Today, 10 people will walk into the Big Brother house, isolating themselves from the outside world for 64 days. Every week they will have to nominate two fellow housemates to be put up for eviction, and the two or more housemates with the most nominations will be subjected to the public vote, with one having to leave every Friday.

DAY 1 - 9:08am

Day 1 in the Big Brother House. After technical difficulties postponed the housemates entry into the house last week, Sean is the first housemate to enter the Big Brother house.

Sean walks in and the automatic door slides closed behind him. He seems mesmerized by the decor within the house and walks towards the conservatory door. He attempts to open the door but as the door is locked he is unable to get out into the garden.

"Guess, we're meant to stay in here just now then. Okay, so where to now?"

He walks over to the lounge area and stands next to it looking around.

"Well, I have to say Big Brother, it's certainly a nice place you put together for us. Now, how about some more people so I can actually talk to someone other than myself?"

After walking through the lounge he walks towards a sealed door that is entry into one of the two bedrooms.

"Not allowed in here either? Ok, then..."

Housemates are not permitted to talk to each other until they enter the Big Brother house.

Sean is in the kitchen area when the sliding door opens again and Kyle and Tess enter through it. As the door slides shut again, Kyle looks at Tess and starts to talk.

"What have you done to your hair? I mean it's nice, is it short."

Tess looks at Kyle and smiles as she runs a hand through her hair.

"Well, I felt like a change. Wow, we're finally here! I cannot believe we both got in! Oh my God!"

Sean walks towards the new housemates and sticks his hand out to Kyle who then shakes it.

"Hey Kyle, how's it going?"

"Sean, what are you doing here?"

Sean shruggs his shoulders as Tess walks over towards the conservatory doors.

"This is very, very cool. Can you guy's believe this house?"

Kyle whispers to Sean.

"I can't believe that hair."

As Sean smiles he calls towards Tess who is now running towards the bedrooms.

"It is pretty amazing. But there isn't a lot of point going through there, it's all locked up."

As Tess walks back towards the two men she begins to talk.

"I wonder when the others will get in.Oh God Sean, I'm sorry I forgot all about actually saying hello."

Sean laughs as he takes her offered hand and shakes it.

"No problem Tess. So you like the house huh?"

Before Tess answers the door slides open again and Alex, Liz and Maria walk through it. As soon as the door closes the 3 of them look at each other and start bouncing up and down.

"Oh My God! I cannot believe the three of us all got in together!! Why didn't you tell me! This is going to be so much fun!"

As Kyle see's the three new housemates he calls to them.

"Hey Guys. How's it going?"

Sean looks on with a smirk on his face as he see's who his new housemates are.

Alex speaks first as he looks at Sean.

"Oh, great. Sean's here..."

Liz smiles akwardly at Sean and tries to avert her gaze. As she tries desperately to avoid Sean she notices Tess who is partially hidden by the bodies in front of her. She looks away quickly and trades a desperate glance with Alex. She mutters "Kill me now," which is inaudible to the rest of the group.

"Oh My God! Sean? What the hell are you doing here? You weren't supposed to be in here!"

"Say's who? "

"You never said you were going in here!"

"Well, Maria, to be fair, you didn't ask."

Tess stands in silence beside Kyle and looks on in horror at Liz being there. She whispers to Kyle.

"Please tell me this is a nightmare."

"'fraid not. This is going to be...interesting to say the least."

Alex walks towards Kyle and Tess as Maria and Sean continue their heated discussion.

"Kyle, Tess. Hi. Well...this is...different. Do you think that we should maybe split those two up?"

"Um, we could do that. But it is kinda fun to watch...This is going to be so much fun seeing all this friction. I am going to have a blast."

"Sure, mass murder on tv is always fun to watch. Well, at least it can't get any worse..."

The door opens again and Michael, Laurie, Isabel and Max walk through the doors. Alex looks at the final housemates and begins to speak again.

"Famous last words. This could only happen to me..."

"Please tell me that's not Max Evans? Please tell me I am not in here for 9 weeks with Max Evans!"

Alex looks desperately at the group as Maria notices who her new housemates are.

"Michael!!! You got in here!"

With that she runs towards him and throws her arms around his neck as she gives him a bonecrushing hug which causes a small grunt come from Michael.

