Full Name: Brody Davis

Nickname: None

Age: 25

Marital Status: Single

Job: Multi-Millionaire/Owns UFO Centre

Personality: Eccentric; generous; kind

Interests: Space travel; computers; UFO’s

Phobias: Losing his child

Bad Habits: Impulsive; eats too many pepper-jacks

Multi-millionaire Brody made his millions by helping to make an internet start-up company public. The company took off and when Brody left he left extremely rich. He has invested his millions in an UFO centre in the town of Roswell where he can follow his interest in space and the universe. He has been quoted as saying that he believes that “we are not alone in the universe” and some people have scoffed at those claims.

He has a young daughter and has said that he will miss her immensely when he is in the house but that the experience is something that he feels he has to try. Will Brody get the opportunity to experience life inside the Big Brother house? You decide.