look at each other nervously. As the music begins to play they begin to dance the Merengue. The others watch them as they perform the dance flawlessly.

"They're really good," Liz whispers to Alex who nods in agreement.

After they finish dancing the others cheer and applaud them. Isabel and Sean exchanges smiles and bow for the others. They stop whenever they hear Big Brother's voice.

Will the next dancers please get ready to perform the Samba.

"That's us, girlfriend," Maria says as she and Max rush to where Sean and Isabel have vacated.

The music begins and soon Maria and Max are dancing with gusto.

"Wow, look at them go," Laurie says in amazement.

"Go, Maria," Liz cheers.

Alex shakes his head, amazed by the scene before him. "God, they're like these dancing gods."

Michael rolls his eyes as he watches them.

As the song ends Maria and Max finish in a pose. They get applauded and cheered loudly. Maria hugs Max who smiles.

Will the next dancers please get ready to perform the Tango.

Michael sighs as he and Liz walk to where Max and Maria were. Maria gives him a peck on the lips.

"You can do it, spaceboy."

Michael watches Maria rush towards the others and looks down at Liz. She smiles at him encouragely and they take their stance as the music begins.

Maria crosses her fingers as she watches them dance. The rest of group remain silent as the dance continues. Michael steps on Liz's foot, she looks at him and nods for him to continue with the dance. As the song finishes the group clap and cheer for them.

Liz smiles at the others and tries to encourage Michael to get into the spirit of things. Michael takes a slight bow, and as they walk off the "stage" Maria greets him with a kiss.

"You did it!" she smiles.

"I don't think so," he replies quietly.

Maria kisses him again, as Big Brother come over the speaker.

Will the next dancers please get ready to perform the Salsa.

As Laurie and Kyle take their places, Tess and Maria call out with encouraging words.

Kyle raises his eyebrows and smirks as returns his smile. The music begins and they perform the Salsa. Kyle makes a wrong step but quickly recovers. As soon as the music fades, the rest of the group give the usual claps and cheers.

"Woohoo!" Alex applauds.

"You two were great!" Tess enthuses.

Kyle and Laurie exchanges smiles with them before Tess pulls Alex towards the dance floor.

"It's just us two left," she grins.

Alex lets out a deep breathe then exchanges a nervous smile with Tess.

Will the next dancers please get ready to perform Swing Dancing.

The music begins and soon they are dancing in perfect time. The others begin to clap along with the music as Alex and Tess dance flawlessly. A loud cheer is heard as Alex tosses Tess in the air and catches her perfectly.

"Oh my God that was amazing!" Maria gushes.

As the music finishes the others cheer with excitement. As the others gather around Alex and Tess congratulating them on their performance Big Brother's voice booms through the speakers.

The task has now ended. Big Brother will reveal the results later today.


After changing back into their own clothes the boys are in the lounge talking about whether or not they have failed the task.

"I think we've failed it," Michael states.

Kyle nods in agreement. "There's no way we could not have failed it."

"I hate to admit it but I think they're right," Alex sighs as Max and Sean look on.

In the kitchen Liz makes coffee. Maria stands beside her.

"I'm telling you, Liz, we have so passed this!"

"I hope so," Liz replies as she watches the boys.

Laurie walks past them and stands at the counter.

"Laurie, what do you think?" Maria asks her.

Laurie frowns. "About what?"

"The task. Passed or failed."


Maria smiles triumphantly. "The only way we haven't passed is if Big Brother pick on every little movement."

Liz and Laurie nod in agreement. Both look as Isabel and Tess walk past them.

"Either that or because of the lack of effort some of the boys put in," Isabel says as she sits at the table.

Tess looks at her. "That's not really fair. I can vouch that Alex put lots of effort into the task."

"Alex is different," Isabel says as she glances at them all. "But some of the boys didn't really put in any effort at all."

Maria nods. "That's true. Some of them didn't put in as much effort as they could have."

The others exchange looks, and Maria and Isabel look over at the boys who are chatting in the lounge.


The boys have gathered the girls in the garden for a game of football. Meanwhile in the girls bedroom Alex and Kyle put into action the first part of Max's plan to get revenge on the girls.

