Chat Ed : Welcome Courtney and Nicholaus. You guys ready?

Nicholaus : Whoa...there's a lot of people here...

Courtney: I'm good to go.

Brian21ap: Courtney I love you!!!

Courtney: Well, there's a guy with exquisite taste then :)

Seans Angel: Nicholaus how do you feel that you didn't get into the house?

Nicholaus: I was a little disappointed...I mean I had got so close and then it just didn't happen. That's life I guess.

Zia: Do either of you think you would apply again?

Courtney: Hmm, that would probably be a yes. I could do with that $250, 000, you know?

Nicholaus: I don't know...I've been watching it and I think that the people that are in the house just now would have been the ones that I would have made most of an impact with.

ChrissyP47: Courtney. how do YOU feel now that you didn't get into the house?

Courtney: I'm doing good. Everyone recognises me now, which I love.

RBBBabe: Who do you all think you would have got on with inside the house?

Nicholaus: Hmm, well they all seem nice...but I think it would have been Max and Isabel.

Coutney: Michael.

RBBBabe: Why do you think you would get on with these people?

Courtney: Have you seen him? He is hot! And exactly the kind of guy I would go for.

Chat Ed: Eh, Courtney I think Maria would have a problem with that ;)

Courtney: So?

Chat Ed laughs.

M&M-luva: Oooh, that would be worse than the Brody/ Michael thing :(

Nicholaus: I think it would be those two because those are the two that I think are on my wave-length. I think they would realise that I was pretty smart.

Pedro_C: You had a thing for Isabel didn't you?

Nicholaus: Ummm...

EnvyingAlex: Who doesn't?

Nicholaus: Isabel seems do all the girls in the house:)

Chat Ed: Nice save Nicholaus

Nicholaus blushes.

AllHailTheDancingGod!: How did you guys get along while you were waiting to get in the house?

Courtney: Yeah, okay. Brody was alright, rich, cute but a little too weird for me.

Nicholaus: I liked him. He was funny.

Courtney: Yeah, but when you get older Nicky you will realise that girls don't always go for funny. They like their guys serious.

M&M-luva: Well, I like Brody but I will vote him out when he is nominated. Funny guys are good...but Michael doesn't like him.

Courtney: Now there's a guy I could like.

Nicky's_girl!: Nicholaus!!! I love you!!! You got a girlfriend?

Nicholaus: Umm, no...

Nicky's_girl!: I voted for you to get would have been Soooooo good in there!!

Nicholaus: Thanks, I'm glad you think so.

Zia: It's a shame that you both didn't get in. Was it weird being locked away knowing that you might get in the house?

Courtney: I figured that I had a 1 in 3 chance of getting in so I was pretty confidant. And the hotel was so nice!

Nicholaus: It was weird because we weren't allowed to watch tv or read the newspapers in case we saw anything relating to the show.

TweetieMustDie: So what did you do?

Courtney: Well, we hung out at the pool...we went out at night. Nicholaus couldn't come out too late though.

Nicholaus: Well, I played computer games, me and Brody hung out and played games. I swam and read a lot.

Courtney: That's all you can do when you are only 15 ;) Oh, I remeber that well...

AllHailTheDancingGod!: I get the impression that you two didn't get on...

Zia: Me too, Courtney, you don't seem to be that nice to Nicholaus.

Nicholaus: Nah, we got on okay, didn't we Courtney? She is great...we just don't mix that well.

Courtney: What ever you say Nicky.

Seans Angel: Nicholaus, what are your plans for the future?

Nicholaus: I hope things will maybe get back to normal. This has all been really weird for me and my family. Maybe in a few years I'll go off to college and then do something like that.

Nicky's_girl!: What do you want to study?

Nicholaus: Hmm, that's a good question. I like politics...but I have been considering the prospect of joining the army. I could see myself as a good general one day :)

Courtney: I bet you could...

Chat Ed: Okay guys, lets wrap this up.

Brian21ap: Courtney? What are you planning on doing now?

Courtney: I am going to have fun.

Brian21ap: Will you be coming anywhere near Texas?

Courtney: I will be going everywhere Brian ;)

Zia: Last question guys, who do you want to win?

Nicholaus: Brody, he's a great guy and Michael's been giving him a lot of crap.

Courtney: Michael, because he's my kind of guy.

AllHailTheDancingGod: Who do you want out first?

Courtney: Maria. She bugs me no end.

Nicholaus: Tess.

Chat Ed: Okay guys, that's it check back later when we will have Sean here.

Courtney: Bye Brian! :)

Nicky's_girl!: Bye Nicholaus!!! I love you!!!

Nicholaus: Bye everyone.

Zia: Bye guys! Good luck!

RBBBabe: Love you Nick! Have fun Courtney!

Nicholaus: Thanks, bye.

Chat Ed: Check out the events in the house everyday at Check back soon to see what Sean has to say about the events in the house!

Nicholaus and Courtney leave the room.