Max begins to speak.


It's then that he notices everyone who is there.

"Liz! Hi, what are you doing here?"

Before she gets a chance to answer Max notices the others. And his voice grows despondent as he see's them.

"'re here? Tess...Kyle...great, we're all here together...this will

Sean turns to face Max and flashes him a confidant grin.

"So, Max? This is going to be cool isn't it. All your favourite people locked up in the same place."

"I'm sure I'll enjoy it just fine."

Tess walks quickly towards Isabel and Laurie and desperately sticks her hand out for Laurie to shake.

"Hi, I'm Tess. And you are?"

"Laurie. Nice to finally meet you."

As Liz finally regains her composure she too, walks towards Laurie, Isabel and Tess.

"Hi guys. How's it going."

Isabel rolls her eyes as she replies and looks towards Alex and Kyle who are now standing looking equally aghast.

"It's certainly loud. So much for having an easy 9 weeks. I guess I better go say hello to my other "housemates" huh?"

With that she walks over to Alex and Kyle and smiles.

"Hey guys. "

Kyle continues to stare at the other housemates in disbelief as Alex greets Isabel with a smile.

"Isabel. Hi. are you?"

"I'm a lot better than everyone else seems to be doing."

As Alex is about to reply Kyle walks away from them towards the lounge muttering. "Only in my worse nightmares would this happen to me..."


Now that all the housemates are now inside the house, Big Brother opens the doors to the Conservatory, the bedrooms and the den. There are two bedrooms in the Big Brother house, each with a double bed and 4 singles. One of the bedrooms has an ensuite bathroom.

Maria and Tess open the door to one of the bedrooms and realise that it has an ensuite. Seeing the bath the two of them look at each other and grin before screaming loudly and dancing. The other housemates come running into see what has happened. Liz looks around worriedly.

"Maria? Whats wrong?"

"This is our bedroom! We have a bath!"

Isabel, walks towards the door to the ensuite and smiles.

"Yes, this is definately the girls room! The boys get the other room, this is ours."

Michael shrugs his shoulders as he walks out the room and heads towards the other room. As the rest of the guy's follow him out of the room Alex turns to Kyle and asks.

"Do you think we will have an ensuite?"

"I don't care, I'll just be glad to have a bed again."

Isabel walks out of the ensuite and sits down on the double bed and asks.

"So, where are you all sleeping?"

Maria looks at her as she sits on the double bed and points to it. "There."

Tess looks at the pair of them and shakes her head. "Uh-uh, there is no way that either of you are getting it. I saw it first."

Isabel shakes her head, "What are we 10? I saw it first? I don't think so."

At the single beds Laurie and Liz are standing looking at the others fighting over the double bed. Laurie asks, "Are they always like that?"

Liz sighs as she replies. "They haven't even got started yet..."

Meanwhile, in the boy's bedroom, the housemates discover they have the same room arrangement only without the ensuite facilities that are present in the girls room.

Sean looks at the 5 beds and asks out loud, "So, who gets the double?"

Before he gets an answer Michael walks towards the double bed and puts his bags at the bottom of it and lies down on top. Alex notices this and walks towards the single bed in the middle of a row of three.

"Well, I guess the double is taken so I'll take this one right here."

Kyle chooses the bed next to Alex while Sean chooses the bed opposite Michael. Max looks and puts his stuff on his own bed as the others begin unpacking their bags and putting their pictures of friends and family on the wall.

As they continue to put their pictures up they notice that Michael only has the one which he puts up on the wall above his bed. Alex and Max exchange a glance and both walk towards Michaels bed. Alex begins to speak with a curious tone.

"So Michael, when are you putting your other pictures up?"

"I'm not...that's it."

Max looks at him unbelieving, "You only brought a Metalica picture with you? Didn't you bring any of Maria?"

"Why? She wouldn't bring any of me..."

Max and Alex exchange a knowing look and whistle under their breaths as they walk back towards their own beds.


The dispute over the double bed in the girls bedroom has been resolved. Isabel unpacks her belongings into the drawer underneath the double bed while Maria put's up pictures of Michael above her bed.

Laurie sits on her bed looking at the other girls who are still unpacking. Liz walks towards her and sits down.