"You know if the girls will kill us when they see what we're doing," Alex says with a grin.

"Yeah, but it'll be worth it," Kyle smirks.

Alex walks over to Laurie's bed and picks up the cuddly toy dog. "You know for some reason Laurie's been acting weird all week."

Kyle stands by Tess' bed. "She seems fine to me."

"I think she's avoiding me," Alex says with a frown as he flaps the toy dog's ears.

Kyle looks over his shoulder at him. "Avoiding you? Why would she do that?"

"I don't know. Everytime I go near her she blows me off."

Kyle smirks as he picks up Tess' cuddly bear. "That's woman for you. You never really know what they want..."

"Or what they're thinking," Alex finishes for him.

Kyle nods and shows Alex the teddy bear. "I got this for Tess last Christmas. She called it J.C. after the guy from N*Sync."

Alex laughs lighly. "You're kidding?"

Kyle shakes his head with a smile.

"We have got to get these girls into real music."

Kyle laughs as they both walk towards the door. Alex stops and looks around.

"Look around, Kyle," Alex says. "This is the last time we'll see this as a safe haven."

"Yeah, isn't it great!"

Alex laughs as they leave the bedroom.


The boys are in the conservatory making catapults for phase 2 of their plan. The girls are out in the garden discussing how the outside world will perceive the male housemates.

"I think that Max and Kyle will definitely be the two that woman will see as the most attractive in the group," Liz says.

"Hey, don't knock Michael," Maria says defensively. "He has this whole brooding, rugged look about him that people definitely go for."

Tess rests her arms on her knees. "Yeah, but Max and Kyle are the two who are seen as the all american boys plus they work out a lot. And to be honest they probably show that on tv and women will be drooling over them."

"Eww," Isabel makes a face. "That's an image I don't want of my brother thank you."

Tess giggles. "Sorry, Isabel."

"What about Alex?" Maria says. "He's got that whole sweet thing going on."

"Definitely," Isabel agrees.

Maria looks at Laurie. "Plus he looks great. That trip to Sweden did him good."

Isabel glares at Maria. Laurie notices Isabel's glare and looks back to Maria.

"You know Sean's got that whole sweet thing as well," Liz says.

"Eww, Liz!"

"Well, Maria, he has!" Liz states.

Isabel smiles. "Okay if you could rate each of the guys, except for family..."

"Yeah, because that's just wrong," Maria agrees.

"What would you rate them out of 10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. And remember looks, body and personality has to be taken into consideration," Isabel says.

Maria grins. "Michael is definitely a 10!"

Isabel rolls her eyes. "Okay this is weird rating Michael but I'd give him an 8."

"I'd give him a 7," Tess says.

They look at Laurie. "I'm not even going to rate him! God, he's family!"

Maria smiles. "That leaves you, Liz?"

Liz thinks for a moment. "Um, I'd have to give him a...4."

Maria gasps. "4? You're giving my boyfriend a 4?!"

"You wanted me to be honest, Maria," Liz defends herself. "And if I take everything into account then I'd have to give Michael a 4."

Maria gasps again as Tess and Laurie exchange amused smiles.

"Okay," Isabel interrupts. "What about Kyle?"

"9 bordering on 10, definitely," Tess states abruptly.

The other girls all look at Tess with amused expressions.

"What?" she asks.

The other laugh as Tess blushes slightly.

"I'd give Kyle an 8," Laurie smiles.

"8 definitely," Liz grins.

"I don't know," Isabel says. "He can be immature."

Tess looks at her. "Yeah, but that's him just being funny. Kyle can be very mature about things."

The others look at her again.

"What?" she asks again.

"I'll have to give him a 6," Isabel says.

Maria thinks for a moment. "I'd give him a 7. He can be sweet that's true."

"Alex?" Isabel smiles. "I'd give him a 10."

Maria rolls her eyes and Laurie looks down at her hands.

"Alex would definitely get a borderline 10," Liz smiles. "He's the sweetest person there is."

"I agree," Maria says. She looks to Laurie. "What about you, Laurie? What would you give Alex?"

