Full Name: Alexander Charles Whitman

Nickname: Unknown

Age: 18

Marital Status: Single

Job: Student/Bass Player

Personality: Fun loving; loyal; friendly; honest; computer genius

Interests: Music; computers; friends; occasional stargazing

Phobias: Being isolated from friends; bald cats

Bad Habits: Following heart instead of head; obsessive; doormat at times

Wannabe musician Alex formed the band the Whits to get away from teeny-bop music that his friends listened to. His theory that “musicians get the girls” was apparently also a deciding factor in the bands formation. His love of music will be carried over in the Big Brother house when he brings his bass guitar in. Will this be a welcome relief in the coming weeks for the rest of the housemates as monotony sets in, or will it be cause of friction?

Basically an easy-going guy who is friendly and gets on well with most people, Alex is also a bit of an electronic genius who, according to friends, is a bit of a “computer geek”. He lists “being a doormat” as one of his bad habits and in the volatile Big Brother house this could be important, as no doubt some degree of manipulation will occur. Alex’s almost irrational fear of “bald cats” is unlikely to be a problem in the Big Brother house, but as always nothing is certain in the Big Brother house.