Day 12 - 8.47am

Day 12 in the Big Brother House. All the housemates, apart from Sean and Kyle are still in bed. Sean has been awake for over 2 hours. Last night, the housemates discovered who would be the first to face the public vote and since Sean discovered he was nominated he hasn't tlaked about it with the others.

Sean is sitting out on the table drinking a cup of coffee. Kyle has just walked from the boys room towards the kitchen. He turns and he notices Sean alone outside and heads towards him.

"Hey Sean. What's up? It's a bit early for you is it not?"

Sean shrugs his shoulders as he answers. "Couldn't sleep."

Kyle sits beside him and looks at him. "How you feeling about last night?"

Sean smiles sadly. "What part? The fact that I was nominated or the fact that my cousin doesn't care in the slightest?"

Kyle quickly replies. "That's not true...she does care."

Sean looks at him. "It's not? Then what was that all about last night? She was so upset about Michael being up for nomination that she couldn't even say "Bad luck Sean." or even look at me. She was too busy being angry that we had the audacity to vote Guerin out. You know, me and Maria weren't really that close...but I thought we were, I thought, I just...whatever, I guess I was wrong. That's how sad and pathetic my life is..." He sighs as Kyle looks at him understandingly.

"It's just, Maria is probably the closest thing I have to a sister...and I guess it just hurts that she doesn't feel the same about me. I guess it just hurts that she'll never consider me family. I guess it hurt a little that she reacted more to Michael getting voted out than she did about me. I just wish she has said something to know, "I'm sorry you're nominated but I want Michael to stay." Just something that showed she at least cared." He laughs bitterly as he continues. "I've been alone before, I can handle that...but last night I felt isolated. Like no one would really care if I were to go. And maybe that's the case...but I don't like feeling it."

Kyle smiles gently at Sean. "You are not the only one that's felt isolated in here you know. I have had days when I just wish I could scream at people. If it wasn't for Alex and Tess there's is no way I would survive being locked up with some of the other people in here. They make me feel like I'm some sort of intruder in their little clique sometimes you know?"

Sean nods his head in agreement as Kyle continues. "To hell with that, I refuse to be an outsider to make some of them feel good. You should talk to Maria, if nothing else tell her how mad you are about her reaction."

Sean rolls his eyes. "Sure Valenti, I'll do that. While I do that why don't I just pack my bags at home because there's no chance in hell of Aunt Amy letting me stay when I yell at her daughter on national tv."

Kyle stands up and looks at him. "Hey Sean, I never claimed to be good at the advice...if you want that go talk to...Liz or Alex."

Sean smiles at him broadly. "You got that right Valenti. I guess I better go and clean out the chickens then..."

"Yeah, I'm going to go and have breakfast."

Kyle walks in the house and Sean walks towards the chickens as Big Brother calls to the house.

This is Big Brother, will Sean please come to the Diary Room.

Sean sighs loudly as he looks at the chickens who he has just let out of their pen. "Okay then, let the interrogation begin..."

Sean walks in the house and looks at Kyle who is smirking at him and at Laurie who has just came out of the girls room.

"'Morning Sean." She says grogilly.

"Hey Laurie." he replies as he walks in the Diary Room door and sits down.

Hello Sean.

"Hey Big Brother, how you doing?"

Sean, how are you feeling today after last night's results?

Sean sighs and looks directly at the camera. "What can I say...I expected it but I'm still a little bit upset I guess."

Why do you think you are upset?

Sean smiles sadly as he looks at the floor. "Because I was nominated and no one seemed to care...well, apart from some of them."

How do you think Michael reacted to being nominated?

"I don't know and to be honest, I don't care. He has enough people concerned about him."

Outside in the kitchen Laurie is talking to Kyle. "So why has Sean been called in?"

Kyle shrugs his shoulders. "To hazard a guess...because of the nominations and his reaction to it."