Laurie looks at Maria and glances at Isabel who looks away. "Um..."

"I think everyone would probably give Alex a borderline 10," Tess interrupts.

Laurie looks at Tess and both exchange a smile.

"Okay what about Max?" Maria smiles.

Liz smiles sheepishly. Tess looks down at her feet.

Isabel shakes her head. "I'm not even going to rate my brother!"

"I'd give Max a 9," Maria grins. "Liz? What would you give Max?"

Liz clears her thoat. "Um...maybe a...a 10."

Maria laughs and looks to Laurie. "What about you, Laurie?"

"Maybe a 7."

Maria raises her eyebrows. "Interesting."

Laurie looks at Tess who is looking away from the others. "I think though that all of us would give him a high number. What about Sean?"

Tess looks to Laurie, and exchanges the same smile they had shared just minutes before.

Maria shudders. "Not even going there."

"I'd give him a 7," Isabel says. "He doesn't seem as..." she thinks for a moment. "Let's just say that I might have judged him before I met him."

"I think I did too," Tess agrees. "I'd give Sean an 8."

Laurie nods. "Me too."

"I don't know," Liz sighs. "Sean can be a really sweet person. I'd give him a 9."

The others look at her.

"What?" she asks as she looks at them.

The other exchange looks as Liz frowns.


The group are gathered in the lounge area to hear the results of the task.

This is Big Brother. The results of this week's task is...

Kyle sighs. "Here we go."

The housemates have failed to successfully complete this week's task.

"I knew it," Michael mutters.

The housemates now have $88.20 to spend on their shopping list.

Liz looks at them all. "That's still enough to get through next week."

"Yeah, more than enough," Max agrees.

Michael stands and walks outside. Maria stands as well.

"Michael..." she says as she walks after him.

Liz and Max exchange looks of concern.


Most of the group are in the lounge area, while Max and Liz cook dinner.

Alex and Maria are laughing at a magazine when Maria sees Laurie walk out of the girls bedroom and calls her over.

"Hey, Laurie, come and see this."

Laurie smiles and begins to walk over only to stop when she sees Alex. "I...I just need to check on something."

Maria frowns as she watches her walk out into the garden. "What's wrong with her?"

Alex watches Laurie walk over to the plants. "That's what I'm going to find out."

Maria looks at him as he stands up and walks out into the garden.


Laurie turns and looks awkward as Alex walks towards her. "Alex...what is..."

"Can we talk?" he asks firmly.

She looks at him for a moment before she looks away quickly. "Sure."

"In private," Alex says as he points towards the den.

Laurie looks at him then reluctantly walks towards the den with Alex behind her. Isabel watches from the conservatory doors. She looks at them sadly as they enter the den. Alex closes the door behind them as Laurie stands in the middle of the den.

"Have I done something to offend you in any way?" he asks her.

"No..." Laurie only makes eye contact with him for a second. "Why?"

"Because everytime I go near you it's like you can't get away from me fast enough."

Laurie glances at him for a moment. "That's not true."

"Then what is true, Laurie?" Alex asks firmly. "Because I'll admit I'm getting confused here."

Laurie looks at him directly. "I've been spending some time with Tess. I just feel that after Sunday night that Tess needs a friend."

Alex holds her gaze and nods slowly. "So you aren't avoiding me?"


Alex looks at her curiously but then nods his acceptance. "So we're okay here then?"

Laurie slowly smiles at him and nods. "We're okay."

"We're good?" Alex presses with a smile.

Laurie giggles lightly. "We're good."

"Good," Alex nods. "I've been enjoying our friendship, Laurie, and I wouldn't want to lose it."

"Me too," Laurie gives him a genuine smile.

Alex holds her gaze then points towards the door. "We'd better get back inside then."

"I'll just be a minute."

Alex nods then walks out of the den. Laurie sighs sadly as he closes the door.


While the others sit down to dinner, Isabel sits in the girls bedroom crying.


Isabel quickly wipes her face and glances over her shoulder at Max.

"What is it, Max?"

Max walks over to her and sits beside her on the double bed. "Why are you crying?"

