Day 11 - 08.18am

Day 11 in the Big Brother House. All of the housemates are in bed apart from Michael, Kyle and Tess. Michael is getting ready in the boys room and Kyle, who only slept for a few hours, is at the conservatory looking out towards the den where Tess spent the night after she had an argument with some of the other housemates.

Kyle looks out towards the den and begins to walk towards it. As he gets to the door he chaps it lightly.

"Tess? Are you awake? Can I come in?" He whispers quietly.

As he receives no reply he knocks again. "Tess...please talk to me, things are going to be ok...I promise."

Again, there is no reply and he sighs out loud. "Okay, I'm going in to make some breakfast and I'm coming in no matter what ok? Ok...I won't be long. Is there anything you want?"

She opens the door slightly and looks at him. Her eyes are red and her face is tear-stained but she forces a smile. "Hi."

He looks relieved and smiles happily. "Good morning Tess, How are you feeling?"

She looks at him sadly as she answers."I'm good...I'm sorry Kyle...I know I nearly got you evicted..."

Kyle smiles at her reassuringly. "You didn't nearly get me evicted...that was all me. Again. Letting things wind me up."

Tess looks at him. "Kyle? Can we talk?"

He nods his head and walks in the den as she closes the door. Kyle looks down and see's the two empty cups.

"You and Laurie were at it for a while last night weren't you?"

She smiles as she sits down. "It was nice just sitting there and being...normal. Not having to explain the Max thing. Not having to worry...She was so nice."

Kyle looks at her. "What about now? You were crying again weren't you?"

She nods her head and sits down. "I just can't believe that this has happened. I can't believe I was so stupid as to do that."

Kyle sits beside her and puts a reasurring hand around her shoulder. "Well, we've all been stupid before. Just look at Max...he let a girl like you get away from him. He's the stupid were just upset."

She puts her head on his shoulder sadly. "I think I've burned all my bridges in the house. If it wasn't for you and Laurie. I don't even know if Alex will still want anything to do with me now..."

Kyle squeezes her a little closer. "Don't worry about everyone in there. They will all be fine and understand what's going on. I promise you that. No one will give you a hard time."

She smiles as she looks at him. "Thats nice of you to say...even though you know that's not true."

He puts his head back and looks at her incredulously. "Well, maybe that's not completely true. But it made you feel a little better didn't it?"

She laughs gently as she looks at him. "Well, maybe a little."

He looks at her seriously. "Well, my mission is complete then. Tess? I meant what I said about Max, he was stupid. He is missing out. And you're too good for deserve someone who loves you for you." As she looks down nervously he sighs and runs his free hand through his hair. "That's all I'll say about him ok?"

She nods and smiles as he stands up and looks at her. "Ookay, I'm going to get something to eat. You coming?" He holds an out-stretched hand out to her.

"No...I, I think I'm going to stay in here for a while."

He sighs. "Okay, you want me to bring anything out? Coffee? Pancakes? Porridge? Apple?"

She smiles as he rhymes off the list. "I would love coffee and an apple please?"

He smiles as he walks out. "Your wish is my command."

She giggles gently as Kyle walks out the den and towards the house. "Thanks Kyle..."

As Kyle walks into the kitchen he notices Michael standing outside the shower. Michael looks angrilly at Kyle and Kyle glares back as he heats the water.

"You want coffee Guerin?" He asks harshly.

Michael looks at him. "No. I'm going in here."

Kyle continues to make the coffee. "Fine."


All the housemates are now out of bed. Laurie is in the den with Tess, Alex and Kyle are talking in the garden and Liz, Isabel, Michael, Max, Maria and Sean are all in the lounge. The conversation is strained as they all try and avoid discussing the previous nights events.

Liz sits beside Mmax and their hands are touching as they sit beside each other. Michael stands up and looks and looks at the others.

"To hell with this!" He walks away from the lounge and heads towards the Diary Room and presses the button.

"Michael? What are you doing?" Max asks concerned.

"What does it look like Maxwell? I'm going to go someplace where I don't have to cut the atmosphere with a knife."

The light at the Diary Room signals that Michael could get in. He walks in and sits down in the chair and looks directly into the camera.

Hello Michael.

"Hi Big Brother."

How are you feeling?

"Truthfully? I feel like I'm living in a mad-house."

Why do you feel that?

