Chat Ed: Hey Max, welcome to the room.

Max: Wow, I didn't expect so many people to be here. Hi guys!

MaxisGod!!: Oh my god! Max!! I love you!!!!!!

GoGoGrrrl: Max, you shouldn't have went!!!

Seans Angel: Hey Max, I was totally not expecting to see you leave so early but all good things must come to an end!

Max: Thanks:)

NicciStar: How was it to be in there with people who you have history with? Especially Kyle?

Louise C: You seemed to have problems with Kyle.Why?

Max: Umm, I loved the fact that there were so many people in there that I did get on with, there was only a few that I wish I might not have been locked up with.

Zia: Very diplomatic, did you get on with Kyle?

Max: He wasn't the person I would choose to be locked up with...

MiniSheli: Is your tension around Kyle due to any respressed sexual attraction between the two of you?

Max: Dear God no! I am definately not that way inclined...

Chat Ed: lol

MiniSheli: If I were you, I would want Kyle to win, just to keep him in the house and away from you longer. Have you ever thought of that?

Max: :) I...I think it would probably be good if he came out earlier so that someone else could stay...I mean I would like the other housemates to win before Kyle.

Laurie+Alex: Who do you want to win?

Max: Liz or Isabel and if neither of those two, Michael.

NicciStar: Are you and Liz definately back on?

Max: Definately:)

Louise C: Will you be waiting for Liz when she is evicted?

Max: I hope that Liz won't be evicted for a while, but when she is I'll be there for her.

MiniSheli: Have you ever wondered if Liz's love for you is actually just misplaced gratitude?

Max: Umm, I don't think I have doen anything to make her grateful so I hope not...

AllHailTheDancingGod: Hey, Max. Your dance skills are planning on making some cash with them?

Max: I don't think people would be willing to pay good money to see me...

Max!I'mYoungFree&Sexy!!!: I would pay money to see you...

Max blushes

Chat Ed laughs

MiniSheli: Maria seemed pretty excited to work with you on the dancing task, yet you acted as if you couldn't care less. Is there a friendship between you two, or is it all one-sided?

Max: There is definately a friendship there but it was weird in the house because sometimes you are very aware of what's going on around you and I sometimes found it hard to loosen up. But yes, I care a lot for Maria and our friendship is important to me.

BananasRgood: But you loosened up well with Liz, right? ;)

Louise C: Were you glad to come out or would you have liked to have waited another week?

Max: I would have rather stayed when things were setteling down like they were but I didn't so life goes on.

Ai4eva: Do you agree with the crap that Isabel and Michael have been throwing at Kyle?

Max: They are upset, I'm certain they don't mean anything malicious. They aren't like that...

SeansAngel: Do you think Michael will get voted out this week because he is really walking a fine line on this show??

Max: He'll always be up form nomination because he isn't afraid to say what he thinks and that upsets some people.

Laurie+Alex: Like when he threatened Alex, and Kyle, and Brody...

GoGoGrrrl: Michael has been busy with the threats:)

Max: He sometimes reacts rashly and the whole Brody and Alex thing was because he was worried about someone he cared about.

Ai4eva: Does he have anything to worry about?

Max: Maria and Brody will never happen basically because she's crazy about him and the Alex thing is...well, it's complicated...

Zia: Do you think that Isabel will be okay when she comes out the house? She's been having a bad week..."

Max: I'm sure she'll be fine, basically because she's a strong person and she has a lot of fans out here:)

MiniSheli: It's nice that you and your sister get along so well. Do you have any concerns for her when it comes to the situation with Alex and Laurie?

Max: I worry she'll get hurt but I understand why Alex is confused and I know that he wouldn't deliberately hurt anyone. He's too nice a guy for that and that seems to be why the girls seem to be falling for him.

Laurie+Alex: He's a sweetheart...

Zia: Ditto on that L+A:)

Max!I'mYoungFree&Sexy!!!: So are you MAX! I love you!!!

Max: Umm, thanks:)

NicciStar: What is one thing that you missed that you didn't expect you would miss?

Max: I didn't think I would miss my family as much as I did...Ii was so happy to see them.

SeansAngel: How do you think in house relationships will effect everyone when they come back into the real world but the shows scaring still be there the fact you guys all know each other?

Max: When this is all over we will still have to get on together and that might be weird for some people, especially people who had real problems in there. But we will all get back to how it was before the show happened eventually. Maybe some of the friendships will be stronger even:)

GoGoGrrrl: Max...may I just congratulate you and Kyle for your early morning work outs? You guys looked good:)

Max!I'mYoungFree&Sexy!!!: Man those pecs...:)

MiniSheli: Do you have to wear a bra?

MaxIsGod!!: I agree you looked great. I totally agree with the girls rating of you...

Chat Ed laughs

Max: The girls rated me?

Zia: They rated all of you...I'm pretty sure Alex came first and then it was you...

Max: Okay...I didn't know that, they really did that?

Mallow: Yeah, they did. It was funny:)

NicciStar: What do you wish you could have taken in with you that you didn't?

Max: I wish I could have took in a tv, if not that then I wish I could have took in a different game. Something a little bit active...I got bored very easily:)

Louise C: Who do you want to be evicted next?

Max: Umm, that would be Kyle.

Louise C: Do you think Kyle and Tess will get together after RBB?

Max: I think it will be hard for them but I doubt what percentage of their feelings are real and what amount are generated from their time in the house.

Zia: Is that sour grapes because she got over you quickly?

Max: No, I just hope that she knows what she is doing. I hope she doesn't get hurt.

NicciStar: Is there anything you regret about your time in the house?

Max: Umm, yes. I regret a comment I made to Kyle on the night of Sean's party. That was out of order and unfair and looking back, I probably deserved that punch to have connected.

MaxIsGod!!: We all love you out here, but how did you feel when you saw the reasons you were nominated for?

Max: I accepted them, we all have to nominate someone and most of the reasons were fair.

Mallow: Apart from Kyle's?

Max grins

NicciStar: Would you do it again knowing what you do know?

Max: If doing it again meant that things ended like this then yes. Even though the media attention is kinda scary. I didn't expect it to be this big.

Chat Ed: Okay guys, its time to wind it up. Last questions to Max.

SeansAngel: What do you plan on doing for the rest of the nine weeks, do you think you'll spend time with Sean?

Max: I actually met Sean the other night and we were fine, it's weird because we might not have got on in there but we have a common experience that we didn't have before so maybe that's something we could work on...

Louise C: There seemed to me that there was a bit of tension between you and Sean with Liz in the middle was there?

Max: Yeah, I was probably a little jealous:)

Max!I'mYoungFree&Sexy!!!: You had nothing to be jealous about! We all love you Max!!!

Zia: Good luck Max!!!

Mallow: Take care!

AllHailTheDancingGod: Max!!! We love you!!!

NicciStar: Is there anything you want to acheive know that you are known ie: acting, charity work etc?

Max: I really want to try and get back to normal as soon as possible, I don't really like being the centre of attention. So hopefully I'll play out my senior year and then go off to college...

NicciStar: Thanx Max hehe

Max!I'mYoungFree&Sexy!!!: I love you!!! Marry me!!!

MaxIsGod!!: Good luck with you and Liz, Max!

Max: Thanks guys! You are all great!

GoGoGrrrl: Have fun with it Max!

Max: Thanks:) Bye everyone!

Chat Ed: Check out the events in the house everyday at . Check back soon to see what the next evictee has to say about events in the house!

Max leaves the room.