"So, what do you think so far?"

"Well, I don't know. It's weird hearing all the whirling of the camera''s going to be hard to forget they're there, you know?"

"Tell me about it...well, look on the bright side I guess, only 63 & a half more days to go..."

Tess walks over towards the bed and begins to speak.

"Liz? Okay, I know we've never been that close, but I figure that if we're going to be stuck in here for 9 weeks we better clear the air. Because there's no way that we can avoid each other. What do you say? You think we could maybe bury the hatchet?"

Before Liz can reply Maria call's over from her own bed. "Just don't bury it in each other, we are on national television."

Liz glares at Maria who is still busy putting her pictures up on the wall before she stands up beside Tess.

"I think that would be a good thing. I mean, we're grown ups and any problems we had, we can get over them."

Maria gives a sarcastic laugh as Liz continues.

"So, here" Liz offers Tess her hand to shake and Tess takes it. "This is going to be a great time and I don't want it to be ruined by any akwardness that we might have had."

Tess smiles "That's great. Okay, I guess I better go and see the rest of the house."

As Tess walks out of the room Liz walks over towards Maria and puts her hands on her hips.

"What was that all about?"

Maria turns and looks at her with an amused expression on her face.

"Oh, Lizzie come on! You and Tess kissing and making up? I give it 3 days max. before you're tearing each others hair out."

As Maria looks at Liz, Isabel smirks as she mutters. "3 day's max. Isn't that appropriate?"

Liz and Maria both turn and glare at her as Laurie looks on in bewilderment.


As the rest of the housemates continue to unpack, Alex, Kyle and Tess explore the garden. The housemates are required to care for and feed a coop full of chickens that Big Brother has provided for laying egg's.

Alex, Kyle and Tess walk over towards the chickens.

"Well, we have chickens," Alex observes.

Kyle walks closer to them. "What do we do with them?"

Tess peers over his shoulder into the run. "We don't have to eat them do we? Because I'm not killing them..."

Kyle and Alex look at her as she continues to observe the chickens and stifle a laugh as Alex begins to talk.

"Why else would they give them to us Tess? It is back to basics...and there are 10 chickens there...we might have to take turns as a task."

As both Kyle and Tess turn to him and look at him in horror he bursts into laughter. "Of course they aren't going to make us kill the chickens! It's national tv! Animal rights, you think the networks would like to see a chicken masacre? Oooh, you guys are too easy..."

"What's too easy?"

Alex, Kyle and Tess turn round to see who has come out into the garden and see that Max is standing there and Michael is walking out the conservatory door.

"These two," Alex replies, "They thought we had to eat the chickens."

Michael is now beside the rest of the group and his head snaps up as he speaks. "Chickens? What chickens?"

Kyle gestures towards the pen and allows Michael and Max to see them. "These chickens."

Max takes a step towards the chickens as Michael takes a step back.

As Max looks in Kyle notices that Michael isn't coming over to see them. "Hey Michael, you not coming over?"

Michael shakes his head. "No, I'm fine over here."

Kyle nudges both Tess and Alex as he continues talking to Michael. "You sure, 'cause there's plenty of room."

"No, really, I'm fine here. I can see...them...just fine."

Alex, Tess and Max all turn round to look at Michael and Tess walks towards him and grabs his hand and tries to pull him over. "Come on over...their lovely."

"No! Will you guy's just stop! I will see them later, I want to go and look at the see if we have any...herbs..."

Max raises an eyebrow. "Herbs? You want to see if we have herbs?"

Alex and Tess start laughing out loud as Kyle reaches over and picks up a chicken and walks towards Michael with his hands out-stretched towards him. "Here you go then..." he offers as Michael jumps back.

"Get that away from me, Valenti! I mean it!"

Alex and Tess are now doubled over laughing while Kyle continues to walk forward causing Michael to retreat more. "Here you go Guerin, it's only a harmless bird. It isn't like they can kill you..."

Alex stands up holding his sides and adds through his laughter. "Well, un...unless they peck your eyes out..." which cause both him an Tess to laugh even louder.

Michael continues to back off. "I mean it, get that...thing away from me right now!"