"Last night, was a total disaster. I cannot understand why the 10 of us were put in this house together. We are all too set in our ways and being in this...this house isn't helping anything!"

How are the other housemates coping this morning?

"Well, if they weren't all avoiding each other it wouldn't be a problem."

Do you think that the situation will get better?

Michael sighs. "I don't see it. There's too much been said."

Back in the lounge, as Michael continues to talk to Big Brother, Isabel stands up and turns to Sean. "Do you want to pratice the task?"

He nods his head and follows her into the conservatory, leaving Maria, Max and Liz alone.

Maria looks towards the diary room and then towards Max and Liz who are looking at each other tenderly.

"Ok, I think I'm going to go..." She stands and grins at the two of them. "read in the bedroom, and leave you two kids alone. Could you two...maybe let Michael know where I am when he comes out? Thanks."

She skips away quickly and heads towards the bedroom. She smiles broadly as she looks over at Max and Liz on the couch. "Way to go Lizzie..."

Out in the garden Kyle is talking to Alex about Tess, Max and Liz.

"I just don't understand how this happened." Kyle sighs as he lies down and looks at the sky.

"You are kidding right? You must have knew deep down that something like this would happen eventually." Alex replies as he lies down as well.

"Yeah, I guess...but...I never thought she would be so hurt. I never thought she would be so sad..."

Alex sits up and looks at Kyle. "Did you think her feelings for Max weren't real?"

"No...yes...I don't know. I just didn't think she loved him like that..." Kyle looks intenetly at Alex.

Alex sighs. "Kyle? How does that make you feel?"

Kyle sits up and looks at him. "I hate the fact that he keeps her dangling, I hate the fact that all he would have to do is click his fingers, I hate the way he uses her, I hate the way he makes her feel, I hate being helpless as she gets hurt again and again. I hate not being able to help!" As he finishes he clenches his fist and bites his lip angrilly.

"You need to do something to clam down, Kyle! There, is no point you getting angry at Max again, you will just get yourself evicted. You need to do something that relaxes you. I don't meditate don't you? Or...and this is just me being nice so don't take it literally, we could..." He gulps over-dramatically which causes Kyle to laugh gently. "play football....That would maybe take your mind of things."

Kyle smiles at him. "Thanks, but I think that I'm too tired to play football today."

Alex smiles as he stands up. "Good, maybe I'll have a chance to beat you then."

"Alex...we only have 2 players?" Kyle says as he looks up at him.

Alex walks towards the conservatory. "Hey Izzy, Sean. You two up for a little game of football? Just to work some of that tension off?"

Sean looks at Izzy who is looking at Alex. "Just the 4 of us Alex?" As Alex nods his head Isabel walks out and joins them. "Why not. So, who's team am I on? Alex?"

Sean shares a smile with Kyle as he joins them. "I guess I'm with you then, Kyle, since Isabel has already chosen."

Alex turns to Isabel. "He's kidding. You don't have to stick with me if you don't want to." He steps close to her and whispers in her ear. "I'm not that good...if you want to win, go with Kyle."

She turns to him and smiles as she whispers back into his ear. "I think I'll stick with you Alex. I know we'll be good together..."

As she turns to get changed he looks after her with a slight blush on his face. Sean notices this and nudges Kyle who smirks as he calls to Alex. "You ok? Still like the idea of partnering up?"

Alex turns to them and laughs gently before turning and heading towards the grass. "Of course."


After lunch Tess and Alex and Laurie and Kyle practise the dance task. Isabel and Max are talking in the girls room about the events of the past few days and Maria and Liz are in the kitchen cleaning up. Michael and Sean are back in bed.

In the kitchen Maria sits on the counter as Liz cleans up. "So what's up with you and Max? You two looked very comfy, if I do say so myself."

Liz blushes as she furiously begins to wipe the counter. "I don't know what you're talking about Maria."

"Oh please Lizzie! I saw you last night and this were all starry-eyed again. It was you two dating all over again."

Liz stops and looks at her seriously. "Maria, please don't say that. Now, now is just not the time to be even thinking about that."


"Why, well...last night? That has to count for something and...and also, Tess' feelings have to be considered."

Maria begins to laugh loudly. "Like she considered you're feelings last night?"

Liz looked at her. "We both know what can happen when some people get just leave it just now ok?"

Maria opens her mouth to reply but is cut off by Liz. "I mean it Maria. No more about Max and me."

