Full Name: Courtney (Hell, if Madonna can get away with only have one name…)

Nickname: None

Age: 18

Marital Status: Single

Job: Waitress

Personality: Flirty; witty; seductive

Interests: Skin care; army guys; politics

Phobias: Oppression

Bad Habits: Obsessive; insensitive; too flirty

With the image of a seductress underneath the surface of Courtney lies a witty and intelligent young woman. She has a passion for politics which she has mentioned might be what she eventually plans on doing, if she can’t get some army guy to sweep her off her feet. Her love of skin-care will be difficult to maintain if she is voted into the house but she smiles as she says that she doesn’t need lots of effort to look good. Confident words but will it unfold that way?

She admits that being flirty is a part of her personality and that she can sometimes be over-bearing with it in regards to men that can be considered “off-limits.” Will her flirty personality appeal to the men in the house and will the women appreciate someone so confident coming into the house? No doubt the fireworks will fly and we’ll be there to see them all if she is voted into the house.