Isabel glances at him then breaks down again. She covers her face with her hands.

"I've been so stupid, Max."

Max frowns as he puts his arm around her.

"I shouldn't have treated him like I did. And now...I'm losing him for good."

"Alex?" Max asks softly.

Isabel turns to him and nods.

Max pulls her to his chest as Isabel cries for several moments then wipes at her eyes.

"It was all my fault. He was the only person who wanted the real me." She tries to compose herself as her lip trembles. "And I pushed him away. It's too late to tell him that I..." she trails off.

"It's not too late, Isabel."

Isabel nods. "Yes it is. He's moved on."

"Isabel, the thing with Leanna finished over 6 months ago."

Isabel shakes her head. "I'm not talking about Leanna."

Max frowns as he holds his sister's gaze. He then nods as it becomes clear he knows who she's talking about.

"See. You can even see the way he acts with Laurie."

"It's not the same."

Isabel looks at him. "It's just because it's just beginning. It doesn't have to be the same. It's there."

Max lowers his gaze.

"I blew it with, Alex," Isabel looks away. "And now I won't be able to tell him just how much I him."

Max pulls her into another embrace, and unknown to them Laurie stands at the door that separates the ensuite from the girls bedroom. She looks at them sadly, before gently closing the sliding door. Walking out to the others Liz looks up.

"Are they coming?" Liz asks.

Laurie shakes her head as she sits down. "They'll be along in a few minutes. They're just talking about something."

Liz nods, and Laurie looks at Alex then turns away before he sees her.


Kyle and Alex are in the lounge area with the girls. They keep the grils preoccupied in the lounge area while in the girls bedroom Sean, Max, and Michael put their plan into action to play a prank on the girls.

Sean and Max stand on the nightstands that are now at the door, and Sean sits a bucket on the door, while Max ties a belt to one of the beams at the lights. Michael has the mattress off 2 of the beds and is removing slates from the beds.

"Right, now let's tie this to the bucket and that way it won't fall it'll just tip over," Max says as he prepares the bucket."

"That looks secure enough," Sean says as they test it.

Max nods in agreement. He steps down as he goes towards the 2 pots filled with mud and water.

"Maybe we should wet this a little more," he says looking into the pot of mud. As he lifts the pot of water he pours a little into the mud then looks over at Michael. "Michael, take another slate from underneath that bed so they will fall through it more."

He stands up on the nightstand and Sean helps him tip the water into the bucket.

"You have a mean streak in you, Evans."

"Well, that's what happens when someone gives you a cold shower in the middle of the day," Max smirks.

Michael begins to pour the mud into the pillowcase on the double bed. "Hey, you know who's bed this is don't you?"

Max looks at him with a grin. "Isabel's."

Sean smiles. "I hope she'll be able to see the funny side to all this."

"She once put make-up on us while we slept," Michael says quietly.

"Michael, make sure that pillow is nice and smudge so a lot will go right through it," Max smiles.

Michael nods with a grin as he pours more into the pillow.

Alex and Kyle look up as Michael, Sean, and Max walk out of the girls bedroom. Max nods to them, and Alex and Kyle smirk.

"Well, girls, we are going to have to excuse ourselves," Alex says to the girls as he stands.

The girls frown at each other as Kyle and Alex smirk as they walk out to the garden. The girls continue to watch as they laugh with the other boys, and Max says something which the others boys laugh loudly at.

"Max and Kyle seem to be getting along, aren't they?" Tess says as she observes them.

"Yeah," Liz frowns.

Maria looks at them suspiciously. "That's it they are definitely up to something."

Isabel nods and turns to the rest of the girls. "Did I tell you that I saw them earlier this morning. It seemed like they were planning something."

"I think we all had better watch our backs," Maria states.

The others nod in agreement as they again look at the boys who are smiling in the garden, unaware that they are being watched.


The group are in the lounge area where Alex is playing his guitar. Isabel and Laurie make coffee and snacks.

Isabel looks over at Alex as he plays the bass. Laurie watches Isabel watch Alex.


Isabel turns to Laurie.