Max sighs and then walks over towards Kyle and stops him walking forward. "Come on Kyle, you know he's scared of them."

Michael looks at him angrilly and shouts. "I am not scared!"

Max looks at him and then shrugs his shoulders. "Well then, if you're not scared then. Kyle, go ahead." With that he stood out the way and let Kyle walk forward.

"Dammit Max! I am not scared! Kyle if you take one more step forward I swear to God I will make you pay!"

"Ooooh, scary. But not this scary right?" With that Kyle thrusts the chicken forward causing Michael to fall backwards onto the decking, and the others to laugh even louder.

"It's ok, Michael. I'll take that big bad chicken away from you." As he walks back he turns to the chicken and begins to talk to it. "Bad Rocky scaring poor little Michael like that. You know you have to play nice. Pick on someone your own size."

Max walks towards Michael with a smirk on his face and offers him his hand up. Michael looks at him menacingly and Max shrugs his shoulders and walks into the house, trying to surpress his own laughter as he's followed by Alex and Tess who are sniggering as they walk past which Michael replies to with angry glares. Kyle goes towards him smiling broadly and as he walks past Michael into the house.


Michael unfinishes packing in the boys bedroom. The rest of the group relax in the lounge area when Kyle is called to the diary room.

This is Big Brother, will Kyle please come to the Diary Room?

As Kyle rises from the chair Tess call's to him.

"Ooooh Kyle, you're in trouble now."

He grins as he walks towards the diary room.

Isabel turns to Tess. "Why? What did he do?"

Tess and Alex look at each other and start to laugh as Max recounts the story.

Kyle sits down in the diary room chair as the door closes behind him. He looks into the camera nervously.

"Hello Big Brother."

Hello Kyle. How do you think the group has settled into the house?

"Umm, I don't know. Ok, I guess. It's still pretty weird, but because we know each other it's been a bit easier.

What are your initial impressions of your housemates?

"As I said, I know most of them pretty well so, they are pretty much what they were when they went into the house."

What were those impressions?

"I'd rather not say." Kyle looks away from the camera and explores the room.

Do you think there will be any tension in the group?

Kyle begins to laugh as he answers. "You better believe it. A few of us have had, problems you could say in the past. And I really don't see eye to eye with some people in here. So we'll see how that goes.

Thank you, Kyle. Underneath your seat is an instruction sheet that Big Brother would appreciate if you read out to the group.

As Kyle retrieves the sheet he looks into the camera. "No problem. Thanks, Big Brother."

You may now leave the Diary Room.

Kyle walks out the diary room and heads towards the lounge where the others sit. Michael has now joined the group. As Kyle gets back to his seat he begins to read out loud.

"Ok, Big Brother has provided us with instructions on what we need to do. First, Big Brother expects the housemates to maintain the garden and water the plants. Hey, can water the herbs then."

The group stifle a laugh as Michael glares at Kyle who continues reading the instructions. "Second, we need to care for and clean out the chicken coop, as well as lock them up at night. Everyone ok with that? We'll do some sort of rota for that I guess, with everyone taking turns."

The entire group turns to look at Michael who looks at them. "What?"

"Big Brother will only provide one hour of hot water a day between 9 and 10 am in the shower and bathroom. Big Brother expects the housemates to make out a shopping list with their budget that will initially consist of $70. Every Saturday the group will be given their weekly task and successful completion of the task will determine how much money the housemates can spend on shopping the following week. Housemates must remember that microphones must be worn at all times apart from when they are in direct contact with water. And lastly, Big Brother would appreciate all areas of the house to be maintained, including the den."

Maria looks up. "Den? What den?" Her and Tess both stand up and head for the garden closely followed by the rest of the housemates apart from Kyle who continues reading out loud.

"Which is located at the bottom of the garden." As he finishes reading out the sheet he drops it to the ground and then runs out the conservatory door and into the garden where the rest of the group are now gathered as Tess and Maria open the door to the den. As they both walk in a loud screech can be heard from Tess.

"Oh my God! Can you guys believe this! This is very cool!"

Maria turns and shouts through the door. "Oh my God! Alex, Liz, come see this! And the rest of you guys I guess as well."

The others all squeeze in and look around at the den.