Laurie looks at Kyle. "I thought he was ok? He was a little quiet last night but I just assumed he needed a little bit of time..."

Kyle leans closer to Laurie and lowers his voice. "He was upset at Maria's lack of reaction to him and her over-reaction to Michael."

Laurie nods her head. "I guess that would have been hard for him..."

Kyle begins to make breakfast again. "Yeah...very."


All the housemates are now awake. Michael is in the boys room on his bed, Kyle and Laurie and Sean and Isabel are all practising the dance task, Alex and Maria are out in the garden talking while Tess sits in the girls room drying her hair. Max and Liz are talking in the dining area about the events of the previous two days.

Liz looks at Max as he talks quietly.

"It's just...I feel responsible for her feeling so alone in the group." Max looks at Liz as he tries to explain. "This isn't just down to her...I have to take some of the responsibility."

Liz takes his hand gently. "I think we both have to take some responsibility. We weren't exactly subtle, and we weren't exactly caring about her feelings on Sunday. We should have been more careful."

Max smiles at her gratefully. "I don't know if I'd get through it in here without you Liz..."

Liz looks at him shyly. "I'm sure you'd do ok..."

Max looks at her earnestly. "Maybe, but it wouldn't have been the same."

She smiles and looks at him. "It wouldn't be the same for me either. But we have to fix the Tess thing."

He sighs. "I know."

She looks at him. "You should talk to her Max. Tell her what you feel."

He looks at her. "'ll hurt her."

Liz sighs. "Better to get it out in the open sooner rather than least then she'll know."

He laughs bitterly. "Be cruel to be kind? That's a little cold is it not?"

She looks at him sadly. "Is it not better that than letting her believe that you feel the same? Is it not better than letting her be in pain everytime she see's you with someone else?"

Max looks at her guiltily. "I guess when you put it like that, I better go talk to her."

He stands and walks towards the girls room. As he gets to the kitchen he turns to look at Liz who has closed her eyes and put her hand on her forehead. He opens his mouth as if to talk but no words come out and instead he turns and walks towards the girls room where Tess is now sitting on her bed.

As he enters the room Tess is sitting on her bed alone. At first she doesn't notice him but as he clears his throat she looks around and see's him. As he looks at her she smiles shyly.

"M..Max, hi. What are you doing here?"

He walks towards her. "I thought we should maybe talk about things. Is it ok if I sit down?"

She nods her head and puts her feet underneath her to let Max sit down at the bottom of her bed.

"'ve been avoiding me since Sunday and I think...I think we need to clear the air what do you think?"

She smiles at him apprehensively. "I...agree, things can't go on like they have been."

He takes a deep breath and looks at her. "Ok, I'm going to talk first ok? Ok. I'm sorry about what happened on Sunday, things got out of control and we were just not ready for it to happen like that."

Tess looks at him embarrassed as he continues. "A lot of what you said was true to an extent, you have been treated badly by everyone, including me. But a lot of what you said wasn't...Liz isn't to blame for what I feel for her...or..."

He looks at her as gently and speaks softly. "Or what I don't feel for you."

Tess drops her head slightly and plays with her hands as he continues. "I care a lot about you Tess I do, and I even love you as a friend. But...but I don't think I'll ever love you the way...the way..."

She answers quietly. "The way you love Liz?"

He nods his head and takes a deep breath. "We'll never be together like that Tess...I'm sorry, but I can't...offer you anything more than friendship. And I would really like you to want that."

She smiles sadly as she lifts her head. "I would like us to be friends Max."

He smiles at her relieved as he stands up. "Thank you. I'm glad you understand."

She looks at him. "Well, someone told me I dwell too much on a misguided faith in destiny. I think they might be right."

He looks at her puzzled as he walks towards the door. She calls to him before he walks out the door. "Max? I really am sorry about Sunday. And I'll apologise to Liz as well."

He turns to her and smiles. "There's no need. But thanks."

