Chat Ed: Everyone, Maria is running a little late so we're going to start with Liz. Hi Liz, welcome to the room. Everyone, here's Liz.

Liz: Thanks. Hi everyone:)

NicciStar: HI Liz,

MaxlvsLiz: Liz!!! I love you:)

PristinePrincess: Hello:)

Liz: Hi:)

Max'sHottie: Liz, may I just congratulate you on your fine taste in men?

Liz: Umm, thanks...I think:)

Lovin'Sean: So, lets get this out the way now. Sean or Max? Discuss...:)

PristinePrincess: Give the girl a chance to settle in why don't you?

Lovin'Sean: What? I'm curious...

Liz: I'm friends with Sean...

Lovin'Sean: But your not friends with Max?

TessURock: No, she *good friends* with Max. Right?;)

Liz: Hmm, it's pretty complicated. But, at this moment, I'm probably more than "good friends" with Max...

StarGrly: We all knew that. So, what have you two been up to?

Liz: Not a lot, we haven't had a lot of time alone together.

NicciStar: Have you and Max had time to be alone and "talk" since leaving the house?

Max'sHottie: I bet they've done more than talk;)

Chat Ed: lol...but lets not make the lady too uncomfortable...

PristinePrincess: What? What did we do?

Liz: :)

Liz: Me and Max have had some time alone together so we could "talk"...:)

TessURock: Whoo-hoo! Way to go Liz!

Spangle: Are you glad that you went into the house?

Liz: It was an experience, but a good one:)

NicciStar: What was the most memerable thing you did whilst in the house?

Liz: Most memorable thing? Hmm, that's a hard one because there was a few. But I think my favourite moment was when the girls decorated the tree outside with the boy's underwear.

Liz+Max4eva: So, seeing Michael in the shower wasn't that memorable?;)

SpunkyPotato: Oh oh, that's not good news for Maria:)

Liz: No, I didn't mean that:)

Spangle: Of course you didn't...

Chat Ed: *whistles to avoid looking at this conversation*

Theo52: Um, lets not embarass poor Liz...

SpunkyPotato: Yeah, especially since Maria is up next...

Liz: You guys! You know I didn't mean that...

PristinePrincess: Sure you didn't:)

StarGrly: So, you and Tess, what's going on now?

Liz: Things are going really well now between us. I mean they used to be really awkward...

TessURock: Because of the Max thing? That is so over now...

Theo52: Yeah...her and Kyle are so on course...

Liz: Yeah, I'm pretty sure that her feelings for Max are over.

Spangle: So, who's the first Big Brother wedding? You and Max, Kyle and Tess or Alex and Isabel/Laurie?

Liz: Well, I'm not sure if it's legal for Alex to marry both Isabel and Laurie:)

Theo52: Hell, I'd want to be the groom at that wedding:)

Max'sHottie: You know what we mean! So spill, who's he gonna choose, Isabel or Laurie?

Liz: I am not even going to answer that.

AlvsI: He's gotta choose Isabel...she's a goddess:)

SpunkyPotato: Oh come on, looks doesn't equal personality...

Liz: Isabel and Laurie are both nice in their own way.

Spangle: Okay, we'll rule out the Alex, who will it be? You and Max or Kyle and Tess?

Liz: I think we're all a little young to be considering getting married. And I have no idea what is going on with Kyle and Tess, so you're probably better asking them.

NicciStar: Are you glad of your time in the house to clear the air over differences with Tess?

Liz: Yeah, the time in the house let me get a lot of things cleared up. I think me and Tess could maybe become pretty good friends outside of the house.

PokerShark: Now that she's not chasing your man?

Liz: Not just because of that. Because I think we have a lot in common now...and not just the Max thing:)

Lovin'Sean: So, Liz, what do you think of Big Brother?

Liz: Big Brother the show or Big Brother the one who makes the rules?

Lovin'Sean: The Big Brother who threw two of you out on the one night?

Liz: I think that we should have had some warning. I mean, not just for me, although it would have been nice to have a little more time to get ready, but for the housemates left in the house.

NicciStar: You were the first to realise what BB was doing with the Double Eviction. What was running through your mind in the 20 mins you had to leave?

Liz: Honestly? I was worried about what would happen out there, and I was so worried about leaving Alex alone in there, because we had said earlier in the day that at least two of us would still be in there together, and we weren't.

NicciStar: How do you think Alex is handling it and if you could send him a message what would it be?

Liz: I think he's handeling it great, I think that he is making some great new friends and that he will walk out of here the winner. If I had to send him a message? It would be that we all love him out here and that he should keep on having fun.

AlvsI: I want Alex to win!

Spangle: Alex or to be:) Two cuties...

SpunkyPotato: Hey, don't knock Brody...

Spangle: No, Brody is cute as well...but Alex and Kyle have that whole smartmouth thing going on...

NicciStar: Besides family/friends and Max what else did you miss?

Liz: When I was in the house? Umm, this is going to sound crazy, but I really missed just hanging out in my room, reading a book and listening to music. I love just upping the music and zoning out from the world:)

Pristine Princess: Don't we all?

Chat Ed: Well, if you guys want to start rounding it up.

NicciStar: What was one thing that you didn't take into the house that you wished you did?

Liz: I wish I had taken a game.

PokerShark: What, like twister?

SpunkyPotato: LOL

Liz: Oh, do not talk about twister...

Max'sHottie: We all saw what happened. Did it hurt with all those housemates on you?

Liz: I can honestly say that I will not play twister with anyone in that house again:)

NicciStar: Thanx Liz

Lovin'Sean: See you later Liz:) Oh, could you put a word in for Sean for me?

Liz: :) I'll see what I can do:)

SpunkyPotato: Bye Liz:)

Theo52: You and Max don't work out I am always available...

TessURock: Bye Liz:) Best of luck for the future:)

Liz: Bye everyone, thanks a lot for coming:)

Spangle: Bye Liz:)

Chat Ed: Check out the events in the house everyday at http// Check back soon to see what the next evictee has to say about events in the house.

Liz leaves the Room.