"Yeah, this is pretty cool. Lot's of cushions. Someone could sleep out here in peace and quiet. Tell you what Maria, I won't tell Aunt Amy you and Michael were out here if the cameras don't."

"Shut-up Sean!" Maria replies as she hits Sean hard on the arm.

Laurie walks towards the middle of the den and bends down to look at something. "Hey guys, what's this all about?"

She lifts up a lifesize soft-bodied dummy along with a piece of paper.

"What does the note say, Laurie?" Max asks from the back of the group.

"Meet your 11th housemate, Big Brother wants you to look after your new housemate." As she finishes reading the note she looks at the others. "What does that mean? Is someone else getting put into the house?"

Alex walks forward and looks at the dummy. "Nah, they won't put anyone else back in the house. Maybe they'll give us a dog or something. Or maybe, they want us to use this as some sort of mascot. What do you guys think? There's no way that they will give us a new person. "

Maria looked at the others, "Well, I'm going to ask Big Brother. No way am I letting them drop a new guy in on us without us knowing." With that she walks out the house and heads towards the diary room followed by the rest of the housemates apart from Alex and Laurie.

"Well, we've been here less than 5 hours and Maria's already away to argue with Big Brother. You just can't stop that girl sometimes." Alex says with a smile on his face.

"Don't I know that. She can be very persistant."

Alex takes the dummy from Laurie and holds it up to look at it. "Hmm, I think we should give him, or her...don't want you to think I'm sexist or anything so early in our relationship, a name. But let's be truthful, it's a bit ugly to be a girl and I like being alive so...."

Laurie begins to laugh as she sits down on the cushions. "That's true."

Alex sits down beside her as he starts talking. "So, how about...Sean? Nah, might be offensive, although he deserves it for all those Alice comments. Umm, Grant? Nope, I'm not that any ideas?"

While Alex and Laurie continue to talk in the den, Maria is in the diary room asking Big Brother about the 11th housemate in the den and the others get to work on preparing their first meal in the Big Brother house. Other than Maria, Alex and Laurie all of the other housemates are in the small kitchen.

Isabel stands looking at the rest of the group as they start talking loudly over each other trying to decide what they want to eat. She tries to focus on what everyone's saying and as the talking gets louder and louder she shakes her head and walks away towards the lounge area and lies down on the couch with a magazine.

Michael forces his way to the cooker and then proceeds to shout. "Okay, everybody, get out of the kitchen! You guys can argue all you want about what we're eating tonight but I would actually like to eat today so the rest of you can something and I'll cook just now."

The group look at Michael as he talks and Kyle, Sean and Tess shrug their shoulders and immediately walk out of the kitchen. Tess heads towards the girls room and Kyle and Sean head for the conservatory. Liz and Max stay in the kitchen as Michael looks at them. "What are you two still doing here? I mean it, get out of the kitchen! You two can make dinner tonight but not when I'm in it."

Liz looks at him and asks. "You sure you don't want any help?"

"No. Get out. I'll call you over when its ready."

As Max and Liz walk out the kitchen Maria walks out the diary room.

"Oh My God you guys! You have to go in's so so weird. 'Big Brother gave instruction with the 11th housemate, nothing futher will be supplied.' So I spent the last 20 minutes trying to persuade him why we need to know what they mean."

"Did it work?" Liz asked as Maria walked over to the kitchen and sat on the work surface as Michael looked at her.

"Nope, it was like talking to a brickwall...and if anything I've got used to that in the past 2 years. But I couldn't get even the slightest reaction out of Big Brother."

Michael turns back to the cooker and loudly whispers. "Could it be that Big Brother has just become my hero?"

Maria glares at him as she jumps down and walks behind him and whispers loudly in his ear. "Hey babe, there's no escaping me now. See how much of a hero Big Brother is when you realise that my mom will see everything you and I get up to in here. So maybe we better take a leaf out of your hero's book and play it nice and cool?"

As she walks away she calls to Liz loudly. "Lizzie, I'm going out to catch some sun, do you know where I put my bikini?"

Michael looks at her angrilly and makes a face behind her back.


The group have just eaten their first meal in the house and all the housemates are outside in the garden apart from Liz, Maria and Alex who are in the den.

