Chat Ed: Hi Michael, welcome to the room.

Michael: Hey everyone.

NicciStar: HI Micheal

acidcandy: Hey Michael!

I'm_Batman: How's it going?

Michael: Yeah, things are okay.

Theo52: Michael, how's life been treating you since you get out?

Michael: Yeah, it's been good.

M&M4eva: What have you been doing?

Michael: I've been pretty busy. Just really going around. I can get into pretty much anywhere now...which is good.

ALgirl: You missing Maria?

Michael:'s pretty quiet without her. But as long as she's in the house she has a chance of winning it so I can deal.

NicciStar: You never hid the fact that the only reason you went into the house was for the money. What would you have used the money for?

Michael: I would have bought a new bike, a really great one. I would have got a new apartment and I would have went around the country on my bike.

Zia: Alone?

Michael: It's the only way to travel...although I might have arranged to meet up with some people at various points throughout the journey.

BottleBlonde: Hey, if you want some company...I live right around Texas...

GoIzzy: I'm in NM...

Chat Ed: Now now ladies...the man is spoken for;)

NicciStar: What was the one thing that you didn't take that you wish had've taken in with you?

Michael: I took pretty much everything that I wanted to in there.

AmDLu: You didn't take any pictures of Maria in there!

Snoozer: Yeah, but he explained that.

AmDLu: But she is supposed to be his girlfriend!

Michael: I don't need a picture to remember Maria...besides, she didn't have a problem with it so why should anyone else care?

ALgirl: Well, she did pour a glass of water over your head.

NicciStar: What did you miss the most about the "outside world"?

Michael: I missed the freedom. I missed having time by myself.

Theo52: Well, you certainly didn't make it easy for yourself in there. Was there anyone you didn't argue with?

Michael: I didn't really argue with people I liked so I didn't really care what the others thought about me.

AlexLuver: Like Alex? You were really out of order with him. Alex and Kyle...

RoswellBBgoLaurie: Michael, you've said some pretty harsh things that some people took hard in the house and out here, Do you have any regrets?

Michael: I wasn't out of order with Alex and Kyle, I told them exactly what I though so I have no regrets. I didn't go in this thing to be popular, I went in it to win and that wasn't to be, but I wasn't going in there to play nice with people I find annoying.

AlexLuver: *gasp* Alex wasn't annoying!

LoneLizzy: Or Kyle, they are sweet...

Michael: Whatever you think. Of course, none of you were in there. They are irritating and Alex is using two people I care about.

I'm_Batman: In Alex's defence, he really doesn't know much about it...

Zia: Yeah, if he was to stop hanging about with one of them he would hurt them.

Michael: Again, whatever.

MiniSheli: Michael, as much as you worry about Laurie and Isabel both getting hurt by Alex, have you ever thought about actually asking him what's going on instead of just threatening?

Michael: Threatening? I was just telling him a sure thing. I could have asked him but I would have just had to end it with the same point I had made, so I figured I may as well have cut out the middle part.

MaRmI: So you were kinda conserving energy then?;)

NicciStar: It is refressing to see someone who is totally honest about everything. I think you would make a great "Agony Aunt" writer would you ever consider doing something like that?

Michael: I'm not sure if people could take any advice I gave out.

LoneLizzy: You cut a little close to the bone huh?

Michael: Only if you don't like the truth.

Brody4King: So, tactless could be used to describe you?

Michael: I'm sure theres a lot of words that could be used to describe me, but I would say I'm pretty restrained just now.

Chat Ed: lol

NicciStar: Is there any reason that you fear chicken's?

Michael: I don't fear the chickens...

Brody4King: Sure you don't;)

I'm_Batman: You sure looked like you were scared of the chickens.

Michael: I am not a big fan of them as they are the most pointless things on the planet.

Theo52: So you're not scared of them? Well, I'm glad that's cleared up...

Chat Ed: Yes, we all now know it now:)

acidcandy: If Maria wasn't an issue, do you think you and Brody would have gotten along?

Michael: I doubt it.

Brody4King: Why?

Michael: Because he is annoying, and he seems to think that he stands a chance with Maria.

Snoozer: Did you mean what you said to him about going back in there if he got up to anything with Maria?

Michael: I meant every word of it.

acidcandy: Why do you feel threatened by Brody? You and Maria are meant to be, you know it too .

Michael: Yeah, well...he apparently doesn't. And I don't feel threatened by him. I just don't like him.

Zia: Does Brody have any chance of winning it?

Michael: People aren't dumb enough to vote him to win it.

Brody4King: I want Brody to win it!

AmDLu: If Brody, Alex and Kyle were the final three...who would you want to win?

ALgirl: Oooh, I'd want Alex to win.

AlexLuver: Me too!

Brody4King: All hail Brody...he would be the winner:)

Michael: None of them, none of them deserve to win it.

GoIzzy: Who do you want to win then?

Michael: Maria, and if not Maria, Isabel or Laurie.

NicciStar: What is the craziest thing someone has done to get your attention since leaving the house?

Michael: A girl started singing Metallica songs at me when I was out. That was a pretty weird moment. I didn't know women liked Metallica.

Zia: What too much for our fragile ears?

Michael: Something like that...

Chat Ed: Okay, lets start finishing this up everyone.

NicciStar: What is the one thing now that you are out that you hope you can acheive or get to do?

Michael: I want to make as much money as I can, and I want to go back to living my life in peace and quiet.

I'm_Batman: Okay, level with us, Batman or Wolverine?

Michael: Batman any day of the week.

I'm_Batman: Later Michael:) You rule!

Zia: Bye Michael

IfMaxWasMine: Michael, have you come to realise that you sounded like an arrogant bastard during your exit interview? I know that I have considered you no great loss to BB since then!

Michael: Well, what can I say, some people know a good thing and others...well, you'd know about that:)

Chat Ed: Children, lets play nice...

Brody4King: Good luck, Michael. I think you got the Brody thing wrong...but have fun out there...

MaRmI: Good luck with everything Michael, I hope Brody and Maria don't get up to anything while you're in here:)

Michael: They won't.

GoIzzy: See you Michael.

BottleBlonde: Remember...Texas:)

AlexLuver: Don't be too horrible to Alex...

Michael: Bye everyone.

AmDLu: Bye Michael.

Chat Ed: Check out the events in the house everyday at Check back soon to see what the next evictee has to say about events in the house.

Michael leaves the Room.