As he disappears from the room door she rubs her hand against her forehead and clenches her eyes shut as she begins to cry quietly on her bed.

In the lounge the rest of the housemates have now come in the house and Alex is making lunch for the others. As he starts to chop he notices Laurie and he calls to her.

"Hey Laurie. You busy? I don't suppose you would like to help make sure that this meal is edible do you?"

Laurie smiles at him sweetly as she replies. "Oh Alex I'd love to but I wanted to speak to Tess."

She walks away towards the girls room and he looks after her and shrugs his shoulders as he continues to prepare lunch. Maria is walking towards the boys bedroom where Michael is still on top of his bed reading.

She chaps the door lightly as she walks in. "Hello? Michael? You feeling a little more sociable now?"

He looks at her and replies. "I'm never sociable."

She laughs as she walks over towards him. "See, that might be the case with most people but you better be sociable with me. How are you feeling?"

He sits up and looks at her. "I'm fine."

She rolls her eyes and looks at him. " were nominated for must be feeling something."

He shrugs his shoulders. "I'm fine. I mean I expected it and I'll probably go on Friday but...I guess I was a little shocked you know?"

She puts her arms around him. "I don't want you to go Spaceboy...what will I do in here without you?"

He sighs. "You'll do what you do just now, hang out with the others, sing bad pop songs, wrap Alex round you're little finger, and try and mess in his love life. The only difference will be that I will have to watch you do it at home..."

Maria pulls back. "You will not go out, you have to come out of here and be annoying and grumpy and pig-headed and show the country why they should keep you in. Come on! You have to make the effort."

As she pulls him to his feet she notices Sean standing at the door looking at them.

"What's up, Maria? You're boyfriend not making a big enough effort to get me out?"

She watches as Sean walks back out the room and away from them. As he leaves she looks up to the ceiling and sighs. "I think I hurt his feelings, Michael."

Michael shrugs his shoulders. "That's his problem then. Not yours."

She looks at Michael and says quietly. "Maybe..."


Most of the housemates are inside. Laurie and Maria are sleeping in the girls room while in the dining area Max, Michael, Liz and Isabel are all playing snakes and ladders. Kyle and Sean are both reading in the lounge area. Outside on the decking Alex and Tess are practicing this weeks task where the housemates have to master 5 styles of ballroom dancing. Alex and Tess' dance is swing-dancing and the housemates have gabled 10% of their weekly shopping budget on successfully completing the task.

Alex and Tess are laughing as the work out the steps for the next part of the dance as they dance they discuss the situations in the house.

Alex smiles as he lifts Tess high in the air. "So, Tess, how are you feeling today?"

As he brings her down again gently she laughs at him. "You do realise that this could quite possibly be the strangest conversation ever? I have never talked to a guy as he swung me over his head."

He grins at her as he does it again. "What can I say? I like to impress the ladies."

She grins mischieviously as they seperate. "What with? Your ability to talk and dance at the same time?"

He looks at her wounded. "Hey, a lot of girls would kill to be able to find a guy that can do that."

She grins at him. "Well, c'mon then, we'll practice the catch then you can demonstrate the skill again."

He puts on a whiny voice. "Tess? The catch again? But we have done it already!!"

She looks at him and he turns to face her. "Ok, we'll do the catch...but I want to try the tossing again after that ok?"

She nods her head and he smiles as they start dancing noisely. As she runs at him he catches her but his hands slip and she lands in a heap on the decking.

"Oww." She says painfully as she rubs her thigh.

Alex looks at her horrified and quickly gets down beside her and starts to talk quickly.

"Oh my God, Tess! I am so sorry, it was a accident my grip slipped are you hurt? I am so sorry."

Before she gets the opportunity to answer he lifts her up. She turns to him and looks at him. "Alex? What are you doing?"

He looks at her again. "Oh God am I hurting you? I am really sorry Tess! It was stupid of me I should have been concentrating more and now you're hurt."