Maria, Alex and Liz are all lying on the cushion on the floor of the den. Maria looks up at the ceiling as Alex begins to talk.

"Can you believe that we all ended up in here together? Not only us three either..."

"I know, how about Max and Tess being here? I think they must have been reading your journal Lizzie 'cause there's no way that they would put all of us in the house together and expect us to get on. Seriously Liz, how do you feel that...we're all here if you catch my drift?"

Liz sighs and looks around at her friends. "Well, I wouldn't have picked the rest of the people to come in here...well, apart from you guys of course..."

Alex raises an eyebrow and Maria grins down as she chips in, "Well, you would have brought Max as well wouldn't you?"

Liz sit's up looking aghast. "No! I mean, of course not, I mean we're...we're friends and all but...but, no. Okay, maybe in a perfect world I would be locked in a house with Max Evans for 9 weeks but, not now. I am over that stage in my life completely." She gestures with her hands to signal her point as Maria turns to Alex.

"You would never know that she had a picture of her and Max with her would you?"

"Maria! Alex, I do not have a picture of Max!"

"Oh, please Liz! I saw you with it and Alex knows deep down that you brought one don't you Alex? The same way that we know he has a picture of him and Isabel with him. It's natural to take something of the people you care about with you. I mean look at me and Michael. I bet he has loads of stuff to remind him of me..."

Alex opens his mouth to reply but before he gets a chance to answer Liz replies. "You know Maria, just because you have a boyfriend doesn't mean that the rest of us need one. Me and Alex are happy to be available right, Alex?"

"You better believe it. All those girls who might be watching tv and thinking about me..." Alex sighs as Liz and Maria grin at each other and lie back down.

Outside, Isabel and Laurie sit and talk as Kyle, Sean, Max and Michael begin a game of cards.

Isabel turns towards Laurie. "How are you doing?"

"Pretty good actually, it's not been as bad as I thought. There's so many new people here that I have never met before. Kyle, Sean, Alex. But I spoke to Alex earlier and he was really nice. He's so funny. He said he's going to teach me how to play the bass guitar while we're in here."

Isabel turns her head fully towards Laurie and tosses her hair lightly over her shoulder as she replies cheerily. "Oh he is? Thats...great. I'm sure it will be fun for you two. So...apart from Alex, what do you think of everyone else?"

"Well, I know Maria and Michael pretty well obviously, but Liz and Tess seem really nice. I haven't really spoken to Kyle or Sean yet but everyone seems to be ok. I'm really glad I did this. Even though it's a little...disconcerting I guess."

"Yeah well, it'll be a little bit weird at first but I guess we'll get used to that eventually. It's the one hour of hot water a day that's going to be the killer. How is 10 people supposed to shower in the space of an hour? It's inhumane."

As Isabel finishes saying that they hear Max call over from the seat. "At least that means you can't take 40 minutes in the bathroom every morning like usual. Thank God."

Isabel glares at Max as Michael laughs slightly at the exchange as Kyle stands up and walks in the house.

He walks through the house and begins to whistle as he heads towards the girls room. "Tess? You in here?"

As he see's her sitting on her bed he walks over and sits beside her. "What are you doing in here by yourself? Everyone's outside. Me and Sean are whipping Max and Michael at poker, it's a pity we don't have any money..."

"You'd make a killing."

"You ok Tess? You know I really do like your hair, I was just a little shocked when I saw it this morning." He runs his hand through his hair.

"I know you do Kyle, I'm fine. Just a little overwhelmed that we're in here. To be filmed 24/7 with all the people that are in here..."

As he smiles he looks at her, "We'll be fine. You keep me right with some people and I'll keep you right with" With that he sticks out his hand for her to shake and as she shakes it she say's "Deal." and he pull's her to her feet.

"Come on outside. We'll be looking at these wall's long enough during the next 9 weeks so come on." With that he drags her through the door and out into the lounge area.


The group have been in the house for over 12 hours. Big Brother has set them a discussion task to allow them to get to know each other more intimately. The discussion topic is: "Discuss your life so far." The group must take it in turns to listen to each other before they talk and all housemates must particapate. The group have been talking now for over 40 minutes.