Maria sighs and looks at her. "But Lizzie! I need to talk about something! Ok, how about Alex and Laurie? It was looking good for them."

Liz sighs as she continues to clean up. "Sure, whatever you say..."

In the girls bedroom both Max and Liz are sitting on the double bed talking. Isabel listens intently as Max speaks.

"I am responsible for this. I am to blame for what happened last night."

"Max, nothing was responsible for last night. It was going to happen eventually..."

He stands as his voice becomes heated. "No, it didn't have to! I am responsible for the way Tess is feeling. It would be better if I left the house."

Isabel looks at him disbelieving. "Don't be ridiculous. You can't leave because of a stupid argument. Why should you play the martyr?"

He looks at her. "I am serious. And it has nothing to do with "playing the martyr" it's to do with why I came in here. I didn't want any of this. I didn't want responsibility. I don't like staying in a place that is this tense knowing I'm responssible for it."

She stands and looks at him. "You. Are. Not. Responsible! Stop feeling bad about this. Go and be level-headed Max and speak to Tess. It'll make you feel better. And if that doesn't work and you still want to leave...think about leaving Liz in here just when you two were getting back to where you were. Do you really want to spoil that over one night?"

He looks at her and sighs. "I just wish...I just wish it could be different in here."

She takes his hand gently. "It is different. In here you at least listen to me..." She smiles at him as he laughs gently.

"I listen to you...some of the time anyway." They both laugh as they walk out the room door.


The housemates have all eaten dinner that Liz and Alex prepared. Tess only came back in the house at dinner time and afterwards she went to the girls bedroom. Sean has went in to talk to her leaving the others in the main area of the house.

Alex is sitting on the cushion reading a book as Laurie, Maria and Liz all sit on the couches. He looks over to Laurie and begins to talk.

"Hey Laurie, haven't really had a chance to speak to you today. How you doing?"

Laurie looks at him quickly before looking down towards her book. "Good...I've been good."

Alex waits for her to talk again and after a pause he shrugs his shoulders and begins to talk again. " and Kyle are coming along in the dance guys look really good."

She smiles as she looks at him. "Thanks. We've been working on it." She then looks back down at her book and Alex looks at Liz and Maria bewildered. As Liz shrugs her shoulders he stands up.

"I think I'm going to go outside...I'll guys later."

After he walks outside Maria turns to Laurie. "What was that all about? What has he done?"

Laurie looks at her. "Nothing...why? I...I just wanted to's nothing."

Maria looks at Laurie and then turns back to see Isabel walking out to join Alex in the garden. "Yeah, I bet it's nothing..."

In the bedroom Sean has sat down on the bed opposite Tess.

"How you doing? You recovered yet?" Sean asks lightly.

She smiles weakly. "Just about. I'm just...emabarrassed I guess."

"You know you're going to have to go out there and face the music later when they announce the nominations don't you?"

She nods her head and smiles bitterly. "Probably getting a one way ticket out of here anyway."

Sean smiles. "I wouldn't count on it." As they sit in silence Sean continues. "Tess? Do you mind if I ask what last night was about?"

Tess groans loudly as she answers. "My feeling's for Max, his feeling's for Liz. Me feeling sorry for myself...lots of things..."

Sean smiles. "We've all been there. What are your feelings for Max? Are you in love with him?"

She looks at him sadly. "You could say that I am destined to love Max...I don't have a lot of say in the matter..."

Sean kneels down in front of her. "Tess, I don't know you that well, but in the past...what 11 days? I already know you spend to much believing in destiny. Nothing is written in stone...everything can change. Especially feelings. What you need to do is take a break and think about what is real. And that means you have to think about what you feel for Max. Is he really the one man on the planet you think you could spend the rest of your life with?" He stands up and walks towards the door and she turns to face him as he stops and turns to her.

"Think about you're own feelings Tess...forget destiny. If I believed in destiny I would be living it up with J-Lo in some big Hollywood mansion, and you notice that that isn't happening."

She looks at him and smiles as he walks out. "Just think about what I said ok?"

She nods her head and as he leaves she looks at her pictures. She takes the picture of Max out of her drawer and looks at it before quickly putting it away again. She then turns to above her bed and looks at the other pictures. As she looks at them she runs her fingers across the surface of one of her and Kyle and sighs before turning and lying down on the bed and closing her eyes.