As he walks in the house he walks straight over to the couch and tells Kyle to move. Kyle looks at him carrying Tess as the others all stand up.

"What happened Alex?" Kyle asks as Alex sit's Tess down.

Alex looks at him with a mixture of regret, embarrassment and guilt. "I..I um dropped her."

The others all walk over and Kyle looks at Tess. "You ok Tess?"

She nods her head as she replies. "I'm fine. A little sore I guess but ok."

As Tess talks Alex looks at her full of guilt. "You're still sore? You want me to get Big Brother to get a doctor?"

Kyle looks at him. "Alex? You are what? 6' 3" and Tess, you're what? 5'4"? And you managed to drop her?" Kyle begins to laugh as he pats Alex on the shoulder.

"Nice one."

Alex ignores him and looks at Tess. "Can I get you anything? I don't want you to have to do anything today ok? I'll do whatever you want. Would you like a drink?"

She looks at him akwardly. "I guess a glass of water would be good...but I can get it myself."

Alex shakes his head firmly. "No, you stay there. I'll get it." He quickly makes his way over to the kitchen and grabs a glass as Sean call's to him.

"Hey Alex, while you're over there bring me a glass as well will you?"

Alex turns to Kyle? "Did I drop you on your butt? No? Well, until I do I think you can get your own water."

As the others laugh softly Kyle turns to Tess, who has turned a shade of bright red. " that's why you didn't go into details."

Alex brings the water over and smiles at her. "Is there anything else you want? You look a bit warm? Do you want me to bring you some ice? How about a cushion for beneath you?"

Tess shakes her head mortified as Kyle and Sean share an amused look.


Big Brother has given the group a discussion topic for the night. The topic is about their biggest regret and all the group must contribute to the discussion.

Sean is sitting on the chair as Max, Liz and Isabel sit on one couch and Kyle, Tess and Laurie sit on the other. Alex is sitting back on the exercise ball and Michael and Maria are on the floor again holding hands. As Laurie finishes talking the group applaud her and she gets a reassuring smile from Maria, Michael and Alex.

As the group sit in silence for a minute they wait on someone to start talking. Isabel sighs before she begins to speak.

"Okay, I guess I'm up. I have a lot of things I regret...a lot of you know about them but I think the one I regret most is jeapordising the most important people to me because I was scared. I shut my mom and dad out so much and..."

She begins to play with the pendant around her neck. "And I almost lost them because of it. I lost other people..."

She looks briefly at Alex before continuing "people that I lov...cared for, because I was scared that I couldn't live up to what they deserved. That I couldn't live up to their dreams. I don't make any excuse other than I'm a bit of a coward. I'm terrified that people will see through me and will realise that I'm not the girl they expect, and that in the end...I'll be left alone. I regret not telling the people that I care about how much I love and need them."

The group clap their hands and Max smiles reasurringly at his sister. Sean clears his throat and begins to talk.

"Okay, me again. My biggest regret is." He takes a deep breath. "My biggest regret is my relationship with my family. Or more accurately, the lack of a relationship with my family. After...after I was sent to juvenile hall I was...I embarressed my family. I mean, it's not like I did it intentionally happened. Anyway, I did my time and it was time for me to get out. I got out the gates of the hall and my mom and dad were waiting on me."

He takes another deep breath as he continues. "I thought...I thought they were there to take me home. So I hugged my mom and I went to talk to my dad but he was...cold. I just figured he was angry, I mean as I said I had embarrassed him, so I got in the car and started telling them that I had learned my lesson and that I'd make it up to them. My mom sat in the front seat and started crying and my dad was just looking straight ahead. I didn't know what was up so I just put it down to them being pissed at me you know? But...but when we got away from the hall my dad stopped the car at the bus stop. He got out and so did my mom and..."