Kyle is sitting on the chair. Tess, Laurie and Sean are sitting on the couch to his left hand side and on the other couch Isabel, Liz and Max it. Michael, Maria and Alex are all on the bean bags on the floor. As Liz finishes talking Sean clears his throat loudly as he begins to talk.

"Okay, my life so far has been pretty...eventful you could say. And no smart mouth comments from you Maria. Umm, I started out a pretty quiet kid...which even Maria will tell you is true. Anyway, I got to about 14 and I realised that I really didn't fit in as the quiet kid. I wasn't smart enough to fit in with one group and I wasn't loud enough to fit in with the others so I fit in so I started...acting up. I was never really a bad kid, I never beat up anyone smaller than me and I never liked bullies. Anyway, I suddenly got really well known and that was what I wanted, 'cause at that point I'd rather people knew me for something than not know me at all."

The group listen intently as Sean continues to talk slowly.

"Anyway, I got to 18 and I was really off the rails. I don't know how many times I had been suspended from school at that point and me and the teachers had a kind of hate/hate relationship. Anything that went wrong and I was a convenient target. Well, it felt like that even if it wasn't always the case. My head was really wasted at that point and I just snapped one day and...punched out my English teacher and wrecked the class. I was just sick of all the crap that I had put up with. Now, admittedly that wasn't the smartest move in the world since I was about 5 months away from graduation but maybe it was a good thing. I got arrested, sent to juve for a year and I got my head sorted out. And that's about guys know the rest."

With that he looks over towards Liz who holds his gaze as Max observes the both of them. The others clap gently as they wait for the next person to contribute. Laurie begins to speak.

"Well, I guess it's my turn. Umm, there's a lot of things in my life that I really don't want to mention on national television so I'll keep this down to the basics ok? Right, I was born to a pretty well of family so I was pretty lucky. My mom and dad died when I was pretty young and I went to live with my grandpa DuPree, who was the greatest guy."

Michael sits up fully and looks directly at Laurie who gives him a slight smile as she continues to talk.

"He used to tell me all these stories about things he had done in the past and he was...just the best. He could make me smile all day with some of the things he would say. Anyway, he umm...he got sick and my aunt and uncle came to live with us to look after him. He never really recovered and a...a few months later he died. It was, it was really hard for me to deal with at the time."

She takes a deep breath as Michael and Maria both smile at her reassuringly.

"But I eventually got over it and it's really only now that I feel like me again. It was really weird between then and now, it was like I wasn't my own person and things that happened have only helped me realise that things had to change. That I had to change if I was going to make it on my own. So...thats what I did. I changed. And that's me..."

As she finishes Maria gets up and gives her a hug as Alex, Isabel, Michael and Liz all clap gently. As the sound dies down Isabel begins to talk.

"Well, I guess I'm the last one. Ok, you all know that me and Max were adopted by our parents when we were 6. Umm, since then I've been really lucky...I have the best parents in the world and despite the fact that he annoys the hell out of me sometimes, I have a pretty good brother."

Max smiles as Isabel continues to talk.

"Anyway, I've always been popular. And thats not me being conceited, I have. Anyway, in school it's easy to be popular, you wear the right clothes, you say the right things and you date the right guys"

Alex bows his head and concentrates on the fabric of the cushion he's sitting on.

"and you get accepted. It's maybe not fair but it's the way things are. But there is so much more to me than that. There's so much more to me than everything that made me who I am in High School and now that I'm going to college I am so scared that I'll have to do the exact same thing I did in High School. Pretend to be someone I'm not to get accepted. It'll be weird without my friends with me and I'll have to face that on my own. Which I am so scared about, but I know I'll get through it because I have the best family, who no matter what, I know will accept me no matter what."

As Isabel finishes talking Max reaches his arm round the back of Liz and squeezes Isabel's shoulder. Liz turns round and looks at Max who returns her gaze with a shy smile. On the floor, Maria nudges Michael, who rolls his eyes and Alex who raises an eyebrow and shares a knowing look with Maria.


Kyle, Isabel and Maria have all gone to bed. Alex, Laurie, Michael, Sean and Tess are in the lounge talking. Liz brushes her teeth in the ensuite.

As Liz finishes off rinsing her mouth she looks in the mirror as she hears a voice behind her.

"Hi, is it okay if I come in?" Max asks her from the doorway.