"I...I just want to say..." Laurie looks away for a moment. "About Alex..."

Isabel looks at her but remains quiet.

"You're right. About you two. What you said about you both getting back together when you leave here."

Isabel turns away with a guilty look. "Listen, Laurie, I shouldn't have said that. What happens between you and Alex is your business..."

"No, it is yours," Laurie interrupts. "I know that things might seem..." she glances at Alex then looks back to Isabel. "It's not. Alex and I are just friends."

Isabel looks at her curiously.

Laurie lowers her gaze. "I thought you should know that."

Isabel smiles slowly. "Thank you, Laurie."

Laurie nods as she gives a slight smile. Isabel holds her gaze and then carries two cups of coffee over to the group. Laurie watches her then looks at Alex who smiles when Isabel says something to him. She looks down and busies herself by pouring another cup of coffee, before taking another look at Alex.


The girls have decided to get ready for bed. Laurie and Tess are in the ensuite brushing their teeth, while the boys are in the conseratory.

"I still say the boys are up to something," Maria says as she walks over towards her bed.

"You're paranoid, Maria," Liz sighs.

Maria shakes her head. "I mean it, Liz! Well, else would they be so secretive today?"

"I don't know," Liz admitted as she walks towards the bedroom door.

Isabel pulls back the sheets and lies down.

"Whatever it is we'll soon find out," Liz says as she opens the door.

Maria gets into bed, and soon Tess and Laurie rush into the room when they hear screams.

They look around the room to see Maria's bottom has fallen through her bed and she is stuck as she wriggles her legs. Liz is standing at the bedroom door drenched in water, while Isabel is feeling her hair which is covered in mud.

"Oh, my, God," Tess says in amazement before she giggles.

Laurie covers her mouth in an attempt to stifle her laugh.

The boys watch from the hall and laugh quietly at the scene before them.

"Will someone please help me!" Maria yells.

Laurie and Tess rush to her aid, and each taking her hand pull her up out of the hole in her bed. Liz now runs towards the ensuite and dries herself with a towel. Isabel soon follows as she rinses her hair under the water.

"I knew they were up to something!" Maria fumes as she rubs her bottom. She glares at Laurie and Tess as they laugh.

"Sorry, Maria, but it is funny," Tess laughs.

"This is not funny!" Maria barks. "Who says they haven't done something to you!"

Laurie smiles at Tess as she looks at her bed. Laurie's smile fades as she notices something is missing.

"Hey, where's Loco?"

Tess turns to her bed. "They've took J.C.!"

Laurie and Tess exchange looks and run out of the bedroom.

"See, it isn't so funny now, is it?" Maria calls out to them with a smile of her own.

As the Laurie and Tess look around the empty conservatory and lounge room they stop when they hear the boys cheer outside. They go to the conservatory door and see the boys using spoons which have been made into catapults. They are firing eggs at something on the beam in the decking.

Tess and Laurie walk slowly towards them and gasp as they see what they are firing at. The two cuddly toys are tied to the beam with targets behind them.

"Fire in the hole!" Kyle calls out as he takes aim and fires.

The girls stand with dread as the egg just misses the toys. Tess shoves Kyle hard almost making him fall over.

"How could you do this, Kyle! It's J.C.!"

Alex smiles. "And just like his real life counter-part he has reached new heights."

The boys laugh as Tess hits Alex on the arm.

"Take them down now!" Tess barks.

"Not until you say you're sorry for the hosing down we got last week," Kyle smirks.

"Never," Tess folds her arms defiantly.

Max shrugs. "Okay then, Michael do the honours."

Michael raises his catapult but Laurie grabs onto his arm.

"Okay, we're sorry! Please take them down."

The boys laugh once again as Max nods to Alex. Sean gives Alex a boost as he takes both the cuddly toys down off the beam. As he hands the toys to the girls both glare at him and smack his arm hard as they walk away.

The boys watch the girls enter the house.

"I think that went well," Sean smirks.

"We should do it again sometime," Michael agrees.

Max looks at them and back at the retreating figures. "Maybe tomorrow."

"I'm in on that," Kyle smirks as the others laugh before walking towards the house.