Big Brother has gathered the group in the lounge area to announce the results of this week's nominations. The housemates all voted on Friday which 2 housemates they wanted to evict from the Big Brother House on Friday. The housemates are not permitted, by the rules of Big Brother, to discuss nominations with each other or they face the possibility of eviction.

The group all sit in the lounge area. Isabel is sitting on the seat. Maria, Michael and Sean are all on one couch and Kyle, Tess and Laurie are all on the other while Alex sits on Isabel's exercise ball. Max and Liz are sitting on the cushions on the floor.

This is Big Brother. There are two people nominated for eviction this week.

As the housemates hear Big Brothers voice each of them look at each other. Kyle takes a hold of Tess's hand and she smiles at him as Laurie looks first at Alex and then to Sean, who is sitting alone as Maria cuddles into Michael.

The results of this weeks nominations are...

Alex whispers. "Well, guys, lets keep this in matter who's up, we have to nominate someone..."

Sean nods his head and Laurie grabs his hand as Big Brother begins to speak.


Tess looks at Max and then to Kyle. "It's me...they'll do it in alphabetical..."

and Michael.

As the name is read out the housemates all stand. Tess hugs Kyle tightly as Maria turns to look at Michael. "Michael..." Sshe throws her arms around him as Sean looks on sadly. As he looks at them Tess walks over to him.

"Sean...I'm sorry."

He shruggs his shoulders nonchalantly and smiles at her. "Hey, see, I told you that you'd have to face the music."

As the others turn to Michael he walks towards the boys bedroom. Maria call's to him concerned.

"Michael? Are you ok?"

He turns to look at her. "Sure. Why shouldn't I be? It's only a stupid nomination, I just want to grab my book. That ok?"

She looks at him and nods. "Sure it is..."

As he walks out of the kitchen she looks at them. "I thought it should be alphabetical order!"

Tess looks at her hurt and Maria glares at her. Alex steps in front of them. "Maria, calm down ok?"

She looks at him and whispers loudly. "Calm down? My boyfriend has just been nominated out of the house. You all nominated him despite the fact that you all know what he means to me."

As Liz and Alez walk up to her and put their arms around her shoulders, they share a guilty look.

Sean watches this and walks out. "I'm going to get some air..." As he walks out he mutters quietly. "God forbid the boyfriend should get nominated. So much for blood being thicker..."

Liz looks out at him sadly as he leaves and then looks at Max who is walking towards the boys room.

As he arrives he knocks on the door to see Michael sitting on his bed.

"I thought you were getting a book?"

"I did, I'm now reading it." Michael replies harshly.

Max walks over towards his bed. "How are you feeling? You know its nothing personal?"

Michael is quiet but Max sits down anyway. "I'm sure only a few people voted you. It was probably close."

Michael smirks sarcastically. "I can name all the people that voted me just now, you want to hear?"

Max looks at him. "We can't talk about nominations Michael. You know that, and you don't know who voted you..."

Michael remains quiet and Max looks at him. "Fine, stay in here and sulk. Let's see how much it bothers you..."

He stands and walks towards the door. "Its not a personal attack Michael. It's only a tv show. Get over it."

As he walks out Michael looks after him and sighs quietly. "You try and get over it yourself Maxwell."

As Max walks out he bumps into Maria. "Is he ok?"

Max smiles at her as he takes her arm and guides her to the couch. "He's fine...he's just being Michael. He'll be fine in the morning."

She looks at him sadly. "I can't believe they voted him out."

Max smiled at her gently. "Maria, they have to nominate someone... and Michael's not exactly easy to get on with."

She laughs gently. "I guess...but, if he goes..."

"You'll have Alex, and Liz, and Sean, and me all here with you. Michael will be able to watch you everyday. Things will be ok."

Maria smiles at him. "You know Max? If you don't make it as a world renowned doctor or something, you can come on the road with me as I make my millions. Because you keep me sane...and being locked up in a tour-bus with Alex and the guys for months on end...I might need that!"

Max smiles as he stands up. "C'mon, I'll make you coffee...and we'll not talk about my future career as a Whit's groupie ok? Ok..."

Maria smiles as she stands up and walks beside him. "So you figure I should wait 'till tomorrow to talk to Michael?"

Max nods his head and she sighs. "Tomorrow. 'k then."