Chat Ed: Hi Sean, welcome to the room

Sean: Well, this is kinda surreal. You guys didn't just come here for me did you?

Carrie: Sean, I love you soo much!

Mallow: Sean!! You rock!

Sean: Umm, thanks:)

Seans Angel: What do you really think of Michael?

Sean: Oh, a nice easy one to start with;) Michael...Michael is a guy that you either love or...or you don't. Maria loves him and I...I don't think he's good enough for her.

Mallow: Do you think that him and Brody will be able to resist killing each other?

Sean: Hmmm, it will be interesting to watch, but I honestly think that Michael is too smart to do anything that would mean he had to leave Brody and Maria alone together.

M&Mluva: So you think that Maria could have feelings for Brody? Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

MuffinMan: Brody is cool!

Sean: No! No, I didn't mean that:) What I mean is that Michael is clearly reading into things. What the rest of the planet see's a friendship...he just doesn't.

NicciStar: Are you glad that your time in the house has made you and Maria closer?

Sean: You have no idea how glad I am that me and Maria are closer. I think we needed that time and although it was tough, I think it was worth it in the end. :)

MarryMeSean!!!: Will you be staying with the DeLuca's in Roswell?

Sean: Umm, I don't know...I don't think I've been kicked out the house yet...

Chat Ed: LOL

Sean: Nah, I don't know what's happening there. I would like to stay in who knows?

NicciStar: Are you and your Mum going to stay in contact?

Sean: Yes, I hope so. But then again, it might be too early to tell...we need to see how things work ou. If it was just up to me then yes.

Carrie: What about your dad? Has he been in contact?

Sean: No, he hasn't unfortunately.

Carrie: Will you be making contact with him?

Sean: Ummm...

Chat Ed: Okay guys, lets try another question.

Sean: No, no it's alright:) Thanks. I'm going to maybe contact my dad and see if we can clear the air. If that doesn't work...that's it. But I have to try.

SpaceBoy: Good for you man!

Seans Angel: Now that your out of the house what do you intend to do since all your family and friends seem to be in the house?

Sean: I have been out most nights. It's amazing how little time I've had actually to myself. And any free time I've had has been spent with my aunt and my mum.

Crazygrl!!: What kind of stuff have you been doing?

Sean: You would not BELIEVE the stuff I've got to do! It's been so weird. I have been interviewed by papers and everything! This is all just really weird for me!

NicciStar: Would you do it again?

Sean: You would have to lock me up to stop me from attempting it. It's maybe been the best thing that happened to me.

IzzylvsAlex: Why's that?

Sean: I got to see my mom when I walked out the gates, I got on better with my cousin. I made friends, and I made people who mattered proud of me. And that's all I ever wanted from this.

Mallow: You were great in there!!!

IzzylvsAlex: Yeah...go Sean! I was rooting for you!

Spaceboy: Did you enjoy your time in the house?

Sean: I had a blast in there...most of the time anyway.

Seans Angel: How do you feel LIz reacted to your presence in the house?

Sean: Umm, I think she was shocked to say the least. And maybe more than a little uncomfortable at first. I didn't really notice that until I had watched it again when I came out.

Seans Angel: Do you still want a relationship with her?

Sean: lol, I don't think it just come's down to what I want. I mean lets face it...she is so in love with Max that nothing would come of it.

MarryMeSean!!: That's her loss Sean! You will get yourself a girl :)

Sean: Here's hoping ;)

German2000: Besides Liz and Maria, do you think that you could have started a relationship with some girl at the house?

Sean: Ummm...

German2000: With who?

Sean: They were all great looking girls...

Mallow: Who?

Carrie: C'mon Sean...spill it:)

Sean: Okay *sigh* If you guys are gonna make me:) I think I would maybe have seen the possibility of...nah, I can't say...

MarryMeSean!!: Sean!!!!

IzzylvsAlex: Come on!!!

Carrie: :)

Chat Ed laughs.

Sean: I liked Tess, she was cute and funny and she would probably be the kind of girl I would go for. Laurie was nice too...

MuffinMan: Kyle wouldn't be happy with that Sean :)

Sean: Don't worry, I don't plan on telling him :)

IzzylvsAlex: Don't worry, we will:)

Sean gasps:)

German2000: Now that you watch it on TV, do you realize about things that you didn't realize when you were in the house?

Sean: Hmm, I realise that they can see things that happen in the dark. I realise that there is no such thing as having a break from the camera's. I also realise how damn cranky women can be when they don't have hot water :)

Chat Ed: I need to wind it up now guys, last questions.

NicciStar: What is the one thing you missed the most whilst in the house?

Sean: Only one thing? Junk food. If I could say more I'd say, music, television and my car!

WonderStuff: Sean, who's better? Batman or Wolverine?

Sean: You guys heard that conversation between Michael and Alex huh?

WonderStuff: Yup:)

Sean: I stick with my story that Dare Devil could take them :)

MarryMeSean!!: Bye Sean! I love you!!! Good luck.

Sean: Thanks:)

Seans Angel: Out of everyone in the house who do you want to win now?

Sean: That would be Maria! You've got to love her!

Chat Ed: Okay guys, that's it check back soon when we have the newest evictee here.

Sean: Bye guys:) Thanks for coming:)

IzzylvsAlex: Good luck Sean!

MarryMeSean: I love you!

Mallow: Catch you later Sean.

Sean: Thanks guys!! Go vote for Maria to win!!! Bye!!:)

Chat Ed: Check out the events in the house everyday at . Check back soon to see what the next evictee has to say about events in the house!

Sean leaves the room.