Sean clenches his fist tightly. "And he went into the car and took out my suitcases and handed me a bus ticket and some money. I...I asked him what I was supposed to do with this and he said that I was to go and stay with Aunt Amy and stay away from him. He said...he said...that he didn't have a son and that it would be for the best if I decided against contacting him or my mom...because..."

He looks down as his eyes mist up. "Because he...they, wouldn't return any of my call's. I walked away and got on the bus and never...EVER tried to contact him. But...I miss my mom so much...I haven't seen her in a year and it hurts that she didn't get in contact with me..."

He takes a deep breath and gulps loudly as he looks up. "I guess...I guess maybe that might be her biggest regret. I know my dad's was having me but...I would give anything to have a family again."

As he finishes talking Maria stands up with tears in her eyes and hugs him tightly. "You always have me, and mom. You'll always have us...I'm so sorry, I didn't know..." The rest of the group all clap genuinely.

As the group gets silent again Tess stands up and Alex immediately gets up beside her.

"Tess? Are you ok? Do you need anything?"

She shakes her head. "I just need a drink."

Alex walks over to the kitchen. "Me too. What do you want? Sean? You want a drink? Anyone?"

As Tess sighs and sits down she call's. "I guess I'll have a soda."

Sean, Maria, Max and Kyle all agree and Alex carries the can's over. As he hands Kyle, Sean, Maria and Max their soda's he sits in front of Tess and opens the can for her and then hands it to her.

"That ok?" He looks at her expectantly as Kyle stifles a laugh.

Tess widens her eyes and nods her head. "'s fine. Thank you."

As Alex sits back down on the ball Kyle leans close to Tess' ear and whispers. "I would have hated to see him if you had milked it. You should have had some fun with him."

Tess smiles at him as the next person begins to talk.


Most of the housemates are now in bed apart from Sean, Kyle, Tess and Alex who are talking in the lounge quietly.

Kyle, Alex and Tess are sitting on the couch while Sean sits on the table facing them. Tess has just told them what happened with Max earlier in the day.

Sean smiles as she recounts what she said to him. "You took my advice? Man you must have been desperate..."

She smiles at him gratefully. "Nah, it was good advice. It still hurt though. It hurt a lot."

Kyle rubs her shoulder protectively. "And now?"

She leans into him. "Now, it doesn't feel so bad. In fact it almost feels...easier which probably doesn't make sense but it does."

Alex looks at her and smiles. "Maybe you needed that to clear the air."

She smiles as she stands up. "Maybe."

Alex gets to his feet to join her. "You ok?" He looks at her guiltily.

Tess looks at him as she raises her voice slightly. "Alex! Enough is enough! No more fussing please. Please stop this! It was a stupid fall, nothing was broken or bruised apart from my ego. You don't have to feel guilty so please, just be calm, I promise you, I am not that brave, if I was in pain you'd know it wouldn't he Kyle?"

Kyle looks at the pair of them and nods his head. "It's true...when she has those menstrual cramps she's like a bear with a sore head for like 3 days every month."

As Tess hits his arm hard she turns a bright shade of red. "I am going to bed. And you!" She turns to Kyle and pokes his chest. "You...better have an elaborate strategy to make up for that."

She storms of and Sean and Alex shake their heads at Kyle. "Nice, were really Mr. Sensitive there..." Sean remarks as he stands up.

Alex pats his shoulder gently. "You've lived with her for a should know to avoid some subjects with some women..." Alex says as he follows Sean into the boys room.

"You are so dead Valenti..." Sean continues as Kyle looks from the girls room to the boys room.

He walks into the boys room shaking his head. "Elaborate plan to make it up... hmmm, ah, what the hell, I'll think of one tomorrow..."

Sean turns to Alex and whispers loudly. "He thinks she'll let him live long enough to think of one doesn't he?"

Alex nods his head and laughs with Sean. "He really is clueless when it comes to women..."

Sean lies down and smiles. "Yup...clueless...well, goodnight guys."

Alex lies down and Kyle turns out the light as they both say goodnight.