"Max?" Liz quickly wipes her mouth and smiles as she turns towards him at the door. "Sure, come on in."

Max walks in and stands at the mirror with his toothbrush and looks at Liz. "So, how are you?"

"I'm...good. It's weird that we all got in isn't it?"

Max smiles as he leans against the wall and looks at her. "I know, of all the individuals to get in...all of us made it. You, me..."

"Tess?" Max lowers his gaze as Liz continues to talk. "You know I never thought you would be up for something like this. Of course neither would I...but Maria made me."

"You too? She filled out my applicaion form for me and only after I got an interview did she tell me I was going."

"That's Maria." Liz walks closer to Max and lowers her voice. "You know we're all going to have to be careful about what we do and say in here? Everyone will be able to see everything."

"Yeah, I know that..."

He is about to continue to talk but is interupted by Big Brother.

This is Big Brother, will Tess please reposition her microphone.

Max and Liz hear Tess call out loud with a giggle in her voice "Sorry, Big Brother!"

"Liz, I think we should all just relax, it's a way for us all to escape real life for a few weeks and we should just enjoy it."

Liz smiles as she walks towards the door. "You're right, we'll all just have fun and forget about the crap that we normally put up with and enjoy this."

As she walks through the door to the girls bedroom Max calls to her "I'm glad that you're here Liz, I think that it's good to have friends here."

She turns to him and smiles "Me too Max, I'm glad you're here. Goodnight."

"Goodnight Liz." Max replies with a shy smile as Liz closes the door attaching the bedroom to the ensuite.

In the lounge Michael is now lying in Kyle's chair with his feet dangling over the armrest. Laurie is holding a cushion as she sits between Tess who is holding a coffee cup and Alex. Sean sits with his feet up on the coffee table and totally relaxed directly opposite Michael.

"So what do you guys think the task will be like tomorrow?" Laurie asks the others in general.

Alex looks at Tess as he replies. "Well, maybe we will have to kill some chickens? What do you think Tess?"

Tess fakes a glare and stifles a laugh as she reaches over and hits him on the shoulder. Laurie laughs gently as Michael tries to change the subject.

"So, what do you guys all think the others will be like after a few day's in here?"

Sean laughs as he looks at Michael. "I don't know about the others but I think it'll be interesting to see what Maria thinks of you not having any pictures of her up, especially after she has a shrine to you up above her bed."

Tess and Laurie look at Michael in surprise. "You didn't bring any pictures of Maria with you? Oooh you are in so much trouble."

Michael glares at Sean. "Nice one, DeLuca. You know how girls yap at night. It wasn't my fault, I didn't know she was going to be in here."

Alex sits forward as he looks at Michael. "Michael? You would be filmed 24 hours a day. Don't you think she would notice that you hadn't taken any pictures of her with you? She would be watching you on tv!"

Michael looks at Alex. "But..."

"No but's Guerin, you screwed up. Take it like a man."

"Dammit DeLuca, shut up!"

Tess starts to speak before Sean can reply. "Come on guy's maybe we should leave Michael alone, it's not like he needs photo's to remind him of Maria is it, Michael?"

"Exactly. I know what she looks like."

Alex just holds his head as he tries not to reply and Tess bites her bottom lip as she tries to keep her face straight. "Exactly, it isn't like she won't understand. I mean she is always really open minded about stuff like that isn't she?"

"Like that first Christmas that you two were together. She reacted really well when you didn't get her that present. Or that card."

Sean starts to laugh on the couch. Laurie looks at Michael disbelievingly. "You didn't get her anything for Christmas?"

He looks at her defencively. "I didn't know I had to get her anything! The first christmas doesn't mean anything anyway."

Laurie and Tess both shout in unison. "Michael!"

Alex looks at Michael and sighs. "Okay, enough of teaming up on Michael, he'll have a hard enough time of it tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, do you think we should start a rota for the chickens?"

Sean looks at Michael. "We don't need a rota, we'll just let Michael do it."

Michael looks at him. "You know don't you?"

The others start to laugh as Sean makes chicken noises as Michael defensively replies. "I am not scared of chickens and I'll prove it tomorrow."

Alex turns to Tess. "This is something I have got to see."

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