Why do you want to go into the Big Brother House?

Why not? I ain't got anything else planned. Seriously though I figure I can go in there and make a decent fist at it and if nothing else it will give me a great chat up line when I meet guys. Lets face it, not many girls get filmed 24/7 and still manage to look good.

What do you think you could bring to the Big Brother House?

Tension, seduction and all round fun. I'm not sure if the housemates will be able to handle me and that should be intresting.

How do you think you will handle life inside the house if you get voted in?

I don't think it will be that tough to be honest, it might be hard living with 9 strangers at first but I'm pretty sure they will have more of a problem with me than I will with them. After I've established myself a bit I think they might actually like me.

You are only allowed 5 luxury items inside the house, what will you be taking in?

Hmmm, something to keep me occupied for 7 weeks. I think I'll take in a couple of glossy magazines, a book, my pendant and a deck of cards.

Do you have anything you want to say to the public?

I just want to say that I will be fun to watch and it'll be a blast in there. If you want to see things stirred up then I'm your girl. Just vote for me!